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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2159 Refining the Devil Energy, The Divine Void Seal, The Heavenly Shadow's Decision

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Chapter 2159 Refining the Devil Energy, The Divine Void Seal, The Heavenly Shadow's Decision

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A ray of divine spacetime light shot across the sky.

Chu Kuangren landed on a mountain peak and revealed himself. He pondered as he looked at the Demon Territory.

“Does the Devil King really want to recruit me?”

After all, he had stolen her eye and a portion of her Devil energy, so why was she treating him so well?

Her offer was so good that it was hardly believable.

“Oh well, if she truly intends to befriend me, all is good. This means that, since I’m related to the Darkness Tribe cultivators, she won’t mistreat the Darkness Tribe cultivators back there for my sake.”

That was one of the reasons why he left the Darkness Tribe cultivators behind with the Devil Tribe.

He wanted to test the Devil King’s intentions.

If she truly wanted to win him over, she would not treat the Darkness Tribe cultivators badly.

At worst, they would only be imprisoned.

The Darkness Tribe cultivators were quite pitiful indeed.

From the start, they had been manipulated by Chu Kuangren.

“I should find somewhere to refine this portion of Devil energy I’ve obtained.” Chu Kuangren thought.

He came to an uninhabited mountain range, placed several restrictions around there, and started his closed-door cultivation. He wanted to integrate the Devil energy he absorbed into the Devil’s Pupil.

That pupil had become a vessel for him to contain the Devil energy inside his body.

Its power had increased tremendously compared to before.

As a result, the Myriad Malevolence Evilness within it had also grown several times stronger.

Speaking of the Myriad Malevolence Evilness, Chu Kuangren could not help but ponder.

“This Myriad Malevolence Evilness will affect even someone like the Devil King. It was said that she once attempted to ascend to the Overlord Realm but failed in the end. This Myriad Malevolence Evilness could have had something to do with that.”

“As for this, my Bodhi Samadhi Technique can cleanse a person of their greed, anger, and obsession. These three poisons are the source of most of the world’s evil. Perhaps this is why the Devil King favors me so much…” Chu Kuangren pondered.

As time went by, several months had passed.

Chu Kuangren had refined the Devil energy and imbued it into the Devil’s Pupil.

“Congratulations, Host! You have won a Transcendent-tier reward, the Divine Void Seal!”

On that day, Chu Kuangren drew a Transcendent-tier reward from the Fantasy Roulette.

He took a look at the reward description.

The Divine Void Seal was a supreme technique of Spatial Great Dao that was even more advanced and mysterious than the Soul Barrier Technique, which surprised him.

After all, the Soul Barrier Technique was already a Hongmeng-level cultivation technique.

It was the first time he came across a technique superior to a Hongmeng-level cultivation technique.

He took his time to research it and immediately learned a lot.

It was said that nine Divine Seals were once created by the Great Hongmeng Universe. Each of those nine Divine Seals represented the ultimate state of a Great Dao.

Hence, the Nine Divine Seals were all known as Ultimate-level techniques!

The Divine Void Seal was one of the Nine Divine Seals.

The Dao it represented was Spatial Dao!

“According to the legend, if one can gather all Nine Divine Seals, they shall become the supreme Paramount Divine Seal Ruler, a being superior to the Monarchs. However, this legend is ancient. The Nine Divine Seals haven’t appeared for a long time, let alone the ethereal and mysterious Paramount Divine Seal Ruler.” Chu Kuangren thought out loud

Nevertheless, the Divine Void Seal was undeniably mysterious. Even with Chu Kuangren’s ridiculous speed of learning, he could not fully understand it for the time being.

Inside the mountain range, a mysterious silvery-white seal was swirling in the palm of Chu Kuangren’s hand.

It was the Divine Void Seal.

From that Divine Seal, Chu Kuangren managed to acquire much knowledge about the utility of the Spatial Dao. Hence, his proficiency in that Dao had increased.

“Void, Divine Slash!”

Chu Kuangren kept the Divine Void Seal and formed a sword hand sign. Suddenly, a strand of sword qi was launched forward. The sword qi was formless, yet it managed to slice a portion of the void in half.

It was so powerful that it was almost on par with the Heaven-Slaying Sword Drawing Technique.

