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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2506 Descendant Self Sword Absorbs All Wishes, God Emperor Returns To Infiniverse

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Chapter 2506 Descendant Self Sword Absorbs All Wishes, God Emperor Returns To Infiniverse

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Chu Kuangren spat a mouthful of blood.

His plan might have worked, and the God Emperor was trapped in the Creation Source for now, but he was badly injured.

When he removed the Fleeting Beauty’s effect, the time repercussion further damaged his already weakened body.

His hair turned white instantly, and this time, he could not recover.

“The infinite improvement is powerful, but the side effects are terrible. Not all cultivators can sustain such a heavy repercussion,” Chu Kuangren murmured with a bitter smile.

Even an Overlord might be killed by the time repercussions.

He could not recover himself by reversing the time on himself either since it was both from the same source of energy.

“But I have bought enough time.”

He knew the Creation Source could not trap the God Emperor for long, but a day was a day longer.

“My Lord!”


Gu Linglong, Lan Yu, and the others rushed up to him.

Gu Linglong teared up when she saw Chu Kuangren’s white hair.

“I’m fine.” Chu Kuangren forced a smile on his face.

After that, they brought Chu Kuangren back to the Pan Gu Kingdom, where he explained the situation to the others.

Knowing that the God Emperor might break out from the Creation Source at any moment, everyone looked grim. “I have to strengthen myself now. I’ll go into closed-door meditation for a while and leave the kingdom to you guys. The Primal Kingdom is no longer a threat, but just be careful,” Chu Kuangren said.

He then took Descendant Self Sword out.

The blade had a crack on it, and the sword intent had weakened.

The God Emperor’s spear was extremely powerful. Not even the Human Ancestor’s sword could block it fully.

After a quick thought, an idea came to Chu Kuangren. Maybe he could reforge the Descendant Self into a Fortune Supreme Weapon.

The God Emperor’s spear was indestructible, and it could crush any weapon with ease. Even if Chu Kuangren forged a sword using the hardest Immortal Metal in the universe, it might not last a few hits either.

Therefore, he planned to reforge the Descendant Self Sword into a Fortune Supreme Treasure, a Supreme Treasure that was closely related to the Pan Gu Kingdom’s fortune level.

Then, as long as the kingdom remained, the sword would remain sturdy.

“I have to think of a way to use the kingdom’s fortune energy to repair the Descendant Self Sword,” Chu Kuangren murmured.

It was not a difficult task since there were quite some records of the Fortune Supreme Treasures throughout history. Lil Ai also had tens of thousands of ways to forge a Fortune Supreme Treasure.

With that, Chu Kuangren and Lil Ai figured out the best way to achieve the ideal result.

He set up an altar in the kingdom and used formation as its support. The Descendant Self Sword was put on it to absorb the fortune energy so that it could repair itself.

“Descendant Self Sword, I’ll wait for you to fight the God Emperor again,” Chu Kuangren murmured.


The sword buzzed on the altar as if it was responding to Chu Kuangren.

Time flew, and Chu Kuangren had gone into cultivation for years now.

While he was away, the Pan Gu Kingdom continued to grow stronger.

Without the Primal Kingdom, the Pan Gu Kingdom became the strongest force in the Infiniverse. They conquered the Great Hongmeng Universe and started to expand to other universes. The kingdom’s fortune energy continued to grow.

While in cultivation, Chu Kuangren sensed the increasing fortune energy and its blessing. He was able to rapidly recover from his injuries, and his cultivation level was rising as well.

Now that he had ascended all three thousand Great Daos to the Unlimited Great Dao Realm, he moved on to the next step, which was to continue breaking them through to the Overlord Realm.

With the blessing of the strongest fortune energy in history, his cultivation speed skyrocketed.

Other than that, he was also gaining insights into the highest level of Limitless Transformation, a new height that even the Human Ancestor could not reach during his time.

However, the Limitless Cultivation was too profound, and the highest level of the technique was mysterious, making it difficult to achieve. Chu Kuangren felt like he was missing a great opportunity.

Many years went by.

On that day, the kingdom welcomed different cultivators from different universes, and they would all pay their respects at the altar by worshiping a sword when they arrived.

A Monarch bowed three times to the crystal sword on the altar with respect.

There was nothing wrong with his gesture because the word was worthy of his respect.

“The fate of the Infiniverse lies on the Ruler, and this sword is the kingdom’s ultimate weapon. I hope it can protect the Ruler and all life in the Infiniverse,” said the Monarch.

The other cultivators paid their respect as well.

As they paid their respects, they released an invisible wishing power that was absorbed by the Descendant Self Sword.

It was a new kind of energy that was different from the fortune energy.

It was the power of the people’s wishes.

Not even Chu Kuangren expected that. He was simply trying to reforge the Descendant Self Sword into a Fortune Supreme Treasure, but due to many reasons, the sword started to absorb the wishing power from the people who paid respect to it.

No one knew how much the Descendant Self Sword had grown.

Meanwhile, the Tribulation Lord was watching the cultivator overcome their tribulation to kill time in Naraka.

It was one of his few hobbies that he enjoyed. Suddenly, he sensed a unique energy appearing in Naraka.

It was the Creation Source’s energy!

However, why would the Creation Source energy appear in Naraka?

When realization struck, the Tribulation Lord’s eyes widened in shock.


Naraka trembled violently all of a sudden.

A massive spatial rift cracked open in the void, releasing a massive amount of Creation Source energy!

What followed was a golden figure emerging from within.

A supreme aura blanketed Naraka instantly.

“It’s him!” Tribulation Lord said solemnly.

It was the God Emperor.

“Why am I not surprised that he only used around ten thousand years to connect the Creation Source and the real world?” Tribulation Lord murmured.

Since the source had faded, only the will of the universe existed.

No one could defy or change it.

However, the God Emperor was so ridiculously powerful that he could forcefully open a passageway, connecting the Creation Source and the current world.

As the God Emperor returned to the Infiniverse, his domineering aura spread.

The Infiniverse felt it, and countless powerful cultivators reacted grimly to the pressuring aura.

“His aura is still so scary.”

“He was barely hurt in his battle with Chu Kuangren. How terrifying. The God Emperor is indeed invincible.”

“A monster…”

Back in the Pan Gu Kingdom, Chu Kuangren opened his eyes in the middle of his cultivation. A powerful aura erupted and expanded across the Infiniverse as well.

The auras of Chu Kuangren and the God Emperor clashed despite them being numerous major domains away, and the entire Great Hongmeng Universe shook.

Back in Naraka, the God Emperor looked in the direction of the Primal Kingdom and narrowed his eyes. “Great. Now, you’re qualified to fight me.”

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