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«The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2194 Don't Understand

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Chapter 2194 Don't Understand

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After asking this, Jin Yunlai was stunned himself. I must be out of my mind to ask such a question. Fantasy Divine Palace is only activated once every 10,000 years. How could he have come before?

“No,” replied Cen Yi nonchalantly. His narrow eyes were calm, as if he disregarded Jin Yunlai's random question.

Jin Yunlai brushed the feather across his brows. As expected, he was also another one without a bloodline totem.

He could already tell that the few people behind were all close to that Shangguan Yue who just entered. They probably all came from outside the God Residence Realm.

He waved his hands in frustration. “Pass.”

Cen Yi took a token, stepped across the door, and came to Chu Liuyue.

Jin Yunlai turned around to take another look. That familiar feeling at the previous moment… It was really as if I had seen him somewhere before… However, that man's appearance and aura Are unfamiliar. I probably thought wrongly…

Jin Yunlai retracted his gaze.

Chu Liuyue looked at Jin Yunlai, then at Cen Yi before she softly asked, “Cen Yi, why… did he ask you that just now?”

Cen Yi smiled faintly. “I don't know either. Perhaps… he recognized the wrong person.”

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and found it weird.

“You're a true god?” At this point, Jin Yunlai's voice sounded again.

Chu Liuyue looked up, and Hua Shuangshuang was the one who was inspected.

Not only did he not have a bloodline totem, but he wasn't even a legendary warrior.

Jin Yunlai knitted his brows, and his face was filled with unconcealable annoyance and contempt. “True gods can't enter. Go back!”

Hua Shuangshuang was dazed, but he immediately cupped his fists and asked, “Seventh Deity, may I ask you why?”

“It's impossible for true gods to pass that ocean, so they naturally have no right to enter Fantasy Divine Palace,” said Jin Yunlai coldly.

“However, we're already here. Why can't we enter?” Hua Shuangshuang laughed and asked.

Jin Yunlai's expression became even colder as his gaze swept across Xiao Ba and Qiang Wanzhou. “The three of you are true gods?”

It wasn't that no true gods had entered the Fantasy Divine Palace. However, they basically had bloodline totems, and their bloodline power was really decent.

But the three before him… If he didn't guess wrongly, they probably did not have bloodline totems. Such a person had never entered Fantasy Divine Palace.

Jin Yunlai stared at her coldly. “You're rather gutsy.”

She dared to talk to me like that.

Chu Liuyue's lips curved up slightly. “I'm just speaking the truth. Besides, this is also for your consideration. You also mentioned that Fantasy Divine Palace only activates once in 10,000 years to recruit the top cultivators. Even though they're not legendary warriors yet, they're all indeed very outstanding. If you let them leave now, it might be a loss for Fantasy Divine Palace.”

Jin Yunlai seemed as if he had heard a joke. “I've already said previously that cultivators without bloodline totems can never break through to become a deity. Besides, they're not even legendary warriors!”

“Since you're so confident, you should let them enter. In this way, you can show that Fantasy Divine Palace is fair, and you won't affect the present situation. After all, once the time is up and the word inside the token disappears, those without skills will naturally be kicked out of Fantasy Divine Palace.”

Jin Yunlai fell silent for a moment, and his expression changed as if he were considering Chu Liuyue's words.

After a moment, he finally nodded. “Okay. I'd like to see how long you can stay here then.”

Then, he finally wrote the names of Hua Shuangshuang's trio on the booklet and gave them each a token.

The last Qiang Wanzhou also walked in.

Jin Yunlai finally said, “Follow me.”

Then, he walked over first.

Song Qing looked at the door that was still open and couldn't help but ask, “Seventh Deity, this Heaven Gate—”

“Once the Heaven Gate is opened, it will last for a year. Within this year, anyone who crosses the bridge and arrives at the door can enter Fantasy Divine Palace,” said Jin Yunlai lightly without turning around. “At the same time, if you can't hit a certain standard within a year, you will also be chased out.”

Upon hearing this, the crowd was stunned. “Yes!”

They originally thought that everything was done when they came in, but this was just the beginning.

How would it be so easy to progress?

The crowd—which was still thankful that they had entered successfully earlier—became nervous again.

Compared to their tentative excitement, Chu Liuyue was much calmer.

The deadline of a year was not very important to her. That was because she mainly came here to find Dugu Mobao's group of three and Yi Zhao.

Of course, if she could, she also wanted to understand what kind of place Fantasy Divine Palace was.

When they stepped through the Heaven Gate, there was a spacious path before them.

This was a path made from black rocks. Like the silver bridge, there were also silver light pots silently shining.

They were separated and presented an indescribable beauty.

In the mess, there seemed to be some sort of discipline. But different from that bridge, these light spots were locked beneath the black rock.

An extremely thin and translucent jade layer covered it perfectly as balls of light spread across, and it dazzled.

“Master, these are all also Xuan formations, right?”

With the previous experience, Xiao Ba instinctively thought of the previous bridge when she saw this scene.

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly.

Even if she didn't take a close look, she could confirm that these were tiny Xuan formations. And… they were only more advanced and not weaker than the ones outside.

“This path directly connects the Heaven Gate to Fantasy Divine Palace. Many top Xuan formations form this. No matter if it's light or dark, it will be like stars sparkling, shining everything, so it's called the Star Path,” explained Jin Yunlai nonchalantly.

“The Xuan formations here can be studied for cultivation.”

The crowd was shocked. “There's so many, and we can study all of them?”

One had to know that every advanced Xuan formation was like invisible wealth. Even if they were from such top-tier aristocratic families, they would not be willing to take out their treasures.

However, this Fantasy Divine Palace directly produced so many Xuan formations and printed them on the Star Path!

Jin Yunlai suddenly laughed and looked up slightly. “There are countless Xuan formations in Fantasy Divine Palace. We're not afraid that you look at them but afraid that you… can't understand.”

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