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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2150 Succubus Archduke, Three Archdukes Arrives, Yu Yan Kneels

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Chapter 2150 Succubus Archduke, Three Archdukes Arrives, Yu Yan Kneels

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Black Feather Archduke and his men were waiting for Chu Kuangren’s arrival.

Suddenly, black flower petals appeared from the void, scattering across the air as it emanated a unique aroma.

A figure emerged from the flower petals further away.

The figure looked voluptuous, beautiful, and attractive. Each move she made was seductive and alluring.

Many devils were aroused when they saw the person. Some even started breathing heavily.


The Black Feather Archduke grunted coldly.

A frosty aura erupted, pulling the devils back to reality. The devils looked down out of guilt and dared not lay an eye on the alluring figure anymore.

Even Yu Yan could barely hold himself together. He, too, was almost enchanted by the woman’s charms.

“Succubus Archduke, it has been so many years, and you’re still so slutty,” the Black Feather Archduke said to the person.

The person was, in fact, the Succubus Archduke.

“Haha, Black Feather Archduke, it’s been a long time. I see you’re still holding up fine.” The Succubus Archduke smiled at the Black Feather Archduke.

With a raised hand, she transformed the flower petals into a beautiful throne and sat down in the air, peering down at the others.

“Isn’t the War Horror Archduke here yet?”

“I’m honored that you remember me.”

Then, laughter came from further away.

A black warship arrived from the sky. On deck were the War Horror Archduke, Chu Kuangren, and a bunch of devil soldiers.

Yu Yan’s eyes widened when he saw Chu Kuangren. “Why is he here? What’s going on?”

The Black Feather Archduke glanced at him and said, “Calm down.”

Yu Yan forced himself to calm down and decided to observe the situation first.

“Chu Kuangren…”

Black Feather Archduke looked at Chu Kuangren with a strange gaze.

“Let me introduce you. This is the King,” War Horror Archduke said as he pointed at Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren played along and showed off the wicked violet glow from his right eye. The Devil aura in him erupted immediately.

All the devils on the scene felt some sort of suppression in their soul and blood. They were frightened to the core.

“This is the King’s power!”

“Is he the King’s vessel?”

Succubus Archduke bolted up from her throne and knelt before Chu Kuangren. “My King.”

The Black Feather Archduke narrowed his eyes. Instead of kneeling immediately, he simply cupped his fists with a smile.

“I’m glad you’ve returned, my King.”

Yu Yan was stunned when he heard the Black Feather Archduke.

Chu Kuangren was the Devil King?

What a joke!

He had the Darkness Ruler Amulet, so it made him the representative of the Dark Demonic Ruler.

He was the Radiant Goddess’ favorite because he was the Child of Light.

Now, with that strange energy, he was the Devil King.

How many identities did he have?

Yu Yan could not wrap his head around the situation.

When Chu Kuangren saw Yu Yan and the lifeless Darkness Tribe behind him, he said, ” Yu Yan, I didn’t expect you to betray the Darkness Tribe and join hands with the Devils.”

“The Dark Demonic Ruler is missing. I have to find myself a stronger support. As for you, who exactly are you?”

Yu Yan looked at Chu Kuangren with a solemn look.

“Audacious! How dare you question the King!?”

The Succubus Archduke got up and glared at Yu Yan. Her charms were replaced by a frosty aura.

The aura of a Pseudo-Monarch frightened Yu Yan.

“Succubus Archduke, calm down.”

The Black Feather Archduke intervened. He glanced at Yu Yan and said, “Yu Yan, you’re now one of us, yet you question the King? Kneel and apologize!”

Yu Yan stared at Chu Kuangren, wondering. Then, he took another look at Succubus Archduke, who stared at him coldly, and at Black Feather Archduke, who kept signaling him to play along.

In the end, he surrendered and knelt before Chu Kuangren.

He was drowning in grievance when his knees hit the ground.

Chu Kuangren killed his son in the past, and now he had to kneel before the killer.

How did it end up like that?

Unfortunately, he was not strong enough to alter the circumstances, so he decided to compromise.

“Please forgive my insubordination.”

“Hmph. On your feet,” Chu Kuangren said.

“Black Feather, what’s with this Darkness Tribe?”

“My King, he’s a new recruit.”

“Not bad.”

“You flatter me, my King. My men are your men too,” the Black Feather Archduke said with a smile.

Then, he continued, “My King, since you’re here, let us help you regain your body and power.”

He then tapped his hand on the ground.

The ground cracked, and a massive altar appeared from underground.

The altar was pitch-black but carved with countless runes.

“Alright. Archdukes, let’s bring out the body parts we’ve collected and bring our King back.”

The Black Feather Archduke waved his sleeves, and black light shone on the altar.

The light then transformed into multiple body parts.

In the meantime, the other two archdukes revealed the body parts they collected as well.

After a while, the head, hands, legs, heart, and all kinds of internal organs appeared on the altar. It looked like someone had been dismembered alive.

“My King, all that’s left is for you to add your part onto your body, and you can come back,” Black Feather Archduke said as he looked at Chu Kuangren.

Succubus Archduke and War Horror Archduke looked at him as well.

However, Chu Kuangren said calmly, “No rush. I’m not strong enough now. Why don’t you three help me combine the body parts.”


War Horror Archduke and Black Feather Archduke exchanged a quick glance.

They both saw hesitation and reluctance in each other’s eyes.

“If that’s the case, very well,” Black Feather Archduke said.

The three archdukes then joined hands and infused Devil energy into the black altar.

Chu Kuangren used the chance to size up the Darkness Tribe and used Lil Ai to scan them.

“Master, their souls are trapped, making them as dull as a puppet,” Lil Ai said.

“Their souls are trapped? It seems like Black Feather Archduke has quite the technique.”

Chu Kuangren thought of what Heavenly Shadow said earlier.

Maybe Black Feather Archduke was the mastermind behind the entire plan, not just the War Horror Archduke.

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes. “Is there any way to wake them up?”

“Yes, but we must use the Dark Ruler Amulet.”

“Tell me how.”

Chu Kuangren received the information from Lil Ai in his mind.

Meanwhile, the body parts of the Devil King were being pieced together one by one on the altar.

Soon, a perfect body was formed.

The woman on the altar had black wings and black robes and looked amazingly beautiful.

She had long black hair and looked even more alluring than the Succubus Archduke. Not only was she seductive, but she carried a sense of dignity as well.

She looked exactly like the Devil King that Chu Kuangren had sealed in his mind realm.

Although it was just her body, the Devil energy it released was a few thousand times stronger than the Devil’s Pupil he possessed.

That would be the real Devil King.

Suddenly, the Devil energy on the Devil King’s body grew restless. A terrifying Great Dao energy erupted and transformed into a ball of black light.

The light swirled along with the runes around it, looking magical.

“It’s the Monarch Heart!”

The three archdukes failed to control their desires when they saw the heart.

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