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List Novels (Horror) 41 Results
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Novels whose focus is to scare the audience.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
11338Web Novel2022104/100
2Acquiring Talent in a DungeonWeb NovelN/A63/104
3Age of AdeptsWeb Novel2016Completed(1513)
4Bad∞End∞NightLight NovelN/ACompleted(14)
5Card RoomWeb Novel2019Completed(610)
6Carefree Path of DreamsWeb Novel2017Completed(1183)
7Circle of InevitabilityWeb Novel2023817/600
8Dark Blood AgeWeb Novel2010800/1717
9Dead on MarsWeb NovelN/ACompleted(251)
10Demon's VirtueWeb Novel2019652/700
11Department of Dungeon Studies: Arcane Academy LitRPGWeb Novel2023152/200
12Doomsday WonderlandWeb Novel2014855/1262
13Dreamer's ThroneWeb Novel202395/47
14Fairy TombWeb Novel20172265/2233
15Hell AppWeb Novel2018244/?
16Holy Emperor’s Grandson is a NecromancerWeb Novel2018Completed(384)
17I Want To Be YamaWeb Novel20191263/1261
18I am a Scarecrow and the Demon Lord of Terror!Web Novel2021Completed(430)
19I'm Really Not the Demon God's LackeyWeb Novel2020456/457
20Infinite HorrorWeb Novel2007Completed(829)
21Looting Equipment From NPCsWeb Novel2019Completed(105)
22Lord of the MysteriesWeb Novel2018Completed(1430)
23Love in the Midst of Mistaken IdentitiesWeb NovelN/A1280/1278
24My Girlfriend is a ZombieWeb Novel2011852/1362
25My House of HorrorsWeb Novel2018Completed(1211)
26My Iyashikei GameWeb Novel2021853/850
27Nightmare’s CallWeb Novel2019586/926
28Pain, Pain, Go AwayLight Novel2014Completed(11)
29Plague DoctorWeb Novel2019533/778
30Silent Hill 2Light Novel2006Completed(7)
31Split Zone No.13Web Novel2014Completed(327)
32Super SoldierWeb Novel2015480/2498
33The Dungeon SeekerLight Novel201578/100
34The Earth is OnlineWeb Novel2017Completed(245)
35The Ultimate EvolutionWeb Novel2011Completed(1460)
36Trafford’s Trading ClubWeb Novel2016948/2491
37UndeadWeb Novel2021Completed(39)
38Unfathomable Power for the Low, Low Price of Someone Else's SoulWeb Novel202382/100
39Utsuro no Hako to Zero no MariaLight Novel2009Completed(74)
40Way of the DevilWeb Novel2017773/1213
41What We Do to SurviveWeb Novel2022118/120