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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2504: Fight God Emperor, Supreme Treasure Consecutive Destruction, God Emperor Pushed Back

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Chapter 2504: Fight God Emperor, Supreme Treasure Consecutive Destruction, God Emperor Pushed Back

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The God Emperor’s arrival shook the Infiniverse.

Chu Kuangren summoned his Descendant Self Sword and All Creation Cauldron to challenge the God Emperor.

The God Emperor looked at Chu Kuangren nonchalantly. “The Human Ancestor’s sword with a different sword spirit, and the All Creation Cauldron as well… It seems those old ones planned eons ahead just to stop me.”

“Do you dare to answer my challenge?” Chu Kuangren said as he pointed the sword at the God Emperor.

“In that case, I shall grant you nothing but defeat,” the God Emperor said indifferently.

As he raised his hand, the God Emperor qi gushed forward like a torrential tide, crushing the area entirely.

Chu Kuangren dared not be careless.

He slashed with the Descendant Self Sword and used his newly acquired Sword I wenty-seven!

An astonishing sword shadow rose to the sky with three thousand Great Daos surrounding it.


The sword shadow clashed with the God Emperor qi, causing a tremendous explosion.

Terrifying shockwaves blasted away the cultivators in the area.

The light from the explosion shone across the Infiniverse, and elites from different universes were astonished by the sudden clash.

“This is the battle between the old and new!”

“This is terrifying!”

Heavenly Grandmaster gulped nervously. “That’s some terrifying aura. The God Emperor has just awakened, yet he already possesses such absurd power.”

Shen Qixue had a solemn look on his face. “Yeah. According to what we know, even someone as old as the God Emperor had to spend some time getting used to the universal law before recovering to his full power.

“But I guess the God Emperor is beyond common sense.”

As the clash between sword qi and God Emperor qi subsided, the God Emperor could be seen standing proudly and strongly in the sky.

The God Emperor qi around him blocked the sword qi easily.

However, Chu Kuangren was sent flying miles away.

He reacted seriously to the clash. “His God Emperor qi is different from the God Prince’s! If the God Prince’s God Emperor qi is an iron string, the God Emperor’s power is like a thousand iron pillars!”

His sword qi could not break through the God Emperor qi.

On top of that, he also noticed something strange.

The ancient cultivators had to spend some time adapting to the current universal law after awakening, yet the God Emperor did not have to go through that process.

The God Emperor was too powerful, so powerful that it was not he who had to adapt to the universal law but the universal law that had to adapt to his presence!

That was the power of the Supreme Realm Tribulation!

“Is that all you have?” the God Emperor asked as he looked at Chu Kuangren. “Haha! This is going to be an exciting fight.”

Chu Kuangren’s eyes were burning with the intent to fight. It was no doubt that this would be the fiercest and most terrifying battle in his entire life.

He had always overpowered others with his ridiculous powers, but now he felt like he was the one being overpowered by the God Emperor.

Still, he was not deterred.

Quite the opposite, every cell in his body was trembling with excitement.

“My subjects, lend me your strength!” Chu Kuangren bellowed.

The cultivators of the Pan Gu Kingdom released their energies to Chu Kuangren, boosting his energy level to a new high.

He quickly reached the limits of an Overlord.

“I’ve never seen such ability of a kingdom.”

The God Emperor was slightly surprised.

Nevertheless, he raised his hand and channeled his God Emperor qi into a ball of golden light before hurling it at Chu Kuangren.

It seemed like a normal attack, but the God Emperor contained in the ball was absurdly powerful. If the ball of light exploded, its power could destroy a dozen universes.

In the face of that power, Chu Kuangren took a deep breath and channeled his three thousand Great Daos.

“Infernal Dragon’s Eye, Silence Realm!”

His eyes gleamed in dark golden glimmer, and the Infernal Dragon’s time ability was activated.

As the powerful time energy blanketed the entire area, the golden ball of light paused for a fraction of a second.

“All Creation Cauldron, go!”

Chu Kuangren sent the All Creation Cauldron out with a thought.

While the cauldron clashed with the golden ball of light, Source energy from the cauldron clashed with the God Emperor qi, causing an explosion big enough to destroy the entire field.

The All Creation Cauldron trembled violently during the clash.

After the explosion subsided, the sky was filled with glimmers of light.

Chu Kuangren looked at the God Emperor, who was unscathed. He was not disappointed or discouraged at all.

With another thought, he sent the sword and cauldron forward for another round of attack.

At the same time, he used the Limitless Cultivation to its fullest potential.

All kinds of cultivation techniques were cast, including ancient divine abilities and newer Immortal Techniques.

However, no matter how he attacked, he could not break the God Emperor’s defensive qi.

This defensive qi alone would make the God Emperor invincible, which was terrifying.

It was Chu Kuangren’s first time fighting someone with such absurd power.

However, he already expected a tough fight due to the God Emperor’s powers.


With another thought, tens of thousands of Hongmeng Supreme Treasures started to fly out from his sleeves.

Chu Kuangren used the Thousand Weapon Heart to detonate all the Supreme Treasures at the God Emperor. The consecutive explosions of Hongmeng Supreme Treasures lit up the Infiniverse.

“What the hell? Where did he get so many Supreme Treasures?”

“This is one of his trump cards as well.”

Everyone was surprised.

A piece of Hongmeng Supreme Treasure was considered one of the best items in the Infiniverse, yet Chu Kuangren had tens of thousands of them and detonated them all in the God Emperor’s face!

It was probably the most costly attack in the history of the Infiniverse.

Tens of thousands of explosions erupted in the sky, but it only caused ripples on the God Emperor’s defensive qi.

However, that was not the end of Chu Kuangren’s attack.

After the Hongmeng Supreme Treasures, Chu Kuangren started throwing

Ultimate Supreme Treasures at the God Emperor!

Chu Kuangren revealed a crimson saber and hurled it forward.

It was the Dragonslayer, and other than the Dragonslayer, he had a dozen more Ultimate Supreme Treasures ready.

All the Ultimate Supreme Treasures released an energy fluctuation that resonated with each other, forming a massive formation.

The God Emperor was trapped in the center.

Before he could break out, the Ultimate Supreme Treasures exploded in his face again.

The tremendous explosion shook the entire Infiniverse again.

“Did he detonate Ultimate Supreme Treasures just like that? And there are a dozen of them? How many more treasures does he have?”

“He’s really rich!”

Everyone was in awe of how costly Chu Kuangren’s attacks were, including the God Emperor himself.

The formation formed by more than a dozen Ultimate Supreme Treasures exploded in his face, causing his defensive God Emperor qi to ripple violently.

The momentum pushed him two steps back.

Chu Kuangren was enlightened. “His God Emperor qi isn’t indestructible, and it’s not an absolute defense either!”

The God Prince and the others were also shocked.

“God Emperor was pushed back?”

“The God Emperor’s God Emperor qi was broken?”


“Chu Kuangren managed to push the God Emperor back!”

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