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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 909: The other shore

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Chapter 909: The other shore

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After the Immortal King came out, his first move landed on Yuan’s body.

A faint light transformed into a resplendent beam of divine light that descended silently from the sky. Just like that, it cut Yuan into two.

The Terror of the immortal king was vividly displayed at this moment.

Yuan struggled and roared. Even the roaring of the Starry River was useless. It was very difficult for his body to heal.

After struggling for a while, Yuan Yi ruthlessly discarded half of his body. He tore it apart and transformed into a new body, far away from the immortal king.

“How is this possible? How can you be so powerful?”Yuan Yi’s eyes were filled with terror.

The Immortal King was even more terrifying, even more terrifying than when he was being suppressed.

The Immortal King stood in the air, staring at his surroundings as he spoke, “How Powerful am I? It’s all thanks to your chaos race. You spared no effort to suppress me, giving me a chance to survive.”

Yuan felt as though he had eaten sh*t. The strength of the immortal king was all because of them.

“You are strong now, I’m not your match. But My Primal Chaos race isn’t someone you can bully as you wish.”Yuan gritted his teeth.

“What you said isn’t right. Up until now, I Can Bully the primal chaos race as I wish.”The Immortal King shook his head. He stepped out with a single palm that towered up into the sky. With a ruthless pressure, he unleashed a supreme might.


Yuan was surrounded by the edges of his body. He had no strength to struggle. He glared at Yuan Jing, but was unable to break free.

“What are you trying to do?”Yuan Jing asked angrily.

“What are you trying to do?”The Immortal King laughed coldly. Without any hesitation, he stretched out his hand and tore apart the heaven and earth, isolating Yuan from the outside world and imprisoning him in a small region.

“Of course I’m here to kill you.”The Immortal King’s body was like mist, like an illusion. With a palm strike, he unleashed a supreme power, suppressing Yuan Jing with all his might.

“Go to Hell!”The eyes of the immortal king flashed with sharpness. Yuan Jing was one of the ancestors of the primal chaos race. If he was killed, the primal chaos race would naturally lose a huge portion of their combat power.

“No!”Yuan Jing roared in anger. “I am eternal and indestructible, I will live for eternity. I am eternal and evergreen, you can not destroy me.”

Yuan Jing’s body was unceasingly blasted out by the origin laws, turning into raging flames. The raging waves of the river wanted to break free from the shackles.

But the speed of an immortal king was even faster. There was no need to explain anything, it was just killing his enemies.

I kill you, it has nothing to do with you.

This was a type of attack that could reduce dimensions. Immortal kings had already experienced this for so many years and had reached a new level. They were far from the immortal kings from millions of years ago.

Yuan was still the same yuan from millions of years ago.

The gap between them widened in an instant as Yuan screamed in agony. He was in an extremely miserable state. He was suffering an unprecedented attack and his body suffered a devastating blow.

The Immortal King’s attack, the power to destroy the nine heavens, struck yuan heavily.

Yuan’s body turned into ashes in an instant, and even half of his primordial spirit was destroyed. This caused Yuan Jing to roar in anger and disbelief.

“You’ve walked a new path, and you’ve actually walked a new path?”Yuan roared in anger. This was a roar of despair. He didn’t dare to believe it, and his heart was filled with despair.

The Immortal King looked at him coldly. He pointed his finger as a sword and tapped on Yuan’s divine soul. “If I hadn’t taken this step, you guys would have won this era. But now, everything should end in this era.”


The Immortal King’s attack caused Yuan’s divine soul to explode. A huge amount of energy surged out and was captured by the immortal king with one hand. Then, he looked at Ye Sheng.

“Come here.”The Immortal King waved at Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng’s eyes lit up and he hurried over.

“Hello, Immortal King.”Ye Sheng said respectfully.

“You are not bad. I will give you a certain amount of time. You will definitely surpass me. In this era, you are the son of the new era, but you appeared too late.”The Immortal King said regretfully.

If Ye Sheng had been born a million years earlier, he would be on the same level as him now.

Ye Sheng had only cultivated for around 300 years. To an immortal king, it was too short.

Ye sheng smiled bitterly, “It’s enough to have you now.”

“No, everyone has their own things to do. You also have your own mission. This is all of Yuan’s energy. Take it and absorb it. Break through to the emperor realm as soon as possible.”The Immortal King passed the captured energy to Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng took a deep breath and didn’t refuse. He was very weak right now and needed energy.

The old turtle smoked his cigar and said, “Your cultivation is too weak. You should become stronger.”

The Blood Dragon stayed by the old turtle’s side and didn’t say a word.

In the distance, Chi and absolute beginning were dealing with Tai Heqing. The battle had reached a white-hot stage.

In the distance, the number one devil God and Gu were at a disadvantage.

The number one demonic God, who had lost the great banner of the primordial era, was suppressed by Gu. However, it didn’t matter. The number one demonic god was about to counter-attack.

When the immortal king saw this, he wasn’t in a hurry to act. Instead, he looked into the depths of the l-chaos ancestral land.

His gaze was very deep, so deep that it couldn’t be explored.

After a long time, the immortal king retracted his gaze and said, “There are still a hundred years left before the final battle. Let’s kill them and go back.”

Ye Sheng looked at him in surprise. Another 100 years?

The old turtle puffed on his cigar and asked, “Why another 100 years?”

The immortal king replied, “The primal chaos race has already given up on this ancestral land. They constructed a nine heavens in the place where the origin of the Universe was born. The nine heavens are the most primitive energy that the three sovereigns discovered back then. Once they have fully studied it, they will be able to break away from their current shackles and transcend to the other shore.”

Ye Sheng was confused. Did this mean that the headquarters of the primal chaos race wasn’t Here?

The old turtle finally understood. “I didn’t expect that the nine-layered heaven that the primal chaos race has always wanted to create would actually succeed.”

“Yes, the primal chaos race has succeeded. But after a hundred years, we will charge over. This ancestral land of the primal chaos race is no longer important.”The Immortal King nodded. He suddenly rushed out and began to slaughter the Tai, Gu, Qing.

Ye Sheng asked the old turtle, “What do you mean by the nine heavenly layers?”

“The primal chaos race has given up on their ancestral land. Only these few fellows are so foolish that they don’t know. They are still guarding this place. Can’t you see that after fighting for so long, the members of the primal chaos race have stopped appearing?”The old turtle smoked his cigar.

Ye sheng curiously asked, “What’s so good about the nine heavenly layers? It’s actually more important than the ancestral land of the primal chaos race?”

“The world is a sea of suffering. No matter who it is, they all struggle in the Sea of suffering. It’s the same for me and you. That’s why everyone wants to cultivate hard and get rid of the Sea of suffering as soon as possible. That’s why they have the intention of transcending,”the old turtle said faintly.

Sea of suffering, transcending…

Ye Sheng understood. Chu Xiangyu struggled for half his life and transcended.

The first demonic god transcended, and so did the old turtle.

“Since you’ve already transcended, why are you still struggling with the nine heavenly layers?”Ye Sheng asked in puzzlement.

“Transcending only allows you to stand above the sea of bitterness, not to reach the end of the sea of bitterness.”The old turtle replied.

“What is the end of the sea of bitterness?”Ye Sheng’s eyes lit up as he asked.

“The end of the sea of bitterness is the other shore.”The old turtle replied in melancholy.

“The Immortal King has reached the other shore?”Ye Sheng asked curiously.

“He has. Hence, it was extremely easy for him to kill those who transcended.”The old turtle smoked as he watched the Immortal King kill the Tai, Gu and Qing Yi.

Ye sheng nodded as well, “Too powerful.”

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