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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2193 Did You Come to the Fantasy Divine Palace Before?

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Chapter 2193 Did You Come to the Fantasy Divine Palace Before?

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Jin Yunlai tried again.

The red-golden feather lightly brushed across, but there was still nothing on her brows.

His gaze became cold and harsh as he looked at Chu Liuyue with a supervisory gaze. “Where's your totem?”


Chu Liuyue's heart tingled, and she instantly understood what happened. She paused and said, “Seventh Deity, I have no totem.”

“No totem?” Jin Yunlai knitted his brows.

Chu Liuyue explained, “I… came from outside the God Residence Realm, so I don't have the bloodline power totem.”

Of course, she had a totem.

Even if she wasn't born in the God Residence Realm, she had a strange totem in her body. If not, she wouldn't have tested an ”11” using the Extreme God Sundial when she was testing her bloodline power back in the Sky-Cloud Empire.

However, even she was not sure what had happened. Ever since she was reborn into Chu Liuyue's body, that strange pattern appeared.

In the beginning, she didn't quite notice. When she went to the God Residence Realm later on, she then knew that it was the so-called bloodline totem.

However, that totem sometimes appeared and sometimes did not—even she could not control it.

She could only remember that the totem seemed to burn in her brows when she was in danger. However, it usually disappeared quickly.

“Came from outside the God Residence Realm?” Jin Yunlai sized her up, and the admiration in his eyes disappeared. A few faint hints of contempt even flashed across his eyes.

Even though this expression quickly disappeared, Chu Liuyue still rapidly caught it.

Her brows knitted undetectably. I just don't have a bloodline totem. Why did this Seventh Deity seem to instantly despise me?

Many people who heard that she came from outside the God Residence Realm and didn't inherit any bloodline power would have a different impression of her. That was because from a certain perspective, it meant that her own talent was stronger than others, so she could rapidly break through the whole way until becoming a legendary warrior.

However… it seemed the opposite for this person.

Jin Yunlai retrieved an item and passed it over. “Those without a bloodline totem need to have an item with them when they enter Fantasy Divine Palace.”

Chu Liuyue took the item over and looked at it closely.

It was a small accessory formed with a red string, and it had a transparent ball of the size of a chess piece.

The material of the ball was not gold nor jade, yet it was iridescent. A tiny golden ‘fantasy” word was written in it.

“The people without bloodline power have close to zero possibility of breaking through to become a deity. You originally have no right to be here, but since you crossed the bridge, I'll give you a chance.”

So this is an item to check on my cultivation progress, and it seems to be greatly related to bloodline power. Chu Liuyue tied the item around her waist. “Thank you so much, Seventh Deity.”

Jin Yunlai did not bother much with her and raised his chin. “Next.”

Compared to before, his attitude became much colder. Clearly, he looked down on Chu Liuyue a lot and wasn't even willing to spare her another word.

Chu Liuyue disregarded him as she stepped across the gate.

At that moment, the water droplet in her dantian suddenly trembled.

Chu Liuyue's heart tingled, and she immediately suppressed this ripple.

Luckily, this commotion was extremely small and didn't arouse the attention of the other people present

She came to a place not far away from Song Qing and the rest as she waited patiently for them to come.

“Hah. I didn't expect Master Yue to have times where she'll be embarrassed.” Cheng Pei spoke weirdly.

So many people came over, and only Chu Liuyue alone had received Jin Yunlai's praise.

Originally, they all thought that Chu Liuyue would have an easy life. Who knew that just because she didn't have a bloodline totem, Jin Yunlai's attitude changed by 180 degrees.

This time, Chu Liuyue's days in Fantasy Divine Palace won't be easy. Jin Yunlai has already stated that she definitely has no chance of breaking through to become a deity.

“Master Yue has always been a strange talent and broke through to become a legendary warrior at a young age. We were still waiting to see you soar and excel. It's a pity… it seems like there's no chance. What a pity!”

Cheng Pei's eyes could not conceal him gloating over the misery.

Everyone had spent so much effort to come over to break through that bottleneck and go to a more advanced realm. However, Chu Liuyue just reached here and couldn't even do anything before Jin Yunlai announced her death.

Wasn't this akin to directly extinguishing all her plans and desires?

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly and said nonchalantly, “Senior Cheng Pei, you don't have to feel pity for me. Even if I really can't break through to become a deity… With my current legendary warrior status, it's not a problem to deal with other legendary warriors that are strong on the outside but weak inside.”

As she spoke, she looked at her own hand and slowly said, “I recall that I almost used this hand to send Master Yi to the road. However, I've always respected the elderly and loved the young, so I normally won't do anything lethal unless I can't hold it in.”

“You!” Cheng Pei's face flashed white and red, and he wanted to say something in retaliation. But seeing Chu Liuyue's nonchalant look, he became fearful.

He was not Yi Wentao's match.

Back when Chu Liuyue was still a true god, she directly took away half of Yi Wentao's life, let alone when she was a legendary warrior now.

Besides, when she crossed that ocean, everyone clearly saw that her skills were indeed even stronger than the crowd expected.

This Chu Liuyue… can't be trifled with! At the very least, it is definitely not a suitable choice to go head-on against her now.

Cheng Pei took a few deep breaths in and harshly flung his sleeves. “Hmph! I hope you can continue being this confident, Master Yue!”

Let's see how she'll continue being arrogant when she enters Fantasy Divine Palace!

The other people present did not say much, but they secretly exchanged glances and had incredulous expressions.

Originally, they also wanted to ally with Chu Liuyue. But judging from the situation, she might even become a burden…

They had to seriously reconsider such matters.

Chu Liuyue acted as if she did not see the surrounding gazes.

She naturally knew all the small thoughts these people had, but no matter what attitude they had toward her, she didn't really care. From the very beginning, her motive in coming here was different from theirs.

If they interacted less, she could save on some trouble.

She looked at the few people outside.

After her was Shangguan Jing. Like Chu Liuyue, he did not have a totem.

Then, there was another token around his waist.

It was Cen Yi next.

Jin Yunlai looked at him and was suddenly dazed before he slightly knitted his brows. “You… came to Fantasy Divine Palace before?”

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