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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2156 The Ambitious Succubus Archduke, Stealing the Devil Energy

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Chapter 2156 The Ambitious Succubus Archduke, Stealing the Devil Energy

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“As I said, I’m not the only one you’ve underestimated here.”

Upon hearing Chu Kuangren’s words, Black Feather Archduke’s gaze immediately landed on Succubus Archduke. “It’s you. You’re the one who’s responsible for this poison!”

Among the three Devil Archdukes, Succubus Archduke was the one who specialized in the use of poison.

A seductive smile appeared on Succubus Archduke’s face. “Yup, that’s right. I’m the one who poisoned you. What do you think? This Devilish Chaos Technique of mine is not bad, right?”

“When did you do this?”

“Before I arrived.”

“It’s our King’s body! You’ve poisoned our King’s body!”

Black Feather Archduke was confident that there was no way Succubus Archduke would poison him without him noticing. The only possibility was that she had poisoned the Devil King’s body before arriving, which meant that she was on to him from the start.

‘No, that’s not right. Does she plan to scheme against our King?’

“Stop overthinking. I wouldn’t dare to poison our King even if I had ten lives. It’s all because I knew you were planning to take over the King’s body that I poisoned it. All that’s left after that is to wait for you to take the bait patiently.”

Succubus Archduke chuckled when she guessed what Black Feather Archduke was thinking.

However, there was one thing Black Feather Archduke still could not understand.

How did she know about their plans? Besides himself and War Horror Archduke, only a few of his close subordinates knew of it, so how did Succubus Archduke find out?

Suddenly, Black Feather Archduke saw his close subordinate, the black-winged man, slowly walking to Succubus Archduke’s side. The man said coldly. “My apologies, Black Feather Archduke. I’ve always been on Succubus Archduke’s side.”


Black Feather Archduke’s expression was grim.

At that moment, battle cries sounded outside Black Feather City.

An overwhelming wave of Devil qi surged forward, causing the surroundings to quake.

At a closer look, these were all succubi and incubi.

It meant they were Succubus Archduke’s troops!

She did not come alone to this banquet after all. As a matter of fact, she was the one who brought the most troops instead. The might of her troops was almost comparable to all of Black Feather City’s forces.

War Horror Archduke looked at Succubus Archduke and could feel a chill run down his spine.

They had never taken her seriously, so they had never thought that the woman had been scheming behind their backs all along!

“Black Feather Archduke, although you have taken over our King’s body, you can never be like her. And now that you’ve been struck with my Devilish Chaos Technique, your Devil energy is suppressed too. I can’t wait to see how you’re going to deal with my huge army!”

“From this day onward, the Three Archdukes will cease to exist in the Demon Territory!”

“Only I, Succubus Archduke, will live!”

A fervent look filled Succubus Archduke’s face.

‘She’s actually seeking to proclaim herself as King.’

Chu Kuangren could not help but exclaim in amazement as he watched from the sidelines.

‘None of these three archdukes are good.’

‘War Horror Archduke and Black Feather Archduke have placed a seal on the Devil King’s body, while Succubus Archduke has poisoned it. All of them are just busy scheming against each other.’

‘Poor Devil King.’

‘No one truly wanted to revive her.’

“Tsk, you’re quite a failure as a Devil King, huh?”

Chu Kuangren touched his left eye and sighed.

“You b*stard!”

Having fallen into the trap, Black Feather Archduke was enraged. He forcefully channeled the Devil’s energy inside his new body, eventually managing to suppress the effects of the Devilish Chaos Technique.

He glared at Succubus Archduke. “I’m going to kill you, you wretched demon!”

“Unfortunately, I’m not your opponent,” Succubus Archduke said with a wry smile.

After that, a razor-sharp aura rose into the air.

It was coming from Chu Kuangren!

He had known earlier on from Lil Ai’s analysis that the Devil King’s body, taken over by Black Feather Archduke, was poisoned. From that, he pieced together the facts and deduced that Succubus Archduke had plans of her own.

Hence, he had been waiting for the opportunity.

Now that the golden opportunity had arrived, how could he let it slip?

“Oh no!”

Black Feather Archduke’s expression shifted.

Chu Kuangren leaped into the air while holding the Devil Edge. Strands of razor-sharp qi surrounded that weapon as three thousand Daos manifested, eventually consolidating into a final sword attack.

