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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2149 Heavenly Shadow's Talk, Tri-Archduke Banquet Begins, Heading To Black Feather Capital

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Chapter 2149 Heavenly Shadow's Talk, Tri-Archduke Banquet Begins, Heading To Black Feather Capital

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After reuniting with Heavenly Shadow, Chu Kuangren sensed that the Heavenly Shadow’s cultivation level had reached the Grand Dao Realm.

That explained why his name was not on the Primordial Leaderboard.

“Have a seat.”

Heavenly Shadow sat opposite Chu Kuangren.

“You hid your presence because you’re afraid that the War Horror Archduke will notice you? Why? Tell me what’s going on,” Chu Kuangren asked.

“Master, the War Horror Archduke is going to harm you,” Heavenly Shadow said with a serious look.


“May the Devil ask, have you gotten a part of the Devil King’s power?” Heavenly Shadow asked after glancing at Chu Kuangren’s eyes.

“Yeah. Are you not afraid that I’m the Devil King’s vessel?”

“Devil can sense that Master is still Master,” Heavenly Shadow said with a smile.

He had followed Chu Kuangren for a while now, so he knew Chu Kuangren’s capabilities. It was impossible that he would succumb and be a vessel for the Devil King.

Besides, as a follower that Chu Kuangren got from the Fantasy Roulette, Heavenly Shadow shared a link with him, and it remained until now.

It was proof that Chu Kuangren was still himself.

“Hehe. Go on.”

“Legend has it that in the past, when the Devil King broke through to the Overlord Realm, something went wrong, and her body was separated, scattering to different places. The three archdukes have been searching for the Devil King’s body parts for many years.

“They want to piece the body together and bring her back. However, the War Horror Archduke has an alternate motive. He has used some kind of technique to seal off the Devil King’s consciousness in her respective body parts. So, when they piece the body together, he can steal the power.

“Master, now that you have a part of the Devil King’s power, Devil believes that the War Horror Archduke is trying to play along and find a chance to hurt you…” Heavenly Shadow explained with a solemn look.

Chu Kuangren remained calm after hearing Heavenly Shadow. He was not overly concerned. He said, “How did you get to know all these?”

“Master, here…”

Heavenly Shadow revealed a black longsword. The sword glowed in violet and emanated an ominous presence.

When the sword was revealed, Chu Kuangren’s left eye felt hot. The Devil’s Pupil was reacting to the sword’s energy.

“This is the Devil Edge, the weapon that the Devil King used back in the day. It can absorb Devil energy to power itself up. The War Horror Archduke got it, but he didn’t know that a blade spirit was hidden in the sword. The blade spirit was actually the Devil King’s most loyal subordinate in the past. She knew what the War Horror Archduke did and tried everything to escape…”

After the Devil Edge escaped, it was hunted by the archduke.

It was later that the Heavenly Shadow acquired the Devil Edge by accident and learned the truth.

Besides, Heavenly Shadow had the purest blood of the Devil, so he could use a portion of the Devil Edge’s power, which made him a target for the War Horror Archduke.

It was the reason why Heavenly Shadow had been hiding.

“I see.”

Chu Kuangren held the Devil Edge and stroked its blade.

The blade vibrated and resonated with the Devil King’s power in his body.

Absorb Devil energy to power up?

Chu Kuangren’s eyes narrowed, and he pondered.

“Heavenly Shadow, stay low and stay beside me. As for the archduke, we’ll play their game,” Chu Kuangren said with a grin.

Then, he returned to the archduke’s residence.

A while later, the War Horror Archduke visited.

“King, we have collected all your body parts, and I have contacted Black Feather Archduke and Succubus Archduke to organize the Tri-Archduke Banquet. It will be held in Black Feather Capital,” said the Archduke respectfully.

Black Feather Capital was Black Feather Archduke’s home base.

Chu Kuangren’s eyes glimmered.

The Tri-Archduke Banquet…

In other words, it was time to steal the Devil King’s power.

Chu Kuangren smiled. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

“Yes, my King.”

The War Horror Archduke secretly grinned.

First place on the Primordial Leaderboard?

What a joke. Chu Kuangren was nothing but a punk.

He pretended to be the Devil King and tried to steal the power for himself, yet he had no idea he was stepping into Black Feather Archduke’s trap.

Whatever. His days were limited, so why not play along and see it to the end?

If not for Chu Kuangren’s identity as the Child of Light, War Horror Archduke would have taken the easier path and wiped him out.

Chu Kuangren and the War Horror Archduke headed to the Black Feather Capital.

The so-called Tri-Archduke Banquet was actually a meeting over a meal, attended by all three archdukes to discuss the future and the development of the Devil Tribe.

However, the Tri-Archduke Banquet in recent years revolved around the Devil King’s body, and it was no different this time.

If everything progressed smoothly, this would be the last banquet.

On the way to the Black Feather Capital, Chu Kuangren continued his cultivation while leaving traces behind for Heavenly Shadow to follow.

“Congratulations, Host! You’ve won the Transcendent-tier prize, Honorable Heart!”

Before arriving at Black Feather Capital, Chu Kuangren got another Transcendent-tier prize, which was surprising.

He had only gotten the Soul Barrier recently, and now he received another one.

“It seems like I’m getting luckier,” he muttered.

He looked at the Honorable Heart’s introduction.

In simple words, it was the inheritance of a Grand Dao Supreme Honorable.

Once he completely refined the Honorable Heart, he would be able to ascend directly to the Grand Dao Supreme Honorable Realm. However, he had no plans of doing that.

The Dao contained in the Honorable Heart did not match his own, and he had his own Dao to cultivate.

Cultivating the Honorable Heart would be equal to giving up his current Dao.

However, the Honorable Heart was somewhat useful as well.

Other than refining it, it could be used as a supplement to boost his strength rapidly within a short time.

It was a complete waste of its potential because it would mean giving up the chance of becoming a Grand Dao Supreme Honorable.

However, to Chu Kuangren, using it to boost his own strength without compromising his own Dao would be the better choice.

Time flew.

Chu Kuangren and the War Horror Archduke took multiple transportation devices from the War Horror Capital to the Black Feather Capital. They even took ships and different methods of transportation in the process.

The two capitals were extremely far from each other. It took them a year to reach the destination.

It also proved how large the Devil Territory was.

No one could guarantee that the three archdukes were the strongest devils in that spacious and wide land.

It was also one of the reasons why the Radiant Goddess feared the Devil Tribe.

Inside Black Feather Capital, Black Feather Archduke and his men were waiting for the arrival of the two other archdukes.

Other than that, the Darkness Tribe led by Yu Yan was also there.

However, other than Yu Yan, everyone in the tribe looked dull and lifeless, as if they were puppets.

Yu Yan had undergone a drastic change as well. Other than the Darkness energy he wielded, he had a pair of black wings on his back.

He looked exactly like a devil now.

He already possessed the Darkness energy, and after combining it with the Devil energy, his power surged.

He stood before the Darkness Tribe, proud and strong.

“Even if I’m not as strong as the Dark Demonic Ruler, I have control of the entire Darkness Tribe. In terms of authority, I’m as good as him,” Yu Yan muttered to himself, seemingly happy with the outcome.

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