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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2192 She Had No Totem!

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Chapter 2192 She Had No Totem!

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Another ringing was heard!

It was getting closer to the time when the Heaven Gate was activated!

In the beginning, there were still some soft discussions within the crowd. But as they got nearer, the nervous atmosphere became even more intense.

The crowd gradually quietened down.

In the end, everyone went forward quietly.

Only the excitement and expectations glowing in their eyes showed that they were definitely not as calm as they seemed.

Chu Liuyue went forward step by step.

She could clearly hear the sound of her own heart beating, and the blood in her body seemed to flow faster.

The blood kept flowing below her eardrums.

She faintly felt that something was about to rush out of her dantian, but every time she tried to capture it and observe it, the ripple seemed to disappear. This caused the entire process to be especially long.

Every once in a while, that clock sound would ring.


“It's the tenth time,” said Shangguan Jing softly.

At this point, they were at their final distance away from the door.

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly. She had a feeling that perhaps the Heavenly Gate would open when the twelfth clock sound rang.

Someone in front had already arrived before the door and stopped.

When the eleventh ‘dong” sounded, Chu Liuyue and the rest reached the door.

She stood behind the crowd and looked up at the door.

The door was extremely tall, and when a human stood there, they looked especially tiny.

Countless rays of light intersected and drew an outline, but one could not see the appearance clearly.

A thin layer of clouds covered it, and the crowd could not see through. However, the crowd could clearly feel the heavy suppression.

After a long wait, the twelfth clock sound finally rang!


The ringing was heavy and distant as it reverberated throughout the surroundings. Following that, the door slowly opened!


Everyone perked up and looked over!

The light dazzled and almost pricked until one could not open their eyes.

Chu Liuyue tilted her head and squinted her eyes slightly.

After some time, the light gradually dissipated.

A man, who looked like he was in his thirties, walked out of the door wearing a gray robe.

The moment he appeared, Chu Liuyue's heart dropped. This man's suppression is extremely strong! He is much stronger than many of the legendary warriors I have seen! He is probably a step away from the legendary barrier!

She quickly sized that man up.

He had a tall figure and looked handsome, with a faint hint of pride in his eyes.

He stood before the door, and his supervisory gaze was stern as it swept across the crowd.

He spoke with a clear voice, but it had an unknown suppression to it. “Fantasy Divine Palace's Heaven Gate opens once every 10,000 years to recruit the top cultivators in the world to break through to the next level! For the activation of the Heaven Gate this time, you're the first batch that came, and I can see that you all have potential.”

The crowd was emotional, yet they still gathered their focus and did not dare to relax.

“I, General Jin Yunlai, am the Seventh Deity of Fantasy Divine Palace. This time, I am in charge of bringing you into Fantasy Divine Palace. According to the order, come forward and register one by one.”

He raised his hand as he spoke, and a thick booklet appeared in his palm. Then, he flipped the booklet open, and the other hand glowed as he summoned a red-golden feather brush.

When Chu Liuyue saw the feather in his hands, her mind tightened! That is a red-gold heavenly phoenix's feather!

“A”Yue! I want to go out! A”Yue!” Tuan Zi also detected that aura and insisted on coming out.

Chu Liuyue comforted in her heart, “Tuan Zi, don't be anxious first. It's not too late to investigate when we have entered the Heaven Gate.”

Nothing can go wrong here.

Hearing her say this, Tuan Zi finally fell silent. “T-then, you must take a good look and see if it's Clan Leader Grandpa's feather!”

Chu Liuyue nodded calmly at that.

Such a small commotion didn't attract that person's attention.

Those people in front started going forward slowly.

“Name.” Jin Yunlai boomed as he held the booklet with one hand and a brush with the other.

“Song Qing.” That was the elder in black who first arrived on the bridge.

Even though he had experienced many things, he still could not conceal his emotions.

Jin Yunlai raised his hand and used that red-golden feather to lightly sweep across Song Qing's brows.

Song Qing felt that there seemed to be an eye which saw everything inside and out at that moment!

The force in his body surged, and a totem appeared on his brows—that was the totem of his bloodline power.

Jin Yunlai nodded and wrote his name on the booklet. “Pass. Next.”

Song Qing was originally rather nervous, and he didn't expect to pass the inspection so easily. He was elated and immediately replied, “Thank you, Deity Jin.”

“Inside Fantasy Divine Palace, deities have countless honors, and there's no need for honorifics. You can just directly address me as the Seventh Deity,” said Jin Yunlai nonchalantly.

Song Qing's heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly nodded. “Yes.”

Seeing that Jin Yunlai wasn't angry, he relaxed and walked through the Heaven Gate!

Upon seeing this, the crowd was also very envious.

The second person tried hard to conceal his emotions as he walked forward.

The procedure was the same as before. After he reported his name, Jin Yunlai used that feather to sweep across his brows.

“Pass. Next.”

There were only 31 people here. Additionally, as Jin Yunlai inspected very quickly, more than half had already gone in.

It was quickly the turn of the middle-aged man whom Chu Liuyue had rejected helping.

He bowed in a flattering manner and said respectfully, “I am Cheng Pei. Greetings, Lord Seventh Deity! I've admired Fantasy Divine Palace for a long time, and today—”

“Don't talk so much nonsense.” Jin Yunlai looked annoyed, and his voice was filled with warning. “In Fantasy Divine Palace, skills are everything, and the rest are perfunctory. Do you understand?”

The spectating crowd revealed looks of mockery. He wanted to flatter him, but he curried the wrong favor. Does he not see what place this is?

Cheng Pei's face flashed white, and he then realized what stupid thing he had done as he hurriedly said, “I-I understand!”

Jin Yunlai used that feather to brush across his brows, and his voice was cold. “Pass. Next.”

Cheng Pei walked over with jelly legs and took a while to recover.

Very quickly, everyone was done with their inspections, leaving Chu Liuyue and the other five.

Shangguan Jing went forward and passed successfully.

Chu Liuyue walked forward. “Shangguan Yue.”

Jin Yunlai glanced at her and raised his brows. “You already broke through to become a legendary warrior at such a young age. Not bad.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Seventh Deity,” Chu Liuyue replied normally.

Jin Yunlai nodded in satisfaction and used that feather to brush Chu Liuyue's brows. Then, his expression froze.

Chu Liuyue's brows was as smooth as before—no totem had appeared!

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