That was a sword technique he had created from studying the Divine Void Seal. It was channeled mainly using Spatial Dao and was extremely powerful.

“Instead of a technique, the Divine Void Seal is more of an outline of a Dao. It contains many mysteries of the Spatial Dao, but as to what one can comprehend from it, it’ll mainly depend on the user’s luck,” Chu Kuangren mumbled.

However, he had a hunch that an incredibly supreme and advanced technique was hidden inside the Divine Void Seal. That was the true power of the Divine Void Seal. The Void Divine Slash technique he came up with was only a variation of that very advanced technique.

If he could not fully comprehend the mysteries of that supreme advanced technique with his current cultivation level, perhaps he could only do so after he broke through to the Grand Dao Realm.

Chu Kuangren gave no further thought about it.

“Hm… Why hasn’t the Heavenly Shadow arrived yet?”

Chu Kuangren frowned a little.

Previously, he had planned to meet with the Heavenly Shadow here.

However, he had finished refining the Devil energy and comprehended a little of the Divine Void Seal’s power, yet the Heavenly Shadow was nowhere to be found.

‘Has something happened to him?’

Chu Kuangren could not help but worry.

It was at that moment that a figure appeared before him. It was the Heavenly Shadow.

Upon seeing him, Chu Kuangren breathed a sigh of relief.

“What was the hold-up?”

“To evade pursuers and other Devil Tribe cultivators, the Devil took a few longer routes. Apologies for the late arrival, Master,” the Heavenly Shadow replied.

The Heavenly Shadow’s presence was already exposed when Chu Kuangren was causing a scene at Black Feather City, and War Horror Archduke sent his men after him.

Not wanting to expose Chu Kuangren, he took the long way to shake off his Devil Tribe pursuers. That was why he arrived late.

“You’re here, and that’s all that matters. Let’s go.”

Chu Kuangren stood up and was about to leave.

However, the Heavenly Shadow hesitated a little, and his emotion was shown on his face.

“What’s the matter?”

“Master, the Devil wishes to remain here.”

“Oh, why is that?”

Chu Kuangren was surprised but curious about the Heavenly Shadow’s decision.

“This is the Demon Territory. It’s the most suitable location for the Devil to grow. The Devil wishes to venture and gain experience here. When the Devil has grown stronger and is worthy to be Master’s follower, the Devil shall return to Master’s side,” the Heavenly Shadow said seriously.

Witnessing Chu Kuangren’s battle against Black Feather Archduke and others shook the Heavenly Shadow, and it made him understand the limits of his capability.

Grand Dao Realm cultivators may seem extremely powerful in the eyes of many, but to the true elites, the Grand Dao Realm was only the start.

Each of the five stages in the Grand Dao Realm represented a significant leap in power and strength.

Besides Outliers like Chu Kuangren, who could battle those who were levels above him, other sky-prides and Prodigies could not do the same.

The Heavenly Shadow believed he was still too weak and that he would only be a burden to Chu Kuangren if he stayed by his side. That was why it would be better for him to remain at the Demon Territory and hone his strength.

“Since this is what you want, I shall support your decision.”

Chu Kuangren nodded in agreement.

After some small talk, he left the place alone.

“Alright, where should I go next?”

Chu Kuangren pondered as he traveled.

‘Should I return to the Holy Radiant Church?’

‘Or the Myriad Arms City?’

Just as Chu Kuangren was busy pondering, purple brilliance suddenly lit up the skies of the Great Hongmeng Universe, and a gigantic purple ball of light appeared.

That commotion attracted the attention of countless cultivators.

Chu Kuangren’s eyes also lit up with interest.

“A new Hongmeng Leaderboard is about to appear.”

Chu Kuangren looked at it.

Three words were written on the giant leaderboard. It was the Grand Dao Leaderboard!

Chu Kuangren pondered.

‘The Grand Dao Leaderboard, huh? So, will all the Grand Dao Realm cultivators be ranked?’

Then, he looked at the statement on the leaderboard.

It stated that Supreme Honorables would not be ranked on this leaderboard and that a hundred cultivators would be ranked according to their combat strength in descending order.

In other words, it was a leaderboard that would rank Grand Dao cultivators below the Supreme Honorable Realm.

“I see… So, the Grand Dao Supreme Honorables will be ranked separately, huh?” Chu Kuangren thought out loud.

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