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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1836 The Third Transmigrator (4)

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Chapter 1836 The Third Transmigrator (4)

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The other party shouldn’t have casually acknowledged her as his mother, but it was very likely that she had been killed and eaten by the Worm Queen in her previous life.

“Queen’s 100th daughter, Judy Lintian?” Shi Yu said. “Don’t you know who I am? Look carefully.”

Judy looked at Shi Yu with a serious gaze. She indeed didn’t know a guy like Shi Yu.

“Looks like you’ve completely forgotten your memories of your previous life. There’s only your memories of this life left.”

“What do you mean?” Judy looked at this strange person who had suddenly appeared in her boudoir and said with a strong tone, “Who exactly are you and what’s your goal?”

Shi Yu smiled and said, “As the 100th daughter of a queen, you should know how a queen gives birth to heirs, right? She has always eaten other rare species and given birth to heirs with potential.”

“In other words, you were also born after the other party ate a certain expert.”

“But coincidentally, you were very powerful in your previous life, so even after the queen ate you, you still retained some traces of your previous life. I was friends with you in my previous life, so after discovering you, I came to search.”

The eyes of the bald Spider King Lady, who was ranked 100, flickered with a strange expression. She didn’t expect the person in front of her to be so bold as to talk about the Worm Queen.

Everyone knew that the children of the Worm Queen were born through devour, but who dared to say anything?

Even the children of the Queen, even if the Queen didn’t treat these children as her own flesh and blood, these children didn’t dare to say anything. The Worm Queen was really too terrifying, and she could control their life and death at all times.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying. If you leave now, I can pretend that nothing happened,” the Spider Princess said in a low voice.

She didn’t care about her previous life…

“If I remember correctly, the Worm Queen doesn’t care about the life and death of you descendants at all. She will give every descendant a training environment where they barely survive. If they can survive and become experts, the Queen will allow their existence.”

“If you die in the training, you will be regarded as a failed product. The Queen doesn’t care about the other party’s life and death.”

“As the 100th princess of the Queen, you’re only at the demigod level now. You’re even weaker than the 101st son. You should still be training. In fact, from your level, your growth isn’t smooth…”

“If you continue like this, are you sure you won’t be regarded by the Queen as a failure and executed? Although you’re a princess, your situation is actually worse than the descendants of the thirteen great worm nobles.”

“Why don’t you leave the Worm Nest and follow me?” Shi Yu didn’t expect that he would one day use his mouth to abduct a cosmic-level daughter.

However, Shi Yu felt that the analysis Ling had just transmitted to him made sense. The family of the Worm King represented by the Worm Queen was simply born in hell.

If it were him, he would rebel!

Shi Yu estimated that less than ten of the 100 children of the Queen were still alive. There was a one in ten chance of survival!!

“Heh, aren’t you afraid that if Mother kills you, your actions will no longer be worth pitying?” The bald Spider King Princess looked at Shi Yu coldly.

Although she also knew that she most likely couldn’t last long, in her opinion, Shi Yu’s behavior was no different from tempting fate.

“If I were afraid, I wouldn’t be telling you this.” Shi Yu also chuckled. He didn’t even know how many children the Queen’s 101st son had, but he was undoubtedly one of the most talented. He had already killed the peak super divine butterfly man, so why would he care about abducting another queen’s child?

However, Shi Yu really didn’t expect the third transmigrator to reincarnate into a queen’s child on this mission. He kept feeling that something would happen on this mission…

If this caused trouble, Lily Empress couldn’t blame him. It was purely because this guy’s identity was too sensitive. He could only take it one step at a time.

“If you’re worried, I can actually forcefully kidnap you. This way, you’ll be passive. How about that?” Shi Yu smiled. “I’ll take you to a place. That place is related to your previous life. You won’t regret it.”

The bald Spider Queen looked at Shi Yu as if she was looking at a fool and said, “Unfortunately, my bloodline contract has a certain restriction. Before I complete the training, as long as I leave the Worm King Ruins, I’ll immediately die.”

“Therefore, be it you forcefully taking me away or me taking the initiative to go with you, it’s impossible.”

“?? Even if a tiger is poisonous, it still won’t eat its cubs. Is there a need for this Worm Queen?” Shi Yu’s balls hurt. How could he give his daughter such a bloodline contract?

“Sure, sure, sure.”

Shi Yu thought for a moment. It was unrealistic to break this guy’s contract. After all, it was set by the cosmic level, but what if it helped her complete the training quests?

“What’s your training quest?”

“Pass the 11th level of the Worm King Tower.”

“So simple?” Shi Yu was stunned. “The 11th level is equivalent to the strength requirement of super divine 1. Isn’t it enough to have the strength of an epoch god?”

Judy said, “My physique’s cultivation is very slow. From birth, I’m destined to be a failure. I have a brother who’s said to be already an epoch god, and I’m still a demigod. I haven’t been able to become a god until now and can’t even pass the first level.”

Shi Yu grinned. “If I help you become stronger and let you pass the 11th level in a short period of time to break the bloodline contract on your body, are you willing to come with me?”

“Of course, I know you have concerns. I’m not asking you to betray the Worm Nest. I’m just taking a trip with me. At most, if you want to come back after we’re done, I’ll send you back.”

“Can you really let me pass the 11th level?” The bald Spider King Daughter looked at Shi Yu. After all, she didn’t make any progress even though the Red Ant Race supported her with all their might and invested in her.

Where did this person get his confidence?

“Of course, who do you think I am?” Shi Yu chuckled and said, “In that case, the contract is completed. I’ll help you remove the restrictions. Come with me when the time comes.”

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