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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2157 The Devil King Is Back, The Devil King Is a Monster

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Chapter 2157 The Devil King Is Back, The Devil King Is a Monster

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The Darkness Tribe and Devil Tribe clashed in battle.

Black Feather Archduke, who originally had the upper hand, had suddenly lost. That annoyed him to no end and filled his heart with resentment.

“Chu Kuangren, Succubus Archduke, you b*stards!”

“I’m the real Devil King now!”

Black Feather Archduke roared and let his Devil energy loose, ignoring the Devilish Chaos’s effects completely. His terrifying power surged out like a raging wave.

Even Chu Kuangren had to take a few steps back.

“This is bad. He’s no longer suppressing my Devilish Chaos. Is he trying to bring us down with him?” Succubus Archduke’s expression changed.

Meanwhile, Black Feather Archduke continued roaring and channeling his Devil energy to the maximum.

He simply allowed the Devilish Chaos poison to spread all over his body.

He had gone mad with rage.

He had schemed for so long, thinking that everyone was dancing at the palm of his hands as pieces on his chessboard.

However, Chu Kuangren’s sudden appearance threw a wrench into his plans, and the fact that he was also played by Succubus Archduke made him go berserk.

“I’ll make you all pay dearly for this, even if it means I’ll have to exhaust this Devil energy in the process!” Black Feather Archduke roared.

Devil energy surged throughout his body like a raging tsunami.

The surrounding terrain shook and quaked.

A gigantic ravine was created in the middle of Black Feather City.

Succubus Archduke said solemnly, “Everyone, prepare to engage. He won’t last long in this state. We only need to stall him until he exhausts himself.”

Then, she looked at Chu Kuangren and said, “Why don’t we join forces, Chu Kuangren? I’ll have the Monarch’s Heart while you can have all the Devil energy you want. What do you think?”

She was trying to get Chu Kuangren to join her.

With him on her side, she would have a higher chance of defeating Black Feather Archduke.

Unfortunately, Chu Kuangren shook his head. “There’s no need anymore.”


“Because the real one is about to return now.”

Chu Kuangren chuckled.

He secretly channeled his power, preparing to leave at any second.

While Succubus Archduke was still figuring out what Chu Kuangren was talking about, Black Feather Archduke, who was in a mad fit of rage, froze when he suddenly felt his aura surge.

Soon, an inexplicable evilness burst from his body. That feeling of evilness was incredibly terrifying like it was the source of all evil in this world.

That evilness immediately made everyone’s scalp turn numb.

With the evilness mixed into the Devil’s energy, it was hard to tell them apart.

Following the appearance of that evilness, the Devil energy erupting from Black Feather Archduke’s body became even more horrifying.

Everyone was terrified

Even Succubus Archduke could feel beads of cold sweat on her forehead as she trembled with fear.

Black Feather Archduke, who was surrounded by the Devil’s energy and endless evilness, was utterly terrified. The fear he felt was reflected in his eyes.

The other devils had never witnessed the great archduke looking so afraid before, not even when facing death.

However, the same Archduke who could stare death calmly in the face looked frightened in the presence of this evilness.

The muscles on his face contorted and twitched as cold beads of sweat dripped from his forehead.

It was as if he was facing the world’s most evil being.

Somewhere far away, standing atop a mountain, Heavenly Shadow watched the intense evilness erupting from Black Feather Archduke’s body. Although he was frightened and shocked, he somehow yearned for it.

He wished such intense evilness could surround his body.

“What is this evilness?”

Succubus Archduke and War Horror Archduke gulped in fear.

“It’s the true power that belongs to your King,” Chu Kuangren said lightly.

The fearful look on Black Feather Archduke’s face gradually disappeared, and the Monarch’s Heart inside his body lit up, emitting a mysterious light.

Black Feather Archduke or, to be precise, the Devil King smiled.

She lifted her head and looked at everyone. “Everyone, I’m back.”

Her smile was alluring and charming.

It looked like a poppy blooming from the essence of evilness itself.

That smile was beautiful and deadly at the same time!

“Our King… It’s our King.”

Succubus Archduke immediately knew that the person standing before them was not Black Feather Archduke who took over the Devil King’s body but the real Devil King herself.

Suddenly, all of her ambitions turned to dust.

Her legs turned soft, and she immediately knelt on the ground.

Her seductive face was now as pale as paper and filled with fear.

War Horror Archduke reacted the same way.

His knees instantly landed on the ground with a thud.

Every devil immediately got on their knees.

No matter how they schemed and plotted, they all had to kneel in the presence of their enchanting Devil King who possessed unparalleled beauty.

That was the power she possessed that ruled over all devils!

She was, after all, the supreme King above all devils!

“Hey, why are all of you kneeling? Aren’t you guys going to continue your fight?”

The Devil King raised her hand, channeling blood-colored power to form a blood-colored throne. She sat on it and looked at the devils before her.

Her posture was slouched like a cat.

“My King, I… We wouldn’t dare.” Succubus Archduke trembled as she spoke.

“That’s right, my King. I’m the one at fault. I shouldn’t have listened to Black Feather Archduke and lost my loyalty to you. Please spare my life, my King.”

War Horror Archduke tried to pin the blame solely on Black Feather Archduke.

The Devil King yawned and gently raised her hand, drawing out a soul from her body. It was Black Feather Archduke’s soul.

His soul was trembling non-stop.

It was as if he had just experienced something truly frightening.

“So, Black Feather Archduke, what do you think of my power?” the Devil King asked in a playful tone.


“How can such extreme and complicated evilness exist? How can a being in this world possess the power to rule over such evilness? This is impossible…”

Black Feather Archduke kept on talking, his words gradually turning incoherent.

“It seems like you haven’t understood what it means to be a Devil King, huh? What is a devil? All beings in this world possess a good and evil side to them. As for us, we are beings born from their evil, and the Devil King is the manifestation of all things evil combined in this world. As for me, I am the evilest amongst all the Devil Kings in history!

“I feed on evil itself, you know? This body of mine has long turned into a container, a vessel of sorts for evilness. The moment you activate my power, you will cause this evilness, this manifestation of all the evil that I’ve absorbed for millions and billions of years, this… Myriad Malevolent Evilness to awaken. How can a puny archduke like you handle all this? It’s not bad that you still retain your sanity after experiencing all that,” the Devil King explained slowly.

Her words terrified everyone present.

Only then did War Horror Archduke and Succubus Archduke understand that all their scheming and plotting were nothing before the Devil King’s presence.

Despite having her body destroyed and scattered to pieces for countless years, she could restore herself and return to life.

The energy and power she possessed lurked in the uncontrollable malevolence of all living beings.

How could they do anything against a being like that?

“You… You’re a monster!”

Black Feather Archduke looked at the Devil King and said, his voice trembling.

Other than the word “monster”, he did not know how else to describe someone who had been haunted by the Myriad Malevolence Evilness without losing her mind.

However, instead of getting angry, she laughed. “You’re right. The Devil King… Is truly a monster!”

She threw Black Feather Archduke’s soul back into his own body.

After his soul returned to his body, Black Feather Archduke stumbled and crawled before the Devil King, kneeling just like Succubus and War Horror Archdukes.

“Alright, little fellow. It’s time to settle things between the both of us.”

The Devil King looked at Chu Kuangren.

There was a hint of… teasing in the tone of her voice.

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