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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2158 Master, Please Pull Yourself Together, Overpowered Charm

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Chapter 2158 Master, Please Pull Yourself Together, Overpowered Charm

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The three Archdukes who were kneeling before the Devil King were taken aback. From the tone of her voice, it seemed that the relationship between these two was anything but ordinary.

“Honorable Devil King, what else could there be between us? Even if there is, our relationship is purely cooperative at best. If it weren’t for me provoking Black Feather Archduke to push your power to the limit, the Myriad Malevolent Evilness wouldn’t be awakened. I’m afraid you’ll still be in deep slumber right now,” Chu Kuangren said calmly and casually.

His words shocked the crowd.

‘What a bold guy.’

They could not believe that Chu Kuangren was bold enough to seek credit from the Devil King.

However, the Devil King did not retort. “Well, if you put it this way, I must say it does make sense. But without your provocation, my revival is only a matter of time. Besides, this isn’t what I want to talk about.”

“Oh, what is it then?” Chu Kuangren asked as if he knew nothing at all.

“Well, for starters, you imprisoned me inside your body, and you even had that… What’s her name again? Hm… Lil Ai? You had her punish me with a whip. So, how do you reckon we should settle this matter?” the Devil King said resentfully as she looked at Chu Kuangren.

Silence filled the surroundings, and a series of gasps could be heard as well.

The crowd could not believe what they just heard.

Imprisoning the Devil King and even whipping her?

‘Hold up.’

‘Is this something we should be listening to?’

‘Will the Devil King annihilate us later for hearing this?’

However, compared to that, they started to look at Chu Kuangren with a hint of admiration. ‘Damn, what a guy. He’s truly remarkable.’

‘He even has the guts to imprison and whip the Devil King.’

‘Who else would dare do such a thing?’

The corner of Chu Kuangren’s mouth twitched.

‘The Devil King truly doesn’t care, huh? I can’t believe she would say these things that can potentially affect her image. She even spoke about it so nonchalantly.’

“Well, Devil King, what do you propose?”

“Well, my previous offer for you to become an archduke still stands. As long as you agree to this, as well as return my eye and the Devil energy you absorbed earlier to me, I shall overlook everything that happened in the past. From this day onward, you shall live under my protection. These are my terms. So, what do you think?”

The Devil King’s words shocked everyone.

War Horror Archduke and others, too, were dumbfounded.

After all, it took them many years to climb the ranks to become an archduke. However, not only did nothing happen to Chu Kuangren for imprisoning and whipping the Devil King, but he was even offered to be an archduke!

Was there any justice left in the world?

No one in all of the Devil Tribe was favored as well as him.

Could it be that the Devil King had some kind of kink?

War Horror Archdule and others could not help but speculate.

Chu Kuangren, too, was a little surprised himself. Judging from the Devil King’s words, she not only intended to overlook the past for what he did but even wanted to take him under her roof.

It was quite something indeed.

He already had the Tempest King backing him up.

Then, there was the Radiant Goddess who wanted him to be her Child of Light.

Now, the Devil King wanted him to become her archduke as well.

‘What the hell? Am I just going to live off all these women after coming to the Great Hongment Universe?’

However, that did not sound like a bad idea.

“Master, please pull yourself together.”

Lil Ai’s voice sounded.

Chu Kuangren took a deep breath and tossed aside the thought of living off others. He replied with a chuckle. “Your kindness and hospitality are greatly appreciated, honorable Devil King. However, please allow me to respectfully decline this. The Demon Lands is not a place where I belong.”

After that, a mysterious divine spacetime light lit up all over him.

It was the Timespace Treasure that he had been secretly charging up the entire time.

“Oh no, he’s going to escape.”

“He still has the King’s power with him. Don’t let him escape!”

War Horror Archduke, Succubus Archduke, and Black Feather Archduke attacked as they desperately wanted to prove their loyalty to the Devil King.

Three surges of Devil energy locked onto Chu Kuangren, forming an inescapable barrier around him.

Unfortunately, their power was useless against Chu Kuangren. With the Timespace Treasure fully activated and the divine spacetime light shrouding Chu Kuangren, he instantly vanished on the spot.

