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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2151 Devil King Slumbers Again, Black Feather Archduke's Trap

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Chapter 2151 Devil King Slumbers Again, Black Feather Archduke's Trap

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Similar to the Honorable Heart, which belonged to a Grand Dao Supreme Honorable, a Monarch-class Transcendentalist had something called the Monarch Heart as well.

It was the essence of their insights and understanding of the Great Dao.

Once refined, one would be able to receive the Monarch’s insights of the Great Dao.

The Devil King was considered one of the strongest Monarchs, so even other Monarchs would be tempted by her Monarch Heart.

The appearance of the Monarch Heart aroused the greed in the archdukes. Their Devil energy grew restless as they stared at the heart greedily.

Chu Kuangren watched their reaction from the side.

Not one of the archdukes was loyal to the Devil King.

They were all betrayers.

Chu Kuangren could not help but shake his head.

Before anyone could do anything, the Monarch Heart gushed into the Devil King’s reconstructed body.

Following a blast of Devil energy bursting out, the body opened its right eye.

A grim violet glow flashed in the eye.

The Devil King rose to the air with her hair dancing with the wind. She scanned over everyone with her right eye. A strong dignity could be felt with just a glance.

“My subjects, your King has returned!”

One sentence was all it took for all the devils to kneel on the ground, including the three archdukes.

“Welcome back, my King!”

“Welcome back, my King!”

The Devil King looked at Chu Kuangren with an alluring smile. “Little one, are you going to give me back my left eye, or are you going to make me take it from you?”

Chu Kuangren shrugged. “I think you should be worried about yourself rather than me.”

As soon as he said that, the Devil King’s expression changed.

Then, the altar around her started to glow.

The glow brightened and shot black chains out at her, constricting her completely.

Her expression turned grim.

“Is this… the Spirit Lock Formation? You betrayed me!” the Devil King roared as she glared at the three archdukes.

Black Feather Archduke got up to his feet and looked eagerly at the Devil King. “My King, you can’t blame me. Your powers are too tempting. I have to do this to get your powers.”

“Hmph. Do you really think a Spirit Lock Formation can hold me down?”

The Devil King wanted to use her power, but she realized a strange power inside her body was suppressing her soul.

“My soul energy… What did you do to my soul?”

“My King, your soul was fragmented together with your body. If you were in your prime, no matter how good I am with the soul technique, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to you. However, when I collected your body parts, I added seals to all of them.

“Now, there is no way your soul energy could recover. In addition to the Spirit Lock Formation, your soul will have to go into slumber again!”

Black Feather Archduke laughed out loud.

The chains from the altar tightened and constricted the Devil King’s soul even more.

The Devil King, who had just recovered, was forced to enter a slumber again.

Black Feather Archduke then stepped up to the altar and performed a set of mystical hand seals before his soul left his body.

His soul was about to enter the Devil King’s body and gain control of the power when War Horror Archduke made his move.

“Black Feather Archduke, handover the King’s Monarch Heart first,” he said.

Based on the deal he made with Black Feather Archduke, once they succeeded, he would get the Monarch Heart and the Black Feather Archduke could have the body.

Now that the body was in Black Feather Archduke’s possession, he wanted to take the Monarch Heart for himself.

“The Monarch Heart? Stop dreaming!” Black Feather Archduke said.

He raised his hand, channeling his Devil energy. Black feathers emerged from the void and shrouded the entire area.

Countless mystical runes blanketed the place.

Following that, a domineering aura that struck one’s soul erupted.

War Horror Archduke and his men felt immense pressure pressing on them as though mountains had fallen on their shoulders. It made it difficult for them to channel their energy.

“Black Feather Archduke, are you betraying me too?”

War Horror Archduke was furious.

“I’m taking all of them, be it the King’s body and the Monarch Heart. War Horror Archduke, you were just a pawn to me!” Black Feather Archduke scoffed.

“I will kill you!”

War Horror Archduke attacked, but then someone else stepped in front of him — it was Yu Yan.

He punched forward, unleashing the combination of Devil energy and Darkness energy that blasted a powerful energy wave at War Horror Archduke, pushing him back.

“This is bad. These black feathers are restricting my powers.”

War Horror Archduke looked at the black feathers in the area. On top of that, a boundary of more than ten thousand kilometers was enshrouding them within.

It was a powerful formation.

“Not only our powers but our souls have been suppressed as well,” Succubus Archduke said coldly.

Black Feather Archduke’s men came from all directions and surrounded the other two archdukes.

“Succubus Archduke, why did you come alone? Where are your men?”

War Horror Archduke voiced his grumbles at Succubus Archduke.

With their strength restricted, they were already in a disadvantageous position. Yet now, because Succubus Archduke did not bring her soldiers with her, they had no reinforcements.

War Horror Archduke’s men were not enough to counter Black Feather Archduke’s men.

“How would I know that you two were planning this to steal the King’s power? You b*stards!” Succubus Archdukes scoffed.

“Whatever. Let’s just get out of this place first,” War Horror Archduke said.

“No one shall leave,” the winged-man in black armor said coldly.

Beside him, Yu Yan and the lifeless puppets from the Darkness Tribe stepped up to surround them.

Then, he looked at Chu Kuangren coldly. “Chu Kuangren, it’s time for you to pay for killing my son!”

His figure flashed as he jumped on Chu Kuangren.

He threw a palm strike forward, unleashing domineering Darkness Devil energy at Chu Kuangren.

It was crashing down on Chu Kuangren like a tidal wave.

Chu Kuangren chuckled and pointed his sword hand sign in the air. Then, sharp Primordial energy blasted out.


The sword qi clashed with the Darkness Devil energy, and it managed to push Yu Yan away.

He looked at Chu Kuangren in disbelief. “What? How?”

Even Black Feather Archduke was surprised.

“What? Aren’t you affected by my Black Feather Divine Spirit Formation?”

The Black Feather Divine Spirit Formation was Black Feather Archduke’s most powerful formation. Since the formation was fused with his Great Dao, anyone below a Monarch class would be suppressed, including War Horror Archduke and Succubus Archduke.

However, Chu Kuangren was not affected.

“Hahaha! Black Feather Archduke, you have really put on a great show.”

Chu Kuangren looked at Black Feather Archduke with his left eye glowing violet.

Black Feather Archduke sensed chills running down his spine.

Then, he grunted and said, “Stop bluffing, Chu Kuangren. You’re not the King’s vessel. If it weren’t to appease you, War Horror Archduke and I wouldn’t have played along. But as things stand, even if you are the Child of Light, you won’t be able to escape!”

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