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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 908: The return of the Immortal King!

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Chapter 908: The return of the Immortal King!

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Sheng suddenly opened his eyes. With a flash of joy, he had found the immortal king.

The Immortal King was here, and the reason why he could not find him was because the immortal king was trapped in Stone City.

Stone City was destroyed, but it was also a magic treasure that had existed for six eras. The material was heaven-defying, and it was the foundation of transcending experts. With Ye Sheng’s immortal king cultivation, it was normal that he could not find it.

Now that he knew that the immortal king was inside, it was very easy to rescue him.

“Old Turtle, destroy this stone city completely,”Ye Sheng roared and quickly left stone city.

The old turtle’s eyes lit up. He knew that Ye Sheng had found the immortal king. Destroying Stone City would save the Immortal King.

“Well done. Wait until I release the Immortal King. I want to see what kind of ability you have to fight me.”The old turtle roared excitedly. His voice trembled, causing Yuan Shen’s expression to change drastically.

“Go to hell!”Yuan abruptly attacked, his transcendent aura fluctuating. He couldn’t allow the old turtle to save the Immortal King.

“Fist of the High Heavens!”Yuan roared. He punched out with his fist, emitting an invincible light as he transformed into the heavens, ruthlessly suppressing the old turtle.

“What the hell is Fist of the High Heavens? To me, it’s all trash. It’s useless.”The old turtle laughed loudly. Even if he was suppressed, he was still happy and extremely satisfied.

Because the position of the immortal king had been confirmed and there was a way to save him. Since that was the case, he didn’t have to worry.

It didn’t matter if he went to save him or not.

The old turtle roared and was ruthlessly suppressed by the Fist of the High Heavens. He couldn’t get close to Stone City.

“I want to see how you are going to save the Immortal King!”Yuan’s eyes were cold and extremely violent. He couldn’t let the old turtle save the Immortal King.

The old turtle was forced to leave, bringing along the blood dragon as he tried his best to defend against the Fist of the High Heavens. However, he wasn’t worried at all. Instead, he laughed out loud, “So what if you forced me to leave? Did I come alone?”

“What?”Yuan’s expression was filled with shock as he stared at the old turtle in disbelief.

“Look at the Stone City behind you. The Immortal King is about to come out. You Won’t be able to defend against it.”The old turtle spoke in excitement. He brandished his fist in an extremely resplendent manner as he defended against the Fist of the High Heavens.

“No…”yuan turned his head and saw that his eyes were about to split open. He howled in grief and indignation, unable to continue. This was simply a pain that came from the depths of his heart.

His nightmare, his hope, his dilemma. The Immortal King was about to come out.

The person who saved the Immortal King wasn’t Ye Sheng, nor was it the old turtle. It was the number one devil God.

Yuan was deceived by Ye Sheng and the old turtle. He thought that Ye Sheng’s roar was transmitted to the old turtle and hence, he was constantly on guard against the old turtle. He even used his ultimate art, Fist of the High Heavens, to force the old turtle back, preventing him from getting close to the Stone City.

However, Ye Sheng’s roar spread far and wide, so many people heard it.

The old turtle heard it.

Yi heard it.

Absolute beginning heard it.

The number one fiendcelestial also heard it.

The old turtle was forced away by Yuan. It had done it on purpose, pulling Yuan away from Stone City.

Yi immediately stalled Qing. The battle between absolute beginning and absolute beginning continued.

Only the number one fiendcelestial was using his powerful strength to gradually gain the upper hand, suppressing Gu.

This suppression didn’t seem to be of much use. After all, it was just a nice scene. However, it was his biggest advantage here.

Everyone was held back and couldn’t break the stone city.

Ye Sheng was too weak to break this treasure, so everyone ignored him.

However, the first Demogorgon had suppressed Gu, so he could free his hands. With a stern face, he threw out the ancient flag.


A meteor-like arc shot through the primal Chaos Mist, the battlefield between absolute beginning and absolute beginning, as well as the area around Shi and Qing.

Tai He Qing’s face changed at the same time. he shouted, “Be careful of Stone City!”

They found that the ancient flag was going to stone city.

The first demon God threw away his best weapon. He would rather be suppressed by Gu and destroy Stone City.


Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the ancient times flag pierced straight into stone city like a shooting star or a sharp arrow.

Stone City suddenly began to shake. Heaven and earth churned and churned. The Sun and Moon lost their light. Stone City immediately began to crack with the ancient times flag as the center.

Yuan turned his head and saw this scene.

His eyes were about to crack!

He tried every means possible to stop the appearance of the Immortal King. He did not hesitate to destroy Stone City and preserve the last core area…

He had sacrificed so much, but in the end, all his efforts were in vain.

The Immortal King still came out.

Yuan took a deep breath. He did not know why, but he felt the arrival of death and the countdown.

Especially when he looked at the rapidly cracking stone city.

Crack Crack Crack!

Countless sounds were like the countdown of life, constantly ringing in his ears.

At a certain critical point, there was a loud bang that shook the sky and Earth. The stone city exploded and was completely shattered.


A beam of immortal qi shot up into the sky, piercing through the heavens and earth. Accompanied by boundless killing intent, it shook the entire universe and shook the primal chaos ancestral land.

Many of the slumbering ancestors of the primal chaos race were startled awake. Enduring their injuries, they asked in shock, “The Immortal King has returned?”

“Who released the Immortal King? Isn’t this a joke?”

“Damn juniors, how much effort did we put in to suppress the Immortal King back then? You guys actually released him?”

“Damn it, damn it, I still can’t wake up so quickly.”

Many angry, regretful, and terrified voices rang out.

These were all people who were injured by the immortal king back then. They knew how terrifying the Immortal King was.

Back then, the chaos race truly gathered their strength and sealed the immortal king.

Of course, that was also because in the previous era, martial ancestor, old turtle, and Ye Sheng took away three of the nine-sided heavenly stele.

Without the three-sided heavenly steles, the foundation of the primal chaos race could not be produced. Only immortal kings could do whatever they wanted in this era. They could do anything.

With a rumble, a white-robed figure appeared in the dense immortal qi. He walked out slowly, and lotus flowers grew with each step. He was extremely terrifying, like a war god in the human world.

“Immortal King!”Ye Sheng was overjoyed. He was finally saved.

“Good job. It seems that Immortal King has made further progress. Those who can make further progress in this realm are all amazing.”The old turtle lit up a cigar excitedly and smoked it beautifully.

Their goal had been achieved.

To rescue Immortal King!

Of course, their mood was beautiful.

However, some people’s mood became bad.

It wasn’t an ordinary bad mood.

Yuan’s body began to tremble. This was not excitement, but fear.

He did not know why, but every time he saw the immortal king, he would remember the scene of the Immortal King Killing Ten people in the primal chaos ancestral land millions of years ago.

Now that the Immortal King had appeared, who was the first person he wanted to kill?


Yuan knew very well that he had refined the immortal king for millions of years. They would not rest until one of them died.

As expected, when the immortal King slowly walked out and his body was still very weak, he glanced around and looked at Yuan.

Fate was wonderful!

The Immortal King raised his hand and pointed at Yuan, saying with a cold expression, “You deserve to die!”

Yuan’s expression instantly turned into extreme fear and extreme anger.

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