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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2153 Black Feather Archduke Successfully Usurps, One Slash Might, Two Archdukes Fall

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Chapter 2153 Black Feather Archduke Successfully Usurps, One Slash Might, Two Archdukes Fall

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A chaotic fight broke out in Black Feather Capital.

Even though Yu Yan had grown much stronger by fusing Devil and Darkness energy and could overpower Shui Qianliu with ease, he was overwhelmed by numbers.

Knowing that Chu Kuangren was the one who caused it fueled his hatred even more, and he wished he could skin Chu Kuangren alive.

“Take out Black Feather Archduke first!” War Horror Archduke said.

He and Succubus Archduke switched their attention to the altar. Their figure flashed as they darted forward while channeling their Devil energy.

The Devil King on the altar suddenly opened her eyes once more.

A blast of Devil energy erupted, sending War Horror Archduke and Succubus Archduke flying away.

They were shocked.

“Damn it! He made it!”


As Black Feather Archduke gained control of the Devil King’s body, he opened his arms and looked intoxicated by the newfound power.

“So this is the power of the King. It’s really strong and intoxicating,” Black Feather Archduke cackled loudly.

His dream of many years had finally been realized.

He was thrilled.

Then, he looked at the chaotic battlefield with narrowed eyes. Countless black feathers fluttered and pressed down on everyone, causing them to feel the pressure.

Even Hei Xuan felt pressured under such an intense aura.

Only Chu Kuangren, who had the Soul Barrier as protection, and the two other archdukes could withstand the aura’s pressure.

“War Horror Archduke, Succubus Archduke, bow to me and surrender your territory. Then, I will spare your lives,” Black Feather Archduke said arrogantly.

“You little piece of sh*t! How dare you betray me? Stop dreaming!” War Horror Archduke shouted with a grim look.

“In that case, don’t blame me for killing you both. With you two gone, I can conquer the entire Devil Tribe!”

Black Feather Archduke released a blast of Devil energy from his hand.

War Horror Archduke and Succubus Archduke teamed up to defend against the blast.


The two of them were blasted away.

“The King’s power is indeed terrifying!”

“Hmph. The King can kill us in one hit, but he’s not the real King, so he can’t fully use the body’s power. We have a chance to take him down,” War Horror Archduke said.

He exchanged a glance with Succubus Archduke before continuing to attack.

On the other hand, Yu Yan and Black Wing looked at the Darkness Tribe who were being suppressed by the Black Feather Divine Spirit Formation. Frosty killing intentions overflowed from their eyes.


“If you don’t bow to me, I shall send you to the afterlife!” Yu Yan grunted coldly.

As he raised his hand, the Darkness Devil energy transformed into a ball of black light and was hurled at Hei Xuan and the others. Its power had reached the Grand Dao Supreme Honorable Realm.

“Damn it.”

Hei Xuan looked at the incoming ball with despair.

Suddenly, a figure in fluttering white robes stood before them.

It was Chu Kuangren.

He raised his sword hand sign and slashed it at the void.

The sword ray he released shattered the void and cut the ball of light in half.

Chu Kuangren rose into the air with Immortal Sparks surrounding him as he channeled his Primordial energy.

He looked at Yu Yan and Black Wing calmly.

“Trying to kill my ride? Have you asked my permission?”

He pointed his sword hand sign at them and released another sword qi.

His cultivation level had yet to reach the Grand Dao Realm, but Yu Yan and Black Wing felt immensely pressured already.

“This guy…”

Hei Xuan looked at Chu Kuangren’s back with a complicated gaze.

He knew Chu Kuangren was the Child of Light, yet he stood before them to protect them against Yu Yan.

In addition to that, Chu Kuangren also possessed the Darkness Ruler Amulet.

“He’s really unpredictable,” Shui Qianliu lamented.

Yu Yan and Black Wing did not have the luxury of time to ponder. They reacted instantly and countered with the power of the Grand Dao Supreme Honorable Realm.

Chu Kuangren’s Radiant Dao’s energy erupted in the air as well.

Each move he made shook the earth.

“Get him!” Black Wing said coldly.

The devil soldiers crawled out from all directions and tried to swarm Chu Kuangren.

They were still in the Black Feather Capital, where Black Feather Archduke had the advantage of numbers.

He even transferred most of his elite troops back for the Tri-Archduke Banquet.

In addition to the Black Feather Divine Spirit Formation suppressing the Devil Tribe, Chu Kuangren had to face all of them himself.

To Black Wing, no matter how capable Chu Kuangren was, there was no way he could overcome those overwhelming odds.

“Chu Kuangren, the first place on the Primordial Leaderboard, shall fall today!” Black Wing said with a scoff.

Suddenly, Chu Kuangren released a sharp aura.

He looked at Black Wing with a smile. “So, with such overwhelming odds, do you have the nerves to take a strike from me?”

A familiar sharp energy was released into the air, shredding even the void around him. Black Wing was shocked by the burst of energy.

Back in Black Water City, he had to face Chu Kuangren’s slash alone and did not have the courage to take it, so he chose to escape.

Now that he was in Black Feather Capital and had the advantage of his own territory, he was still afraid to take Chu Kuangren’s slash.

“Damn it! Retreat!” Black Wing shouted, but it was too late.

The devil soldiers attempted to swarm Chu Kuangren alive. Some of them were even Primordials and Grand Dao Realm elites.

However, Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign in the air. The sharp energy swirled around him, and a dazzling sword qi erupted from the tip of his fingers.

The sword qi contained the purest form of offensive intent. It was as if it was created just to destroy.

It felt like it could even slash time and space, or even the unseen laws. It was terrifying.

The sword qi expanded outward, shredding the incoming devil soldiers into pieces.

Screams and wails echoed endlessly.

Blood started to rain as the devil soldiers were ground to death.

The scent of blood filled the air and stung one’s nose.

Yu Yan and Black Wing might have escaped it in time, but they were still hurt by the sword qi.

One of them lost an arm, and the other lost a wing.

Even the Dao inside them were shaken.

When they saw the dead devil soldiers scattered across the battlefield, the gory scene shocked them.

What kind of sword qi was that?

All it took was a moment to turn the battlefield into purgatory!

The battlefield lunged into silence.

Hei Xuan, Shui Qianliu, and the others swallowed nervously.

It was a shocking scene.

The one who caused the gory scene, Chu Kuangren, remained standing on his spot with a calm look. However, the sword qi at his fingertip remained swirling.

He looked at Black Wing and Yu Yan and said, “The sword qi’s energy is not over yet. Which one of you would like to take it?”

His calm voice sounded like the whispers from death.

Once hit by the sword qi, either of them would die without a doubt.

The two of them started to retreat, their faces full of horror.

Then, two figures fell from the sky.

It was War Horror Archduke and Succubus Archduke. They were heavily injured in the battle with Black Feather Archduke.

An immense aura came from the sky.

Black Feather Archduke, who had gotten used to the Devil King’s body and its power, descended while staring at Chu Kuangren.

“Now, it’s time for you to give me back the Devil’s Pupil.”

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