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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2160 The Grand Dao Leaderboard, Spirit World Leaderboard, and Great Dao Spirit World

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Chapter 2160 The Grand Dao Leaderboard, Spirit World Leaderboard, and Great Dao Spirit World

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Inside the Great Hongmeng Universe, a new Hongmeng Leaderboard was about to be unveiled.

Several names appeared one after another on the Grand Dao Leaderboard. The cultivators ranked were the top hundred in terms of combat strength below the Supreme Honorable Realm.

They were comparable to Supreme Honorables to some extent.

Chu Kuangren looked at the leaderboard with great interest.

Suddenly, a name appeared in his sights.

Ranked sixty-one was Li Jun from Pan Gu Universe.

Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up.

‘Li Jun, huh?’

‘As I suspected, he has ascended to the Grand Dao Realm.’

‘And to think he’s also ranked on the Hongmeng Leaderboard. That’s quite impressive of him.’

As the names of each cultivator appeared one after another on the leaderboard, surges of fortune’s blessing erupted throughout the Great Hongmeng Universe.

Ranked thirty-three was Shui Qianliu from the Darkness Universe.

Ranked thirty-one was the Radiant Left Sky King from Radiant Universe.

Ranked twenty was Wu Han from Pan Gu Universe.

Chu Kuangren was slightly surprised.

He could not believe that Wu Han, who was from Pan Gu Universe’s Celestial Demon Tribe, appeared on the Grand Dao Leaderboard, and the man was ranked higher than Li Jun.

‘Sure enough, the strongest of the Celestial Demon Tribe is quite outstanding.’

Chu Kuangren lamented emotionally.

As everyone waited, it soon came to the unveiling of the top ten on the Grand Dao Leaderboard.

Ranked tenth was Tianshen Yue from the Celestial Divine Universe.

Ranked ninth was Elder Dragon Feng from the Dragon King Universe.

Ranked eighth…

Ranked fourth was Feng Qian from the Darkness Universe.

Ranked third was Tianshen Wuxin from the Celestial Divine Universe.

Ranked second was Jue Jian from the Sword Universe.

Names of the top ten cultivators appeared one after another.

Then came the first rank that everyone was waiting for. Everyone held their breaths and fixed their gaze on the leaderboard, watching it unveil the name of that cultivator.

Ranked first was the Radiant Right Sky King, Ming Fei, from Radiant Universe.

In the Holy Radiant Church, a vast surge of fortune energy descended from the sky.

Ming Fei opened her eyes, and a streak of light flashed across her eyes.

“With the help of this fortune energy, I believe I can step into the Supreme Honorable Realm in no time.” Ming Fei told herself.

Currently, she was much stronger than most Supreme Honorables.

She was ambitious.

After breaking through to the Supreme Honorable Realm, her goal was to be ranked on the Honorable Supreme Leaderboard in the future.

Somewhere in the Great Hongmeng Universe, Chu Kuangren looked at the Grand Dao Leaderboard and saw Ming Fei’s name on the top. However, he was not surprised as he knew Ming Fei’s strength.

As for himself, he was not too bothered about not being ranked.

He was only a Primordial now.

Although he could unleash Grand Dao-level cultivation power in his Radiant form, the Hongmeng Leaderboards still categorized him under the Primordial Leaderboard.

Compared to the Grand Dao Leaderboard, Chu Kuangren’s attention was more on the Primordial Leaderboard.

Now that the Grand Dao Leaderboard had appeared, the Primordial Leaderboard was also refreshed. Its rankings had undergone many considerable changes, and it was worth taking a look at.

Especially everyone from the Pan Gu Universe, many of them had improved a lot.

For instance, Lan Yu was only ranked over six hundred on the Primordial Leaderboard the last time, but she had since leaped forward in the ranks, putting herself in the top two hundred.

Chu Kuangren even saw Chu Hong, Shang Honghua, Yu Zhi, and a few other familiar names on the leaderboard. Now, more people from the Pan Gu Universe were ranked on the Primordial Leaderboard.

“Ha! It seems like everyone has been making great progress.”

Chu Kuangren laughed.

He then looked at the top ten cultivators, and there were no changes.

He was still ranked first and followed by Tianshen Chang, Armament Destruction, Elder Dragon Chengtao, and the same others. The one thing worth noting was that someone had made their way into the top ten, replacing Mo Liu as the new ninth ranking.

