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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2152 Sturdy Soul Barrier, Darkness Tribe Awakens

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Chapter 2152 Sturdy Soul Barrier, Darkness Tribe Awakens

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Black Feather Archduke revealed his true nature and turned hostile against Chu Kuangren.

As he glared at Chu Kuangren, the black feathers in the area transformed into black edges that flew toward Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign and swung it at the incoming edges, but his sword qi went through the black edges as if they were air.

“Hahah! How ignorant! The Black Feather Edges are formed using soul energy. It only attacks the soul, and normal attacks won’t stop them!”

Black Feather Archduke scoffed.

Then, one of the black edges hit Chu Kuangren.

“This will be the end of the fabled sky-pride,” Black Feather Archduke said.

He assumed that Chu Kuangren was defenseless against his attack.

Just when he was about to continue taking over the Devil King’s body, he heard Chu Kuangren’s voice.

“That’s it?”

A frosty voice sounded behind him.

Black Feather Archduke’s eyes widened in shock. He turned around and saw Chu Kuangren standing there, unscathed.

The Black Feather Edge was ineffective against Chu Kuangren.


Black Feather Archduke refused to believe it.

He then controlled more of the black feathers and attacked Chu Kuangren again.

No matter how many black edges he hurled forward, Chu Kuangren stood still like a rock.

Eventually, he noticed something strange.

“You have the Soul Barrier protecting your soul! Who would have thought you were an expert in soul techniques as well?”

Black Feather Archduke finally realized what was wrong.

He grunted and roared, “If that’s the case, I’ll show you the true power of the Black Feather Divine Spirit Formation!”

He controlled all the black feathers in the formation and transformed all of them into a massive black edge that was swung down at Chu Kuangren.

It might not carry any intense aura that could shatter the sky, but it emanated an indescribable and domineering aura.

That particular attack targeted the soul, and it was difficult to defend against.


The black edge hit Chu Kuangren.

As though a terrible explosion erupted, everyone who witnessed the attack could feel their souls trembling in fear.


Black Feather Archduke roared as he cast the Black Feather Edge.


Everyone heard something break.

“His Soul Barrier! It’s breaking!” War Horror Archduke said with a grim look.

Following that, soul energy started to leak from Chu Kuangren.

It was indeed the Soul Barrier that he built earlier.

“He’s done for!”

“He’s dead!”

War Horror Archduke shook his head.

Yu Yan, on the other hand, wore a vicious grin on his face and shouted, “Die!”

However, what happened next shocked everyone.

Even after the Soul Barrier broke, Chu Kuangren did not die on the spot. Instead, he stood there like nothing had happened.

“What? How is this possible? You have another layer of Soul Barrier?”

Black Feather Archduke was shocked once more.

Nevertheless, he continued to control the remaining Black Feather Edge.

A stronger attack aimed at Chu Kuangren’s soul was hurled at him.

Another layer of Soul Barrier broke, but the Black Feather Edge hit another layer after that. This time, it failed to pierce through the barrier and dissipated before it could do any damage.

Black Feather Archduke was astonished.

“How many layers of Soul Barrier do you have?”

He was confused.

“Why don’t you take a guess?” Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

Inside his mind realm, the Devil King looked at the layers of Soul Barrier and yawned.

There were at least a hundred layers.

“This little one built a fortress around his soul. Black Feather, you’re still not strong enough to break through all these.”

She knew what was happening outside, but she was not worried at all.

It was as though the body was not hers.

Back outside, Black Feather Archduke looked at the unpredictable Chu Kuangren, a little afraid. “Black Wing, Yu Yan, kill him!”

Since his soul technique could not affect Chu Kuangren, he decided to send his men to deal with Chu Kuangren.

He believed that with Yu Yan and Black Wing, plus an army of devils, they would be able to deal with Chu Kuangren.

After he told his men to attack, he turned around and entered the Devil King’s body to gain control of it.

Yu Yan and Black Wing’s combined power was as strong as a Grand Dao Supreme Honorable.

Together with the army of devils, Chu Kuangren swiftly found himself in a dangerous position.

“Chu Kuangren, I don’t care how capable you are. This time, with the Darkness Tribe and devils joining forces to kill you, you’re dead!”

Yu Yan glared at Chu Kuangren.

“The devils and the Darkness Tribe?”

Chu Kuangren laughed when he heard Yu Yan. “What makes you think you can control the entire Darkness Tribe?”

“Hmph! Hei Xuan and the others’ souls have been sealed away by Black Feather Archduke. Now, they’re like puppets, and I’m the puppeteer!”

“Kill him!” Yu Yan roared.

With his order, Hei Xuan, Shui Qianliu, Black Skull, and the others jumped on Chu Kuangren, unleashing their Darkness energy.

“Radiant Three Thousand Worlds!”

Chu Kuangren channeled his Radiant Dao and unleashed his strongest attack.

Both sides were pushed away by the blast.

Then, he revealed a black amulet and tossed it into the air.

The amulet grew in the air and shadowed the sky in the blink of an eye.

On top of that, boundless Darkness energy emanated from it.

It was the Darkness Ruler Amulet!

Although the souls of Hei Xuan and others had been sealed away, with the amulet out, they were affected because of the Darkness energy in them.

However, that was not the end.

With the Darkness Ruler Amulet above him, Chu Kuangren unleashed a dense Darkness energy. It was as if he had become the Dark Demonic Ruler.


He pointed his sword hand sign forward, and his soul energy erupted. With the Darkness Ruler Amulet as a medium, the blast attacked the seals that captured the souls of the Darkness Tribe.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Following a series of explosions, Hei Xuan, Black Skull, Shui Qianliu, and the others gradually regained their consciousness and control of their bodies.

Yu Yan was shocked. “What? How?”

“The Darkness Tribe was founded by the Dark Demonic Ruler, and your powers originated from him. Do you really think Black Feather Archduke, who isn’t a Monarch, can control the entire Darkness Tribe?” Chu Kuangren said coldly.

If the Dark Demonic Ruler was gone for good, Black Feather Archduke might truly be able to control the entire Darkness Tribe. However, as long as the Dark Demonic Ruler lived, the archduke would never be able to control the tribe.

The Darkness Ruler Amulet allowed Chu Kuangren to cast the Dark Demonic Ruler’s abilities to a certain extent and affect the Darkness Tribe.

With Lil Ai’s assistant and the Darkness Ruler Amulet as a medium, it was possible for him to break the soul seals that Black Feather Archduke had cast on them.

“Yu Yan! You b*stard! You shameless betrayer!”

Hei Xuan roared at Yu Yan as soon as he regained consciousness. He even transformed into a giant black dragon and rushed forward.

Yu Yan gathered himself and blasted Hei Xuan away with a palm strike. Then, he glared at Chu Kuangren, “You little b*stard!”

Before he could attack, Black Skull, Ghost Shadow, Shui Qianliu, and the others attacked him first.

Although their souls were sealed away, they were aware of what was happening around them.

Compared to the Child of Light, their biggest enemy would be Yu Yan, the betrayer who tried to control them.

With that, the Darkness Tribe fought the devils.

The encirclement of Chu Kuangren somehow became a fight between the Darkness Tribe and the devils. In addition to the devil soldiers that War Horror Archduke brought, Black Feather Archduke quickly fell to a disadvantage.

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