It was…

“Heaven-Slaying Sword Drawing Technique!”

With a faint grunt, a dazzling and gorgeous sword ray emerged, shooting across the skies!

The sword ray was so powerful that even Black Feather Archduke started trembling a little.

Before using the Honorable Heart to elevate his cultivation level, Chu Kuangren could already severely injure the black-winged man and Yu Yan, both elite cultivators close to the Supreme Honorable Realm, with that technique, let alone in his current boosted state.

“D*mn it, Black Feather Shockwave Burst!”

Black Feather Archduke roared, and surges of Demon qi swept out.

Millions of feathers gushed forward like a huge torrent, creating powerful explosions wherever it went!

The void shattered and crumbled.

Although Black Feather Archduke had suppressed the Devilish Chaos Technique, it was impossible for him to not be completely unaffected. Compared to earlier, his combat strength had diminished quite a bit.

He could no longer hold off against such an overwhelming sword attack.

The sword qi tore apart the chaotic torrential flow of feathers!

Soon, the attack struck Black Feather Archduke. With his body almost sliced into two, he fell from the sky like a broken kite in the wind, eventually landing on the ground with a thud.

Meanwhile, from his heavily torn-apart body, a colorful Monarch’s Heart swirling with mysterious runes could vaguely be seen.

Succubus Archduke’s eyes lit up. “Quick, go for the Monarch’s Heart!”

After all, the Devil King’s Monarch’s Heart was a crucial part of her plan to become King herself.

Only by possessing Monarch-level strength could she rule over others without fear.

That was why the Devil King’s Monarch’s Heart was the best thing to help her become King!

After hearing her order, the black-winged man dashed toward Black Feather Archduke’s heavily injured body. He reached his hand out, seeking to snatch the Monarch’s Heart away.

However, someone else was faster than him.

It was Chu Kuangren!

His figure disappeared in a flash and appeared before Black Feather Archduke’s body. He then slashed forward with the Devil Edge, immediately tearing away half of the black-winged man’s body.

There was no way the man could have stopped Chu Kuangren.

“Want to steal my prize, huh? Have you asked for my permission first?”

Chu Kuangren immediately plunged the Devil Edge into Black Feather Archduke’s body.

In that instant, an incomparably terrifying suction force erupted from the Devil Edge.

Like water being released from a broken dam, powerful Devil energy seeped out from Black Feather Archduke’s body and was continuously absorbed by Chu Kuangren.

“This is the Devil Edge’s unique ability to absorb Devil energy!” Black Feather Archduke’s eyes widened in shock when he sensed the Devil energy escaping his body.

The ominous purple light in Chu Kuangren’s left eye grew brighter and brighter as he absorbed more Devil energy. Subsequently, the power of the Devil’s Eye grew much more terrifying.

Stealing the Devil’s energy for his own use was one of Chu Kuangren’s goals.

Then, he looked at the Monarch’s Heart inside Black Feather Archduke’s body.

He reached out and tried to tear it out.

However, he noticed that the Monarch’s Heart was connected to the Devil King’s body, so he could not take it away without destroying the body first.

“I’ll drain his energy first and then go for the heart!” Chu Kuangren thought out loud.

Unfortunately, Succubus Archduke would never stand idly by and let him have his way.

“Chu Kuangren, trying to steal what belongs to the devils, huh? In your dreams! Everyone, take him down at once!” Succubus Archduke ordered coldly.

The succubus army that arrived immediately flooded the surroundings.

As Chu Kuangren had expended much energy facing off against Black Feather Archduke, he would eventually be exhausted as he fought against the army.

Besides, he needed to absorb the Devil’s energy while doing so at the same time.

However, he did account for that to happen.

“Cultivators of the Darkness Tribe, by my command, fend off the Devil army’s attack!”

Chu Kuangren commanded indifferently as he took out the Darkness Ruler Amulet.

Hei Xuan, Shui Qianliu, and the others exchanged glances.

Then, they gritted their teeth and stood in front of Chu Kuangren.

It was not only because Chu Kuangren had saved them. Another reason was that Chu Kuangren was now the only one who could help them escape the place.

“Is this the reason why he woke us up?” Shui Qianliu wondered.

He was shocked by how meticulously Chu Kuangren had plotted the situation.

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