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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2155 Fight the Devil Archduke, I'm Not the Only One You've Underestimated

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Chapter 2155 Fight the Devil Archduke, I'm Not the Only One You've Underestimated

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Chu Kuangren absorbed the Honorable Heart and forcefully raised his cultivation level to the Grand Dao Supreme Honorable Realm.

As he raised his hand, he summoned the Devil Edge.

The devils could not believe what he just did, especially when he wielded the Devil Edge in his hand.

It instilled fear in the devils.

After all, the Devil Edge belonged to the Devil King.

Back then, the Devil King used the Devil Edge to conquer the entire Devil Tribe. It was said that it could kill even a Monarch-class elite.

Hence, the devils knew how important the saber was.

“What’s going on? Is he really not the King?”

“If he’s not the King, how could he wield the Devil Edge? What is going on? How did he get it?”

The devil soldiers were in chaos.

Even Black Feather Archduke was stunned.

War Horror Archduke immediately thought of something and started to look around.

Then, he spotted a figure standing on a mountain further away.

It was Heavenly Shadow.

“It’s him!”

War Horror Archduke’s eyes narrowed. He knew Heavenly Shadow snatched the Devil Edge, but why would he give it to Chu Kuangren?

He could not figure out the relationship between the two.

However, Chu Kuangren did not have many concerns. With the Devil Edge in his hand, the Grand Dao energy fluctuation exploded and swept across the battlefield.

His left eye started to glow in violet.

With the Devil’s Pupil activated, the Devil Edge suddenly buzzed as if it sensed something inside him.

It was resonating with Chu Kuangren, and his eyes glimmered.

Since the Devil Edge willingly accepted him as its wielder, it saved him the trouble.

As his figure flashed, he jumped toward Black Feather Archduke.

He slashed forward using the Devil Edge, drawing a black streak of saber ray in the air. Its ray was as dark as the black hole, and it felt like it had absorbed all light around it.

“Black Feather Sword!”

On the other hand, Black Feather Archduke raised his hand, gathering thousands of black feathers to form a black longsword. The blade was carved with countless patterns of a feather.


The sword and saber clashed.

A powerful blast of energy was released, and it tore the void apart.

Both of them were pushed back.

Black Feather Archduke was mortified as he looked at Chu Kuangren with astonishment.

“How has your power risen to such a level? It seems like I have underestimated you.”

“Hmph. I’m not the only one you’ve underestimated.”

Chu Kuangren chuckled as he spoke with another behind.

Black Feather Archduke frowned. He had no idea what Chu Kuangren was referring to, but he continued his relentless attack on Chu Kuangren.

As Black Feather Archduke possessed the Devil King’s body, he could unleash power beyond imagination. Each move he made could destroy universes.

If he had more time to master the body and refine the Monarch Heart, he would truly be the new Devil King.

It was also one of the reasons why he had the audacity to fight Chu Kuangren as the Child of Light.

He believed the Radiant Goddess would not go to war against the Devil Tribe and fight him, a future Monarch.


Black Feather Archduke slashed his sword forward. Its sword qi tore the space apart.

Chu Kuangren took the slash without flinching.

When the Devil energy clashed with his Dao’s energy, the blast destroyed everything within tens of thousands of kilometers.

A massive crater appeared on the ground, and that was not the end.

“Black Feather Devouring!”

Black Feather Archduke raised his sword high, and black light started to swirl around the blade.

A black sword ray shot forward, leaving a trail of black feathers in its wake as it flew forward with indomitable power.

Chu Kuangren’s eyes narrowed. Instead of stepping away, he decided to take the incoming sword ray head-on.

The Devil Edge slightly turned, and the Great Dao energy in his body erupted.

“Three Thousand Grand Worlds!”

As the blade turned, his Great Dao energy was blasted forward, containing the power of three thousand Daos.

One Dao represented one world.

With three thousand Daos, it was like blasting three thousand worlds forward. The moment the attack was unleashed, heaven and earth shook, and all lives were in awe.

The clash between the sword ray and saber ray plunged the realm into utter chaos.

Those at the scene, witnessing the battle, were caught by the energy storm and blasted away like ragdolls.

“It’s so powerful!”

“This is ridiculous!”

“So, is this the battle between two Monarchs?”

War Horror Archduke, Succubus Archduke, and the others retreated immediately.

Then, they looked at the clash with mixed feelings.

“He has grown to such a terrifying level.”

Hei Xuan looked at the epicenter in awe.

When they first met, Chu Kuangren was no match for him.

Now, he could fight Black Feather Archduke to that extent.

To call his growth rate ridiculous was an understatement.

“It’s almost time.”

Succubus Archduke stared at the epicenter with narrowed eyes.

Her beautiful face showed a subtle yet meaningful grin.

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren continued to fight Black Feather Archduke.

Each time their Great Dao clashed, the energy blast was as powerful as the Big Bang. The fight gradually destroyed the space around the Great Hongmeng Universe.


After multiple clashes, one of them was blasted away.

It was Chu Kuangren.

He was sent flying away by Black Feather Archduke’s slash.

Although he was unscathed, it was frightening to look at, especially for Hei Xuan and the others.

They were anxious.

They were rooting for Chu Kuangren instead of Black Feather Archduke.

“Chu Kuangren, you’re still no match against me.”

Black Feather Archduke stood in the air.

His boundless Devil energy filled the area as he stared at Chu Kuangren coldly.

“Even if you used the Honorable Heart and wielded the Devil Edge, nothing will change. The power of the Devil King isn’t something you can compete with.”

The Devil King was an ancient being.

She rose to power many eras ago, and the horror of her power was not something a common Monarch could rival.

“I will end you with this!” Black Feather Archduke said as he rose higher into the sky.

As he opened his wings, Devil energy swirled, and countless ancient runes appeared on his wings. It also emanated a terrifying aura.

The aura alone caused the void to collapse.

“Black Feather Archduke is going to win this fight.” War Horror Archduke chuckled bitterly.

He had expected that outcome since the start.

After all, he knew how terrifying the Devil King’s power was.

Even though Black Feather Archduke had only taken over the Devil King’s body, the power he could wield was already terrifying.

While everyone assumed Chu Kuangren would fall, Black Feather Archduke, who was preparing for his final strike, reacted strangely.

The Devil energy in his body somehow got stuck, and he could not use it anymore.

“W-What is going on?”

Black Feather Archduke panicked. Subsequently, his wings retracted, and the runes disappeared. Even his energy depleted rapidly.

He spat out a mouthful of blood. Other than Devil energy, he spat a strange cloud of violet smoke from his mouth.

“This is… poison?”

Black Feather Archduke widened his eyes in shock.

Since when was he poisoned?

“I said, I’m not the only one you’ve underestimated.”

Chu Kuangren chuckled.

He was not surprised by the scene at all.

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