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List Novels (Gore) 48 Results
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Blood that has been shed, especially as a result of violence.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1Acquiring Talent in a DungeonWeb NovelN/A63/104
2Age of AdeptsWeb Novel2016Completed(1513)
3AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon”Light Novel2012Completed(113)
4Ascending the Heavens as an Evil GodWeb Novel2017600/605
5Bone Painting CoronerWeb NovelN/A783/1535
6Cataclysm SystemWeb Novel2019Completed(134)
7Circle of InevitabilityWeb Novel2023832/600
8Crazy DetectiveWeb Novel20172686/1505
9Di BaWeb Novel20145913/4587
10Doomsday Online: Supreme BlessingWeb Novel2020Completed(208)
11Epoch of TwilightWeb Novel2016Completed(593)
12FatherWeb Novel2023Completed(80)
13Genius Doctor: Black Belly MissWeb Novel2015Completed(3123)
14Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~Web Novel2018266/307
15Goblin KingdomWeb Novel2012628/700
16Instant DeathWeb Novel2016131/106
17I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!Korean Novel2016Completed(68)
18Katahane no RikuWeb Novel2014Completed(101)
19Kingdom’s BloodlineWeb Novel2016580/648
20Legend of Sword ShadowWeb Novel2014Completed(671)
21Life MissionPublished Novel2015Completed(279)
22My House of HorrorsWeb Novel2018Completed(1211)
23Night RangerWeb Novel2015Completed(735)
24Otherworldly Evil MonarchWeb Novel2010Completed(1277)
25Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiWeb Novel2014636/676
26OverlordLight Novel2010191/200
27Plague DoctorWeb Novel2019533/778
28Ranker Who Lives a Second TimeWeb Novel2017868/869
29Re:MonsterWeb Novel201143/50
30Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai SeikatsuWeb Novel2012542/500
31Rebirth of the Strongest Female EmperorWeb Novel2017Completed(2761)
32Rebirth – City CultivationWeb Novel2016Completed(1207)
33Reverend InsanityWeb Novel2012Completed(2334)
34Silent Hill 2Light Novel2006Completed(7)
35Sin CityWeb Novel2011Completed(1436)
36Sovereign of JudgmentWeb Novel2016Completed(211)
37Super MinionWeb Novel2019Completed(61)
38The Dungeon SeekerLight Novel201578/100
39The Godsfall ChroniclesWeb NovelN/ACompleted(905)
40The Return of GluttonyWeb Novel20170/549
41The Tutorial Is Too HardWeb Novel2016Completed(469)
42The Urban Dao ChildWeb Novel2021Completed(632)
43The Villain Who Robbed the HeroinesWeb Novel2021202/280
44The Wizard WorldWeb Novel2012Completed(646)
45Throne of Magical ArcanaWeb Novel2013Completed(910)
46WMWWeb Novel2015Completed(1200)
47What We Do to SurviveWeb Novel2022118/120
48Winter Rabbit in WonderlandWeb NovelN/ACompleted(103)