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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1838 Sword Slash Cosmic Level (2)

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Chapter 1838 Sword Slash Cosmic Level (2)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She vaguely remembered that she seemed to be cultivating automatically in her sleep, but the effect of this automatic cultivation was too terrifying.

“How long did I sleep? No, what did you do to me?” She looked at Shi Yu, who was still nearby, eating supplements with a weak expression.

“What can I do to a bald spider like you? How is it? The taste of the Cultivation Fruit is pretty good, right?” Shi Yu’s kidney hurt. Of course, the reason why the other party became stronger wasn’t all because of the Cultivation Fruit, but also because he had secretly added points. It was just that the other party was sleeping and didn’t know anything.

To be honest, adding points these times was nothing to Shi Yu’s current level. However, he was still nurturing the “cosmic tree seed”, so he had consumed a little too much energy and was a little weak.

“It stinks.” The Spider Princess’s face was still green. She strangled her neck and wanted to retch.

“Good medicine stinks,” Shi Yu said. “In short, with your current strength, passing the tenth level is not a problem. As for the eleventh level, it depends on your own determination. Whether you can break through to the epoch god level in the face of the super divine phantom… I can’t help you with this.”

“You can give it a try.”

After Shi Yu finished speaking, the Spider Queen’s gaze was clearly a little excited. She also sensed her current strength and felt that it was very unbelievable. After all, even the super divine experts of the Red Ant Race were helpless against her situation.

“If I can pass the 11th level, I’ll fulfill the agreement and go with you.” The Spider Princess looked at Shi Yu with a gentle gaze because Shi Yu had given her another life.

After saying that, she couldn’t wait to challenge the Worm King Tower.

In the thirteen major areas of the Worm King Ruins, there was a Worm King Tower in every area. This place was the same as the honor challenge of the cosmic overlord army. It was a symbol of the glory of the Worm Race.

The monster projections on every level of the tower were all races that had once been conquered by the Worm Race.

It was said that among the higher-ups, there would even be projections of extinct creatures like “cosmic overlords” who were born with “cosmic races”. Whether they could defeat them also meant that they could have the aptitude of a noble.

It could be said that every time a new noble, new expert, or old noble hoped to rely on the Worm King Tower to increase their bloodline level in the Worm Race, it would attract a large number of busybodies.

Of course, if it was already like this for ordinary nobles who came to challenge the Worm King Tower, let alone a royal like Princess Judy.

As a royal, although she was only the youngest daughter of the queen, Princess Judy was already a little famous in the Worm King Ruins under the jurisdiction of the Red Ant Race.

Firstly, it was because of her noble identity, and secondly, it was because she came from a noble family, but her strength was inferior to the descendants of ordinary nobles. Therefore, in the eyes of most nobles, she was destined to be a failed product abandoned by the queen.

For so many years, some worm nobles were already used to the Queen’s hobby. The Queen liked to combine various strange racial characteristics to see if she could create miracles of life and create powerful descendants. Even if the Worm Queen was at the cosmic level, she might not necessarily be 100% successful. Sometimes, many flawed descendants would appear.

The Spider King Maiden was one of them. Although the worm nobles active in the Worm King Ruins didn’t know which races’ bloodlines she had, her growth trajectory was undoubtedly too ordinary.

“His Highness Judy entered the Worm King Tower?”

Not long after the Spider King Maiden entered the Worm King Tower, a super divine life form of the Red Ant Race descended here. She frowned, as if she was very dissatisfied with Jutilint for not discussing with them before challenging the Worm King Tower.

Judy was thrown here to train. The first meaning of the Queen was to let the Red Ant Race assist the other party’s growth. Any performance of Judy was closely related to the Red Ant Race. With such a princess, the Red Ant Race felt that their race was extremely unlucky.

“Yes, but this time, Her Highness Judy’s aura seems to be very different. She should have broken through to the divine level.”

“She’s at the divine level??” In the face of the report of the guardian of the Worm King Tower, the explosive female Red Ant revealed a strange expression.

Soon, the news of the princess breaking through to the divine level spread in all directions. Many experts and geniuses of the Red Ant Race gathered at the scene, and many other insect races and ordinary insect-element nobles from various starfields gathered here to see the princess’s performance.

“Yo, Brother Lu Bai, I finally found you.”

Shi Yu was also in front of a stall, drinking honey tea leisurely. This was the flower honey tea squeezed out by the bee race of this honey tea shop. It was fresh and delicious. Shi Yu and the Butterfly of Imagination Buggy, who had landed in his hand, experienced the local customs of the worm nest while waiting for the Spider Princess to remove the bloodline restrictions.

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded. Shi Yu looked and saw that it was the old man guarding the entrance of a small world.

“Why are you here?” Shi Yu said in surprise.

“It’s nothing. Let me tell you good news. The world you walked out of has already been unsealed. As long as you don’t die, you shouldn’t have to worship others in the future,” the old doorman said with a smile.

“It’s pretty efficient,” Shi Yu said. “But this shouldn’t be the only thing you’re looking for me for, right?”

“Yes,” the old doorman said. “Generally speaking, even if divine-level experts born in small worlds like us become second-rate nobles, we usually have to rely on a top-notch noble. This way, we can survive more in this starry sky.”

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