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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2154 Using The Honorable Heart, Devil Edge In Hand

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Chapter 2154 Using The Honorable Heart, Devil Edge In Hand

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“Now, it’s time for you to hand over the Devil’s Pupil,” Black Feather Archduke said to Chu Kuangren.

Before this, he had to play along with War Horror Archduke to deceive Chu Kuangren. However, after he successfully occupied the Devil King’s body, his confidence rose.

He no longer feared Chu Kuangren’s identity as the Child of Light.

He raised his hand, and the Devil energy transformed into a black palm crashing down on Chu Kuangren.

The remaining sword qi at Chu Kuangren’s fingertip was shot at the palm.


The sword qi shredded the void and collided with the black palm.

Upon collision, the void started to crack like a broken mirror.

Chu Kuangren was blasted back more than a hundred meters.

The palm that Black Feather Archduke cast shattered as well, but he was unscathed. He stood in the air with Devil energy swirling around him.

It was terrifying.

Now that he had gotten control of the Devil King’s body, he could freely use its terrifying power. He was much more terrifying than the combined power of the three archdukes and was infinitely closer to the Monarch than ever.

In fact, other than his mastery of the Dao, he could be considered a Monarch already.

Anyone below the Monarch class would not be able to resist his powers.

“Chu Kuangren, stop resisting.”

Black Feather Archduke snapped his finger, shooting a streak of Devil energy at Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren tossed a pearl out in retaliation.

It was the Celestial Dzi Bead, a Hongmeng Supreme Treasure.

The pearl exploded, and its powerful blast mitigated the incoming shot.

“Oh? Hongmeng Supreme Treasure?”

Black Feather Archduke was rather surprised. However, he flapped his wings and unleashed a gust of wind to block the incoming Celestial Dzi Bead.

“Too bad. Even with the Hongmeng Supreme Treasure, you’re no match for me.”

He punched forward.

The fair and slender fist unleashed a terrifying power that could shake the earth. It felt like it could destroy an entire galaxy.

The Celestial Dzi Bead was also punched away.

Unexpectedly, Chu Kuangren’s figure flashed and disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he stood before Black Feather Archduke and slashed the Descendant Self Sword forward.

With a slash, the sword qi cut even the void.

The boundless sharp energy could cut everything in existence.

The attack was a combination of a Hongmeng Supreme Treasure and a Hongmeng-level technique, the Heaven-Slaying Sword Drawing Technique. It contained unrivaled power and could threaten even the Supreme Honorable Grand Dao.

However, Black Feather Archduke grunted coldly and caught the Descendant Self’s blade with his bare hand.

When his hand and the blade clashed, a loud clunk sounded. The domineering Devil energy easily stopped the sharp energy of the blade.

“Chu Kuangren, the power of the Devil King is not something you can fight,” Black Feather Archduke scoffed.

Then, a burst of vitality qi energy erupted from Chu Kuangren’s body. His body was steaming.

His power surged to a new height.


The sheer force pushed Black Feather Archduke back.

He frowned, and his expression turned grim. “How dare a mere Primordial oppose me? You’re dead!”

Devil energy erupted.

Chu Kuangren, too, was hit and pushed back.

“Chu Kuangren, have a taste of the power of the Devil King!”

Black Feather Archduke’s voice echoed across the sky.

The aura of the Devil King blanketed the battlefield. Dark clouds formed and shadowed the entire sky.

Everyone trembled under the pressure, feeling mortified.

“It’s so powerful!”

“This is the King’s power!”

“No, this is just the Devil energy from the King’s body. It’s not the King’s true power, but it’s terrifying enough.”

Everyone was shocked and frightened.

Hei Xuan and the others looked at Black Feather Archduke solemnly.

It made them feel like they were facing the Dark Demonic Ruler.

Yu Yan, on the other hand, was thrilled.

“Such power is worthy of my loyalty. If I continue to follow him, even if the Dark Demonic Ruler is alive, he won’t be able to threaten me anymore!” Yu Yan thought to himself.

He had a feeling that his future would be bright.

“You’re dead this time!”

Yu Yan glared at Chu Kuangren viciously.

He wanted to see the helplessness and fear on Chu Kuangren’s face, but unfortunately, all he got was a calm and unfazed look.

It irritated him.

How could Chu Kuangren remain calm and confident before Black Feather Archduke?

Did he know no fear?

Or did he have more trump cards hidden under his sleeves?

At that thought, a realization struck Yu Yan, and his heart pounded wildly.

The same thing happened in Black Flame City. He thought he had it in the bag, yet he was defeated and lost the Doomsday Darkness.

“No. This is much more dangerous than Black Flame City. There’s no way he could make a comeback,” Yu Yan roared.

Then, his eyes widened when he saw Chu Kuangren reveal a certain item in his hand.

The item contained mysterious energy, and it captivated everyone’s attention.

“That’s an Honorable Heart!”

Those who recognized the item were in awe.

The Honorable Heart, similar to the Monarch Heart, contained the essence and the insights of elites. It was considered extremely rare.

The Honorable Heart might not be as good as the Monarch Heart, but it was also a rare item.

Its appearance would cause a storm in the cultivation world.

“Hmph. Are you going to offer that to me so that I will spare your life?” Black Feather Archduke said with a scoff.

The Honorable Heart was a precious item to almost everyone but not to the current Black Feather Archduke.

He had control over the Devil King’s body, which had a Monarch Heart that was much more precious than the Honorable Heart.

Once refined, he would be the true Devil King.

“Hmph. I’m not going to offer it, but I’m going to draw some power from it,” Chu Kuangren said.

Then, he crushed the Honorable Heart with his hand.


A vast amount of Honorable energy erupted when he crushed it, and he absorbed all the energy into his body.

In an instant, his aura skyrocketed.

The scene shocked everyone.

“That’s how he’s using it?”

“What a waste! If it’s refined, there will be a new Supreme Honorable in this world.”

Everyone was stunned by Chu Kuangren’s action. They did not know whether to laugh at him or be impressed by his boldness.

Chu Kuangren, however, did not care. With the buff from the Honorable Heart, his cultivation level temporarily surged to the Grand Dao Realm.

From Life Mastery to the Supreme Spirit, Supreme God, and ultimately, the Supreme Honorable Grand Dao Realm.

He used the Honorable Heart to boost his strength to the Grand Dao Supreme Honorable Realm. Its terrifying power threatened even Black Feather Archduke.

“Saber, on me!” Chu Kuangren shouted.

A strong whirring could be heard from further away. A streak of black light pierced the boundary and flew toward Chu Kuangren.

It was a pitch-black saber with rage qi flowing around it.

The black glimmer from the blade felt like black holes that could devour all things in existence.

When the three archdukes saw the saber, their expressions changed.

“That’s the Devil Edge!”

“It’s the King’s weapon! How did he get it?”

The devils dared not believe their eyes.

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