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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1837 Sword Slash Cosmic Level (1)

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Chapter 1837 Sword Slash Cosmic Level (1)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After hesitating, the 100th princess of the Worm Mother Nest gritted her teeth and chose to believe Shi Yu.

She had no hope of training through the Queen in the first place. She was destined to be dealt with as a failed product. Instead of waiting for death, it was better to bet again.

“How do you plan to make me stronger?”

“After I came to the Worm King Ruins, I used various methods. Be it cultivation resources, EXP inheritance, or evolution mystic realms, I tried them. My cultivation speed is extremely slow.”

“It means that the resources you come into contact with aren’t good.”

“I’ll give it a try,” Shi Yu said. With that said, he took out an inheritance crystal, a Cultivation Fruit, and a World Tree Fruit. “Use this crystal first. If it doesn’t work, then use that green fruit. Finally, use this ‘ordinary’ fruit.”

“Super divine resources?” Seeing Shi Yu reach out and take out three super divine resources, Judy gradually believed in Shi Yu’s strength.

She followed Shi Yu’s request and took the inheritance crystal. In this inheritance crystal, Buggy had the cultivation EXP for the combination of worm silk and spatial control. It could allow the user to cultivate the spatial worm silk divine skill (Perfect+47), the Space Breaking Thread, according to talent potential.

It could be said that with the resources made by Buggy and Susu together, even pigs could take off, let alone the Spider Princess, who was the daughter of the universe and a transmigrator.

However, Shi Yu still underestimated the other party. After this Spider Princess used such a top-notch resource, Shi Yu could clearly sense that the other party’s absorption efficiency of this super divine resource was indeed inferior to a pig.

“Are you a spider or a pig?” After half an hour, the other party didn’t even absorb one-hundred millionth of the EXP. Shi Yu couldn’t help but say.

Princess Judy suddenly opened her purple eyes and said, “I’m a worm. I already said that my physique is special.”

“Eat the fruit.” Shi Yu let her eat the World Tree Fruit that increased her learning ability.

As it was a super divine resource, the other party was also obedient in the face of Shi Yu’s request. However, the scam was that even after eating the World Tree Fruit carefully made by Baby Ginseng, this guy’s cultivation speed still flew up slowly.

This made Baby Ginseng in Shi Yu’s Beast Taming Space fall into deep thought. Good lord, its ginseng emperor’s fruit actually couldn’t even nurture a divine-level??

In the end, Judy had no choice but to eat the Cultivation Fruit too…

Then, she knew why Shi Yu let her eat this in the end. After eating the Cultivation Fruit, this guy with a white spider lower body and a white human upper body had a pale face that was red and black. Then, it turned green, blue, and purple. Her expression instantly changed.

“Ugh…” She vomited crazily, wanting to ask Shi Yu what he had given her to eat. After all, she had the four major elements of time, space, worm, and poison. She had a physique that was immune to hundreds of millions of poisons, but this thing had almost killed her just as it entered her mouth.


She fainted and fell to the ground.

“Damn.” Shi Yu looked at the unconscious Spider King Maiden and said, “The speed increased a little this time, but it’s still not enough.”

“Use the Reincarnation Fruit,” Baby Ginseng suggested. “If she was very strong in her previous life, using the Reincarnation Fruit can definitely awaken her strength and memories the fastest.”

Shi Yu said, “I think so too, but I’m a little worried.”

Ling said, “Well, this guy’s previous life was most likely the ‘enemy’ of the Worm Queen. However, because her identity as a transmigrator is too special, it caused her to have traces of a transmigrator. If we awaken the power of her traces, there’s a certain chance of attracting the Queen’s attention.”

“If we don’t use the Reincarnation Fruit, we can only use this move.” Shi Yu stretched out his hand and looked at the unconscious Spider Princess. “In any case, she’s also in an unconscious state now. She doesn’t know anything.”

In the skill index, increase points!

Recently, Shi Yu had also thought it through. There was no need to hide the skill index anymore. This was because the skill index wasn’t a rare treasure for the cosmic level. It was created by a group of people through a cosmic treasure. In addition, its upper limit of increase was only at the super divine level. It couldn’t create the cosmic level at all, so it was naturally not attractive to the cosmic level.

It was also easy for a cosmic-level to nurture and destroy a peak super divine himself. It was even faster than the skill index. He could reference the Super Empress and the gem cat.

And not at the cosmic level. Even if they coveted the secret of the skill index, they couldn’t defeat the current Shi Yu at all.

In terms of rarity, the current skill index might not be as rare as that one that exceeded the origin.

Therefore, if he was free, Shi Yu could use this thing to help familiar faces like the cat, Senior Lu, and Senior Panda increase their strength. Even if everyone knew his talent and had the protection of the Empress, no one could do anything to him.

Now that he was the future seventh throne of the universe, he was no longer the newbie who had to be careful in everything. The skill index… was only one of his many abilities. At the appropriate time, he could use it as he pleased.

Soon, the princess woke up. After she woke up, she felt pain all over her body as if it had cracked. She covered her exploded brain and said in disbelief, “My level…”

After waking up, the Princess quickly discovered that her level had actually reached the perfect divine level. She was even a step away from the epoch god.

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