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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2505 Infinite Improvement, Myriad Tribulation Doom Energy, Send God Emperor To The Source

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Chapter 2505 Infinite Improvement, Myriad Tribulation Doom Energy, Send God Emperor To The Source

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“Not bad. You’re the second one other than the Human Ancestor to break the defense of God Emperor qi,” the God Emperor said.

Chu Kuangren stood with his hands behind his back. “I won’t be the second to break your God Emperor qi; I will be the first to defeat you.”

“Bold words. With your little toys?”

The God Emperor looked at the bits and pieces of the broken Supreme Treasures.

The Hongmeng and Ultimate Supreme Treasures that the world sought after were nothing but toys to him.

“No, it’s because I am Chu Kuangren!” Chu Kuangren bellowed.

With that, his aura rose sharply, and time energy bloomed into a beautiful flower on his chest.

It was the Infernal Dragon’s divine ability, Fleeting Beauty!

“Oh? Siphoning energy from time? Not even the Primal Infernal Dragon dared to do it. You surprise me.” The God Emperor looked surprised.

To all the cultivators, the high achievable cultivation realm was the Overlord Realm, which allowed one to control an entire Great Dao.

Chu Kuangren’s current realm had started to surpass the Overlord realm.

“God Emperor, can you stop me and my infinite improvement?” Chu Kuangren said coldly.

Fleeting Beauty enhanced his capabilities by disregarding the limits.

He was being corroded by unimaginable time repercussions, but he had also grown unbelievably strong.

Time had no end, so Chu Kuangren, who was stealing power from time, could improve himself infinitely. “I see.”

The God Emperor channeled more God Emperor qi in his hand to form a golden spear.

With the spear in hand, his aura grew even more domineering.

“This spear has accompanied me in my conquest and fought countless gods. It represents invincibility itself. You’re the second human to see its glare,” the God Emperor said.

Then, he vanished on the spot and appeared before Chu Kuangren.

The golden spear thrust forward, piercing the void itself.

However, Chu Kuangren did not dodge it. Instead, he countered with a slash with the Descendant Self Sword.


When the sword and spear clashed, the void around them collapsed instantly.

“God Emperor Art, Conquest!” the God Emperor bellowed.

As he thrust the spear forward, the tip of the spear shone brightly, releasing a domineering God Emperor qi.

Chu Kuangren swung his sword and countered with another slash.

The slash also contained indomitable force and the power of three thousand Daoist laws.


The two powerful energies clashed, rupturing the land.

They tore open the void and extended the fight into another universe. The sword qi and God Emperor qi continued to clash, forming an energy typhoon that wrecked the Infiniverse.

Galaxies were destroyed, and even the walls between universes were shattered, causing multiple universes to merge together.

The universes’ Great Daos collapsed into one another, crumbling into smithereens as Chu Kuangren and the God Emperor continued fighting.

Their power was unimaginably terrifying.

All the elites who saw the terrifying scene were rendered speechless and astonished.

They were not powerful enough to even get close to the battle, let alone intervene. “Kaboom!”

After another clash, the Daoist law energy typhoon ruptured the entire universe, reverting it back to a chaotic state.


A loud crack echoed amidst the chaos.

Chu Kuangren’s Descendant Self Sword cracked!

The blade buzzed violently, releasing endless sword intent.

It might be hurt, but its will to continue the battle remained strong.

“Your sword is cracked. What are you going to fight me with now?” the God Emperor commented.

He swung his spear down, sending Chu Kuangren flying away.

Chu Kuangren crashed through countless planets in the void, but the God Emperor did not give him a chance to breathe.

With a step forward, he teleported in front of Chu Kuangren and thrust his spear into the latter’s chest.

“Timespace Barrier!”

Chu Kuangren performed a quick set of hand seals to summon barriers from the void.

The barrier combined the energy of time and space and was almost indestructible.

When the God Emperor’s spear hit the barrier, it was stopped.

“Oh, this is spacetime energy, but it’s not enough to stop my spear.”

He continued to thrust the spear forward, crushing the barrier layer by layer.

He reigned supreme from the beginning and was invincible across the Infiniverse.

Even though time and space were manipulated, no amount of space, time, or even universes could stop his power.

All Chu Kuangren did was look at the incoming spear instead of moving from it, allowing it to penetrate his body.


Blood splattered across chaos.

“You have lost,” the God Emperor said as his spear penetrated Chu Kuangren’s chest.

Further away in Naraka, the Tribulation Lord shook his head as well.

“It seems like no one can stop the Supreme Realm Tribulation.”

However, Chu Kuangren grabbed the spear in his chest with both his hands and smiled.

“You speak too soon.”

He disregarded his injury and started to channel more Daoist law energy that contained a stream of immense tribulation energy.

The Tribulation Lord bolted up when he sensed the tribulation energy, and his expression shifted.

“That’s my tribulation energy!”

A sudden realization struck his mind. “I see. I bet this is that Source Supreme Treasure’s function.”

The God Emperor saw the overflowing tribulation energy from Chu Kuangren’s body and found himself surprised. “The Tribulation Lord’s energy?”

“Myriad Tribulation Doom!” Chu Kuangren bellowed.

A black can containing rumbling tribulation energy appeared at his chest.

It was the Tribulation Lord’s Myriad Tribulation Doom technique cast using his full power!


The immense energy blasted even the God Emperor away.

The God Emperor qi around him broke, and his body was struck by the energy, leaving him in a temporarily paralyzed state.

“Haha! This is not the end!” Chu Kuangren laughed.

Then, a massive golden cauldron appeared above the God Emperor’s head.

It was the All Creation Cauldron!

This time, the cauldron was not used to smash the God Emperor but to open up the portal connecting to the Source that sucked the God Emperor in!

It was one of the plans that Chu Kuangren had in mind.

Since he could not beat the God Emperor, why not trap him in the Source first?

The Source had faded in this era, so going into the Source via the All Creation Cauldron was like going into prison.

Chu Kuangren believed not even the God Emperor could easily break out from it.

“He has a lot of tricks up his sleeves,” the Tribulation Lord praised.

Due to the Myriad Tribulation Doom, the God Emperor could not resist the suction force from the All Creation Cauldron.

He was sucked into the Source, just as Chu Kuangren had planned.

While inside the Creation Source, the God Emperor grinned.

“Human Ancestor, you have raised a decent opponent for me. Using the Source to trap a Primal God born from the Source? Only he can think of such an absurd idea, but how long can this stop me?”

The God Emperor wielded his spear in a flurry.

The God Emperor qi wrecked havoc within the Creation Source as if it was trying to carve a path out.

A while later, he stopped, and his brows furrowed.

Powerful tribulation energy continued to disturb him in his body.

“I have to deal with this tribulation energy first. Tribulation Lord, have you grown restless and joined the war?” The God Emperor was slightly confused but not concerned.

Even if he had to fight the entire Infiniverse, he was not afraid.

Why would he be afraid of the Tribulation Lord?

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