Only the black Devil Edge was left behind.

It was not that he did not wish to bring it with him, but the Devil Edge suddenly unleashed a powerful burst of resistance.

If he brought it with him by force, it would cause the Timespace Treasure to fail.

“He’s gone!”

“Damn it. He escaped!”

War Horror Archduke and others cursed.

Meanwhile, Hei Xuan, Shui Qianliu, and the other Darkness Tribe cultivators were stunned.

Did he just leave like that?

What about them?

Did he discard them after they fulfilled their purpose as his pawns?


“What should we do now?”

Hei Xuan and the others looked at each other, not knowing what to do. All they could do was stay there and wait for the Devil King to deal with them.

Meanwhile, the Devil King moved her slender fingers.

The Devil Edge instantly fell into her grasp. She caressed the body of that weapon while speaking to it gently, “Oh… My Liuxin, it’s been too long since I last saw you.”

A rare hint of genuine tenderness shone in her eyes.

The Devil Edge had accompanied her through countless battles over the years.

Besides, it used to be a favorite general of hers who fought by her side. After death, her soul remained and entered the Devil Edge as the weapon’s spirit.

That made the Devil King value it even more.

The Devil Edge trembled gently before a black ray of light shot out from it and turned into a female warrior clad in black armor with bright red hair draping down her shoulders.

She was the Devil Edge’s weapon spirit, Liuxin.

“Welcome back, my King.”

Liuxin knelt on one foot and greeted her king.

“Thank you for waiting for me all these years.”

“As long as you can return, my King, it’s all worth it.” With that, Liuxin returned inside the Devil Edge.

The Devil King then looked into the sky with a grin on her face. “Chu Kuangren, a part of me still lies within you. Our paths will certainly cross again one day.

“And you will be mine.”

The Devil King had encountered many kinds of beings over the years.

However, none of them had ever piqued her interest as much as Chu Kuangren.

It was rare for her to feel that way.

She had the intention to get him by her side no matter what.

“My King, what should we do with these Darkness Tribe cultivators?” War Horror Archduke asked.

“Shouldn’t you be asking about what I should do with you three instead?” the Devil King replied casually.

Frightened, the three archdukes fell to their knees and knelt before her again.

“I can’t believe you guys will kneel at the slightest threat. You’re devils. Have you lost your spines?” the Devil King quipped.

“We shall devote our entire being to you, my King, even our spines too,” Succubus Archduke said subserviently.

It was impossible to tell that she was the same person who plotted against War Horror Archduke and Black Feather Archduke and even arrogantly proclaimed her ambition to become King.

“In times like this, the Devil Tribe requires individuals with talent and skill. You can continue your service and make amends for your past crimes,” the Devil King said calmly.

Having witnessed and experienced betrayal over countless years, she had long become numb to it.

People like the three archdukes were nothing but small fries to her.

She could kill them whenever she wished. It all depended on her mood.

Now that the Great Hongmeng Universe had opened, forces, people, and ancient beings would appear one after another. Therefore, she needed reliable and capable manpower.

“Thank you for sparing our lives, my King. We are deeply grateful.”

Succubus Archdukes and two other archdukes let out a sigh of relief.

“As for this bunch…” The Devil King looked at the Darkness Tribe cultivators and asked mischievously, “What are your relationships with Chu Kuangren?”

“We have a partnership with him. This guy here is his mount,” Shui Qianliu answered and even dragged Hei Xuan along.

He was making a gamble that the Devil King would spare their lives because of Chu Kuangren.

“Oh, so it’s a friendly relationship. In that case, you lot can stay. I’ll return you to Chu Kuangren when he returns.”

She spoke as if Chu Kuangren would be hers.

She even said he would return.

It seemed like she had truly regarded him as a member of the Devil Tribe.

Shui Qianliu secretly lamented, ‘The Dark Demonic Ruler, Radiant Goddess, and even the Devil King… These Monarchs seem to be closely related to Chu Kuangren.’

‘This person’s charm is truly out of this world.’

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