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«Unscientific Beast Taming (Web Novel) - Chapter 1835 The Third Transmigrator (3)

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Chapter 1835 The Third Transmigrator (3)

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He quickly grinned and said, “In that case, it makes sense. Looks like this world is pretty lucky. With an expert like you, it’ll probably be unsealed soon.”

“I’ll report it. Then how should I address you? Do you stay in this small world to wait for the seal to be unsealed, or do you enter the Worm King Ruins first?”

“I’ll leave the other things to you to deal with. I want to enter the Worm King Ruins first. As for how you address me… Lu Bai.”

“Lu Bai.” The old man chuckled and said, “Peak divine-level strength, perfect divine-level pet. Impressive. When you reach the Worm King Ruins, you’ll probably become famous soon. Perhaps you still have a chance to break through to the supreme super divine realm.”

“This is the first time I’m here. Can you tell me in detail about the situation in the Worm King Ruins?” Shi Yu suddenly asked.

The information recorded by Ling was only a relatively shallow portion. He still had to learn more detailed information about the Worm King Ruins from the people here.

“After you enter the Worm King Ruins, you will be in a city under the jurisdiction of the Red Ant Race. There are basically all the necessary facilities in the Worm King Ruins. Among them, the most important facility is called the ‘Bug King Tower’.”

“The Worm King Tower has a total of 20 levels.”

“The first 10 levels correspond to the divine level, and the last 10 levels correspond to the super divine level.”

“On every level, there are ferocious beast projections of the corresponding level as guardians. It’s said that if anyone can reach the top of the Worm King Tower, its race will be conferred as a cosmic noble by that supreme Worm Queen. The reason why the thirteen worm nobles, including the Red Ant Race, exist is because their ancestors have once ascended to the top of the tower.”

“Apart from that, the first time you ascend to the top of the tower, apart from your noble identity personally conferred by the Queen, you will definitely obtain a cosmic treasure as a reward.”

“Of course, these have nothing to do with ordinary people, but even if you achieve it for the first time on other levels, you can still have corresponding treasures and noble status rewards of different levels.”

“This place isn’t only a paradise for the current 13 top-notch insect nobles, but also a paradise for other insect branches and races that aren’t Space Worms or Insects to climb and evolve…”

After obtaining enough information from the old guard, Shi Yu did a second teleportation in this space not long after and entered the true Worm King Ruins.

With a flash of light, Shi Yu arrived at a place that looked like a collective teleportation array. As he was used to teleportation on World King Planet, Shi Yu was very familiar with this model.

There was no one to welcome Shi Yu’s arrival, and there was no one guarding the surroundings. He arrived at an ancient city with a dense insect stream. Insects were everywhere.

Various strange worms with insect stats wandered and crawled in the ancient city, mixed-blood humans with insect bloodlines, and other mutated beasts. It was a proper insect paradise.

“Yi! (This place might be able to solve Buggy’s marriage problem.)” In the Beast Taming Space, Baby Ginseng said.

“Wu. (There should be many worms with devour skills who want to eat ginseng babies in this place.)” Buggy replied.

Baby Ginseng was angry. Wasn’t he happy to solve its marriage problem?

Buggy flapped its wings. Women would only slow down its speed of becoming stronger!

In a very free place, Shi Yu quickly confirmed it. That made sense. In this insect territory with a strict bloodline level, although it looked free on the surface, all the rules were written in the bloodline level. In short, it was just what he wanted. After Shi Yu arrived, he first searched for the existence of the third transmigrator.

Logically speaking, if the Empress teleported him nearby, the third transmigrator should be here.

With Shi Yu’s current strength, even the strongest expert of the Red Ant Race wasn’t Shi Yu’s match. Shi Yu naturally had freedom of movement here. He quickly searched for the fluctuations of the third transmigrator just like in the small world just now.

Then… hard work paid off! The Empress was indeed stable!

After coming from that small world to the Ruins of the Worm King of the corresponding star domain, Shi Yu’s eyelids twitched. He had really found a guy with very special spatial fluctuations. He was 99% certain that the other party was the third transmigrator.

“This is the place!!”

The excited Shi Yu directly chose to teleport near the other party. Then, he teleported in front of an insectoid with about a demigod-level wave and a spider body and human head.

“Who is it!” Shi Yu’s arrival stunned the strange creature with the lower body of a spider and the upper body of a human woman. It was pitch-black like a Black Widow Spider and looked at Shi Yu with hostility.

In Shi Yu’s aesthetic sense, the other party’s human upper body was very cool, but surprisingly… it was a bald head.

“Good heavens, who are you?” Shi Yu frowned. So, the third transmigrator had reincarnated into this thing??

“I’m the 100th daughter of the Queen, Princess Judy Lintian. Who are you? Why aren’t you greeting me when you see me?” When this demigod-level bald Spider King’s daughter saw Shi Yu, whose strength was unknown, she only panicked for a moment before being full of energy. This was because she was the 100th daughter of the cosmic-level Worm Queen. She believed that no one dared to harm her.

At this moment, Shi Yu, who had heard the identity of the third transmigrator’s reincarnation, was slightly stunned. His heart skipped a beat and he was a little stunned.

You, a transmigrator from the last era, reincarnated into a descendant of a cosmic level??

Can you have some integrity? As an expert from the last era, how could you casually acknowledge someone as your mother?

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