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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2503: God Emperor Arrives, Main Lead of The Universe, Pointing the Sword At God Emperor, Why Don’t We Give It A Try

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Chapter 2503: God Emperor Arrives, Main Lead of The Universe, Pointing the Sword At God Emperor, Why Don’t We Give It A Try

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor. EndlessFantasy Translation

Three thousand Great Daos concentrated into a single blade.

The blade’s shine surpassed any other blade from past to present.

In fact, the blade itself had surpassed the concept of a sword as it was the combination of three thousand Great Daos!

When the sword was thrust forward, the ultimate sword intent tore the void apart like it was nothing, and the endless sword ray shot toward the God Prince.

The God Emperor qi and the sword qi clashed in the fiercest way possible.


Having taken the brunt of the attack, the God Prince was sent flying backward. His God Emperor qi had taken its biggest hit ever, and it started to weaken and crack.

Endless sword qi seeped through, damaging his body.

The sword qi was elusive and unpredictable.

The Five Ways, Yin Yang, Creation, Universal, Time, Spatial, and all kinds of

Great Dao were found in the sword qi as it continued to shine.

The God Prince spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying away. His body was damaged to the brink of collapse.

The God Emperor qi lost to Chu Kuangren’s three thousand Great Daos!

“H-How is this possible?”

The God Prince was shocked that his God Emperor qi was defeated!

“This is impossible!”

He refused to believe or accept his defeat but was forced to face the facts.

When Chu Kuangren approached him with the Descendant Self Sword, he felt the fear of death looming over him.

“You lost,” Chu Kuangren said.

He raised the Descendant Self Sword high. The sword intent of past and present, plus the three thousand Great Daos, shone like the brightest sun. He was surrounded by absurd energy, and his aura alone could shake the Infiniverse.

Chu Kuangren seemed invincible at that moment.

“No, I haven’t lost! I am the God Prince. I can never lose!”

The God Prince then got up on his feet and shouted like a maniac.

God Emperor qi spread and shook the Infiniverse.

“Chu Kuangren, you’re strong. You’re the strongest human, and it s an undeniable fact, but you will never be the God Emperor’s match!”

The God Prince wore a zealous grin when he seemingly sensed something strange.

His words made everyone feel an instinctive fear, including Chu Kuangren, who narrowed his eyes and gripped his sword tighter.


Somewhere in the Infiniverse, the void, or even a Spirit World, a terrifying aura erupted like the biggest volcano.

An energy fluctuation that could frighten one’s soul spread across the Infiniverse.

All life across the Infiniverse instinctively bowed down, including Monarchs. Golden light shone across the Infiniverse and started to ripple, crushing even the void and leaving the spiritual qi rumbling.

The universal law was disrupted by an indescribable power.

Even the three thousand Great Daos trembled like never before.

“W-What’s going on?”

“The Infiniverse is shaking! What happened? What’s causing this?

The cultivators were scared and confused.

Be it the ancient ones or the younger cultivators, all of them gulped nervously as they sensed the aura growing stronger but could not pinpoint where it came from.

The aura was the most powerful they had ever felt, so strong that it enveloped the entire Infiniverse.

No one could determine where the aura came from, but some of the stronger ones had a hunch.

“It’s him! He’s awakening!”

“This aura is one of a kind. No one other than him can affect the Infiniverse to this extent! He’s back!”

The Overlords were overwhelmed with fear, and even Naraka was shaking.

High up in the Divine Tribulation Mountain, the Tribulation Lord opened his eyes. He raised his hand to release endless tribulation energy to calm his land down.

“He has awakened. The Infinity War has reached its critical point. The fate of the Infiniverse is in your hands, Chu Kuangren. Let me see what you can do before the Supreme Realm Tribulation.”

Back in the Pan Gu Kingdom, the golden aura continued to shake the


Its aura was so strong that countless cultivators fell to their knees.

Even Monarchs could not resist the urge.

“Chu Kuangren, you’ve lost. My father has awakened. You won’t be able to change the outcome now,” the God Prince said as he cackled.

Shen Qixue, Devil King, and the others looked solemn.

There was even a hint of fear in their eyes.

However, Chu Kuangren stood firm with Descendant Self Sword in his hand, seemingly waiting for something.

Deep in the void, a golden light shone brightly.

A vague figure then emerged from it, and behind the figure were three thousand chains that represented the three thousand Great Daos.

The chains shook violently as they tried to hold the figure back, but they no longer worked.

The golden figure approached Chu Kuangren and the others, breaking the chains as he walked.

The scene was terrifying because each chain contained the power of an Overlord. There were three thousand of them, yet they were not strong enough to hold the man back.

“God Emperor…”

Devil King’s beautiful eyes widened in fear.

Shen Qixue wielded his spear tightly. As the God of War of the human race, he should be fearless, but even he was shaking.

The man before them was the oldest Primal God, the most powerful being in the Infiniverse throughout the ages.


When the three thousand chains snapped completely, the golden figure approached Chu Kuangren and the others.

His golden hair danced along the wind, and his golden robes sparkled, complementing his handsome looks. The golden light continued to glimmer around him like runes.

His golden eyes looked on with a hint of majesty and superiority.

One glance from him could dim the stars, moon, and sun.

He was dignified, powerful, and honorable!

Every move he made made him seem invincible.

A sliver of his aura was enough to overpower the entire Infiniverse.


God Prince knelt with respect.

The Grim Reaper, Ancient Buddha, and other Primal Kingdom’s cultivators got on their knees as well.

However, the God Emperor did not look at them.

His eyes were glued to Chu Kuangren as if, other than Chu Kuangren, no one was worthy of his time.

“The Human Ancestor sealed me away and seized the main lead of the realm. Is it still the human race standing in my way?” the God Emperor said.

He revealed why the human race was the main lead of the realm.

It was because the Human Ancestor sealed the God Emperor, thus seizing the position away.

That was also why the human race’s fortune energy was prolonged.

Sealing away the God Emperor created such a huge opportunity for the human race.

It was unbelievable thinking about it.

“If sealing you made us the main lead of the realm, will killing you make the human race invincible for eternity?” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

All living beings were shocked to hear that he wanted to kill the God Emperor. They were astonished by Chu Kuangren’s courage because he was speaking to the invincible God Emperor.

However, instead of getting agitated by Chu Kuangren’s provocation, the God Emperor said calmly, “The Human Ancestor failed to do it. Can you?” “Why don’t we give it a try?”

As Chu Kuangren pointed the Descendant Self Sword at the God Emperor, his rampant qi shook the Infiniverse.

A golden light ray then shot out from his body and transformed into the All Creation Cauldron.

With the sword and cauldron in hand, he was ready to fight the God Emperor…

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