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List Novels (Kingdom Building) 106 Results
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The present tag is reserves for cases when the work in question shows a clear interest/detail in the administration and/or growth of a kingdom, country or similar, even if the MC is not said leader causing such events directly.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
11338Web Novel2022104/100
2Abyss DominationWeb Novel2014530/1126
3Advent of the ArchmageWeb Novel2016Completed(726)
4Alchemy Emperor of the Divine DaoWeb Novel20153590/4915
5Another World’s Versatile Crafting MasterWeb Novel2009Completed(1309)
6ArmipotentWeb Novel20201476/1000
7Ascending the Heavens as an Evil GodWeb Novel2017600/605
8Banished to Another WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(659)
9Black Iron’s GloryWeb Novel2018593/592
10Blood Legacy: New World of DoomWeb Novel2022162/200
11Bringing The Farm To Live In Another WorldWeb Novel20112074/11068
12Carefree Path of DreamsWeb Novel2017Completed(1183)
13Castle of Black IronWeb Novel2013Completed(2015)
14Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different WorldWeb Novel2016Completed(172)
15Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World – the Apostle of the Gods Who Know No Self-RestraintWeb Novel2016230/229
16ChrysalisWeb Novel20181255/1100
17Common Sense of a Duke’s DaughterWeb Novel2015256/265
18Crazy Leveling SystemWeb Novel2016974/3002
19Cthulhu GonfalonWeb Novel2015Completed(988)
20Devil’s Son-in-LawWeb Novel20141287/1275
21Dimensional SovereignWeb Novel2016Completed(179)
22Dimensional Store System In ApocalypseWeb Novel2021417/1000
23Divine BrillianceWeb Novel20121228/1250
24Dragon Monarch SystemWeb Novel2022467/400
25Earth’s Best GamerWeb Novel2019Completed(551)
26Empire of the RingWeb Novel2017Completed(785)
27Everlasting Immortal FirmamentWeb Novel20151169/1311
28Fantasy SimulatorWeb NovelN/A853/453
29Five Frozen CenturiesWeb NovelN/ACompleted(434)
30Gamers of the UnderworldWeb Novel2019Completed(587)
31Global Descent: 100×RewardWeb Novel2021784/797
32Goblin KingdomWeb Novel2012628/700
33God and Devil WorldWeb Novel2013Completed(1216)
34Hail the KingWeb Novel2011Completed(1635)
35Heavenly CastleWeb Novel2018137/138
36Holy Chronicles of BaatorWeb Novel2021344/400
37I Became The Pope, Now What?Web Novel2022762/600
38I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(1609)
39I Want To Be YamaWeb Novel20191263/1261
40In a Different World with a SmartphoneWeb Novel2013465/491
41Isekai Nonbiri NoukaWeb Novel2016807/705
42Kyoukai Senjou no HorizonLight Novel2008660/1000
43Law of the DevilWeb Novel2009573/669
44Lazy Dungeon MasterWeb Novel2015565/500
45Lord of the Magical BeastsWeb Novel2018750/845
46Lord of the TruthWeb Novel400177/2022
47Low Dimensional GameWeb Novel2017Completed(446)
48Lv1 SkeletonWeb Novel2016Completed(157)
49Mechanical God EmperorWeb Novel20151558/1569
50Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient GreeceWeb Novel2019896/1324
51Miracle ThroneWeb Novel2015Completed(658)
52My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince CharmingWeb Novel2017Completed(198)
53My Doomsday TerritoryWeb Novel2018680/857
54Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!Web Novel20201959/1364
55Original Blood ShinzaWeb Novel2016Completed(1158)
56Otherworld Nation Founding ChroniclesWeb Novel2015161/305
57Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiWeb Novel2014636/676
58OverlordLight Novel2010191/200
59Re:MonsterWeb Novel201143/50
60Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 YearsWeb Novel2021785/491
61Reincarnated as an Imperial PrinceWeb Novel2022431/500
62Release that WitchWeb Novel2016Completed(1498)
63Sangvis OverlordWeb Novel2015Completed(355)
64Seoul-yeog NekeulomaenseoPublished Novel2016Completed(209)
65SevensLight Novel2016136/200
66Sheng WangWeb Novel2011Completed(1601)
67Sin CityWeb Novel2011Completed(1436)
68Stealing The HeavensWeb Novel2011987/1201
69Summoning the Holy SwordWeb Novel2012Completed(1381)
70Super Dimensional WizardWeb Novel20161028/3097
71Supreme Harem God SystemWeb Novel20221462/300
72Survival Records of 3650 Days in the OtherworldWeb Novel2018Completed(377)
73Tales of the Reincarnated LordWeb Novel2015Completed(591)
74Taming MasterWeb Novel2016Completed(598)
75TemppalWeb Novel20142344/1579
76Tensei Shitara Slime Datta KenWeb Novel2013Completed(304)
77The Amber SwordWeb Novel2010877/1467
78The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth TimeWeb Novel2015377/483
79The Emperor Reigns Them AllWeb Novel2019520/1049
80The Empress’ LivestreamWeb Novel2016781/1875
81The Empress’s GigoloWeb Novel2017950/1256
82The Experimental Log of the Crazy LichWeb Novel2014Completed(840)
83The Farm Is Like a BrocadeWeb Novel2016744/732
84The Glory After RebirthWeb Novel2018Completed(579)
85The Good for Nothing Seventh Young LadyWeb Novel2013Completed(2759)
86The King of The WorldsWeb Novel2018379/754
87The King of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2016Completed(282)
88The Legendary Moonlight SculptorWeb Novel2007695/700
89The Lord’s EmpireWeb Novel20171728/3327
90The Monarch's ChronicleWeb Novel2016334/348
91The Oracle PathsWeb Novel20201151/800
92The Rise of the Black PlainWeb Novel20202445/1100
93The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a WeekWeb Novel2017Completed(240)
94The Strongest Interstellar CommanderWeb Novel2020219/1083
95The Strongest Legend of Dragon BallWeb Novel2016935/934
96The World OnlineWeb Novel2016Completed(1356)
97Thế Giới Hoàn MỹWeb Novel2013Completed(2017)
98To Be a Power in the Shadows!Web Novel2018Completed(203)
99Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai DouchuuWeb Novel2013547/554
100Tyranny of SteelWeb Novel20211260/1000
101Under the Oak TreeWeb Novel2017447/361
102Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young LadyWeb Novel2016Completed(1284)
103World KeeperWeb Novel2019746/800
104World of CultivationWeb Novel2010Completed(915)
105World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm DominationWeb Novel2012Completed(562)
106Wortenia SenkiWeb Novel2009224/233