That person was… Luo Hou!

He had made his way from below rank fifty into the top ten.

That was impressive progress.

Even Chu Kuangren was slightly surprised.

Somewhere in the universe, someone was looking at the refreshed Primordial Leaderboard with a grim expression. “It’s you again! I can’t believe you’re ranked first again!”

That person happened to be Tianshen Chang.

Ever since the appearance of the Primordial Leaderboard, he had made a mental note of Chu Kuangren’s name. His cultivation journey had been void of any setbacks thus far.

Back then, he was confident that he would be ranked first on the Primordial Leaderboard.

Unexpectedly, out of nowhere came Chu Kuangren.

Over the years, he had been working hard on his cultivation, hoping to steal the first spot on the Primordial Leaderboard from Chu Kuangren. He even thought he could get it when the Primordial Leaderboard was refreshed.

Alas, he still failed.

“Chu Kuangren… It looks like I’ll have to go find him one day,” Tianshen Chang said.

However, strands of Hongmeng spiritual qi suddenly began swirling in the sky again.

Another leaderboard was about to appear.

Everyone quickly turned their heads.

Three words lit up on the new leaderboard — the Spirit World Leaderboard!

The Hongmeng Spirit Worlds were unique worlds created by the Great Hongmeng Universe. They contain a wealth of treasures and Opportunities of Fortune. The last time, Chu Kuangren obtained a Divine Hongmeng Metal from one of those Hongmeng Spirit Worlds, which enabled him to forge a new Descendant Self Sword.

The Spirit World Leaderboard would be a leaderboard that ranked many of the Great Hongmeng Universe’s Spirit Worlds.

Many people’s eyes lit up because of that.

After all, the Primordial and Grand Dao Leaderboards only ranked cultivators based on their strength, while those unranked could only watch from the sidelines.

However, things were different with the Hongmeng Spirit World Leaderboard.

Even cultivators who were not ranked could venture into those Spirit Worlds.

That mattered when it came to what everyone could stand to gain from there.

Hence, many people were looking forward to it.

The names of the Spirit Worlds soon appeared on the Spirit World Leaderboard, one after another.

A total of thirty-six were ranked.

Ranked thirty-six was the Mysterious Void Spirit World (already appeared).

Ranked thirty-five was the Godless Spirit World (has not appeared).

The status of the ranked Spirit Worlds was displayed behind their names.

However, most of the Spirit Worlds that appeared were ranked twenty and below. As for the top ten Spirit Worlds, only the tenth place, the Great Dao Spirit World, had appeared. That attracted the attention of many.

“The Great Dao Spirit World… I have heard of it. It was said that an item known as the Grand Dao Source was natively produced in this Spirit World. It could be used to advance the Grand Dao Realm user’s progress, making it an extremely precious Spirit World.”

“Besides this, I’ve also heard that, among the cultivators who enter the Great Dao Spirit World, most of them have successfully ascended to the Grand Dao Realm.”

Among the top ten ranked Spirit Worlds on the Spirit World Leaderboard, only the Great Dao Spirit World had appeared, and it piqued everyone’s curiosity.

Many of them started venturing out in search of that Spirit World.

“The Great Dao Spirit World, huh? I heard the elders of my tribe talking about an item known as the Grand Dao Heart native to this Spirit World. There’s a chance that this item will appear in this Spirit World. Once refined, the user can break through to the Grand Dao Realm with a hundred percent success rate The Grand Dao Realm would also be achieved after the ultimate ascension. With my talents and strengths, and with this Grand Dao Heart, if I break through to the Grand Dao Realm, I’m confident I’ll be on par with the Supreme Honorables!”

An excited look flashed in Tianshen Chang’s eyes.

He took out a jade scroll and ordered his men to search for the Great Dao Spirit World.

Meanwhile, in the Dragon Tribe, Elder Dragon Chengtao had taken action too.

“The Grand Dao Heart… If I can refine this item and break through to the Grand Dao Realm, the power I gain after this ultimate ascension will surely increase my chances of reaching the Monarch Realm!”

Elder Dragon Chengtao mumbled excitedly.

“The Great Dao Spirit World…”

Chu Kuangren rubbed his chin. “Although I have just broken through into the Primordial Realm, I have accumulated enough resources since then. It’s time I break through to the Grand Dao Realm.”

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