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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1324 A Prankster?

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Chapter 1324 A Prankster?

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The night peacefully passed and another morning arrived for us. It went

without saying, with the miraculous effect of the tea making that part of me to stand in full glory, the first hour of our morning was spent in a few rounds of lovemaking with the two girls with me.

It's now part of our morning routine. And With my almost inexhaustible stamina during it, I ended up focusing more on Satsuki than Akane.

The reason was pretty simple.

Her beauty was the first one I witnessed upon waking up. And right then and there, Satsuki affectionately greeted me like a wife to her husband.

And from what I gathered when my mind woke up completely, she's unlike Edel who kissed me in my sleep in an attempt to wake me up. Satsuki simply watched over me and waited to be the first one to greet me with 'good morning'.

For her, it was like an achievement or something she could cross out on her wishlist.

And honestly, seeing her gentle face and beautiful smile first thing in the morning made my heart throb with happiness.

Call me a romantic or such but I considered that as another indication of how much I love Satsuki. It already developed to the point that I wouldn't mind waking up to it every morning.

But then again, knowing myself, I would probably be reacting the same way to any of my girls. No. It's not just a probability but an undeniable fact.

Nothing I could do about it nor any desire to change it. I love all of my girls equally.

Anyway, moving past that, the three of us went down to continue our morning routine.

Starting with morning exercise and ending with us gearing up for school.

We were about to leave when suddenly the doorbell rang.

Akane, who was nearest to the door, reacted first, “Husband, did Uncle and Auntie say something about coming home today?”

She glanced back at me, a puzzled look on her face.

Satsuki, who was amusing herself by fixing my hair and uniform, also stopped and glanced at the door.

“No. They didn’t message me about it. And even if it’s them, they won’t use the doorbell.” I answered with certainty.

This is their house so they also have their own keys to our door. Besides, since they’re taking care of Minoru for Miwa-nee and me, they wouldn’t just come here when we’re about to leave for school.

That’s why someone appearing at our door at this time was something unusual.

I had suspects in mind. It’s either a mailman, Hana, or even someone pranking us.

Since we wouldn’t be able to know the answer without opening the door, I quickly made a move.

Walking past Akane and straight to the door, I first checked on the small screen that showed the view outside our doorstep.

“Strange. No one is standing outside. Is someone pranking us this early in the morning?” I said in an audible voice for Akane and Satsuki to hear.

The two girls joined me to check and they also tilted their heads in confusion.

“You two, stay here. I’ll check outside.”

“Alright. Don’t chase if it’s a prankster.” Akane reminded me before I stepped outside.

Well, if it’s a prankster, I would definitely try to check who it was and get back at the guy another time.

As expected, no one was outside our door. I checked on the doorbell to see if it was malfunctioning. However, nothing indicated that something was wrong.

Then I glanced outside our fence but like always, it was too quiet. There are no other high school students like us from our neighbors so there’s no one walking outside our street at this time.

Should I check the recording?

Well, that would take a bit of time…

Perhaps seeing me stepping out from the range of the camera at our door, Akane and Satsuki stepped out to check on me.

“No one?”

“Yeah. Either our doorbell was busted, someone pranked us or it’s someone we know who’s great at hiding.”

I crossed out Hana. That girl wouldn’t do it like this, after all. That girl would walk to our doorstep and wait for me to open the door for her.

In any case, as someone trying to be cautious, I couldn’t simply drop this matter without finding out the truth.

That’s why the three of us returned inside and I went to check on the recording of the camera.

Rewinding the clip to the moment the doorbell rang, the culprit was revealed to our eyes.

However, due to the angle of the camera and the hood worn by the culprit, it’s impossible to identify.

Apparently, the culprit has been standing before our door for more than five minutes already before deciding to press the doorbell.

And when that person did, they immediately ran away without looking back at all.

“Husband, is it really a prankster?”

“Honestly, I don’t know… I think I should review all the recordings here sometime. This might not be the first time that one showed up.”

“Yes… You better do it. But that one looks more like a girl than a boy. Too skinny and feminine.”

“You think so?” I doubtfully asked, I don’t know there were also effeminate men, after all. Besides, the motive for ringing our doorbell was too mysterious. I might have enemies but no one has appeared in front of our door yet. And even if it’s one of the girls from my past, why run away?

“Yeah. It’s too obvious, idiot. Look, even if it’s being covered by the hood, her bust was jutting out of her chest.” Satsuki answered my question as she put the playback at the moment the culprit turned right after leaving our property.

I missed that. No wonder she’s a little slow at running. Perhaps if I went outside right away, I would’ve caught her.

“Yeah, now that I look at it again, you’re right.”

After spending ten more minutes theorizing about that prankster, the three of us eventually dropped it and continued on our way.

Because Satsuki still had a large bag with her containing her washed clothes, Akane told me to accompany the girl rather than send her to school.

And perhaps to prevent me from worrying, she told me that Fuyu would be joining her when the train stopped at their station.

Well, I wasn’t worrying. I just thought about doing it today since I passed on walking her to school yesterday. Even if I still planned to pass by and check on Komoe, there’s still a time allowance for it.

But then again, I also couldn’t just let Satsuki commute by herself. Left with no other choice, I could only agree to it.

In any case, I still sent my silly girl to her platform before Satsuki and I rode the train together.

Once we got our seats on the train, Satsuki brought up a topic, “Idiot, are you sure you’re being cautious? You kissed Akane in a public place.”

Well, that’s a valid concern on her part. We already got that covered though.

“Apart from you, no one saw us. Besides, not everyone is a busybody. I’m also keeping my eye out, you know?”

“Keeping an eye out, you say? What about now? Holding my hand like this… what will you do if someone who recognized us sees us like this?”

“Oh. In that case, it will be another rumor. As long as no one takes a picture of us, it will fall into that sea, mixed with the false ones so… no one will be able to know what’s the truth.”

“This guy… You’re being too carefree, I tell you.”

“How should I assure you then?”

“I don’t know… Think about it yourself.”

“Alright. But Satsuki, you’re not pulling your hand away. Don’t you like this too?”

“… Shut up!”

At a loss for words, Satsuki could only spit that out before using my shoulder to cover her face. In this way, our train ride proceeded smoothly.

One station before the school, Satsuki and I left the train to walk towards the Miura Household.

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