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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1323 A Great Day

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Chapter 1323 A Great Day

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When Akane returned with the tea, the three of us shared it while I told them what I heard from Ishida-senpai. Its origin and the effect.

Upon hearing that it’s safe to be consumed, the two girls’ eyes lit up as they both did a naughty gesture. Akane seductively bit her lips while Satsuki’s hand instantly traveled down, resting it atop my bulge.

“Satsuki, you’re bolder than I thought.”

“Un. Thanks to this guy holding back a lot, I have to be bold at times or he won’t try and push me down.”

“Ah. I get it.”

“Do you? Akane, among all of us, only to you he will not hold back. Maybe it's because you’re always doing it here in this house or it’s just his possessiveness toward you. Either way, it’s the other way around with you. Earlier is an example…”

With Satsuki coming off strong with that breakdown of what’s really happening, Akane couldn’t help but be embarrassed at her attempt to empathize.

She awkwardly laughed while scratching her head. “Uhm… I can’t deny that.”

Perhaps realizing that she probably said too much, Satsuki followed up with, “Don’t worry about it. I’m not. None of us are… Given your situation, it’s only natural. Even if I were in your shoes, I doubt this idiot will act differently.”

“Yup. That’s how it is.” After downing the cup of tea, I stretched my arm around their shoulders and interjected with this rather awkward conversation.

I thought of trying to direct the awkwardness to myself but the two girls, as if they accurately read my mind, gripped my arms tightly before putting me under their intense gazes. It’s like they’re telling me that I’m up for a scolding if ever I tried to do what’s on my mind.

Due to that, I gulped down my words and just settled on giving both of them a kiss.

They accepted it cheerfully but seconds later, the two girls looked at each other and heartily laughed.

“Husband dodged that, huh?”

“Yeah. This idiot also read us. He’s getting better. But don’t you think we must tell him to stop blaming himself every time?”

“But we’re not as great as him at reading someone’s mind.”

“That’s true… Tell us, idiot Ruki. We can notice it. It’s good that you’re always trying to maintain order or stability. However, with your history of overthinking, aren’t you still thinking too far ahead and in turn, settling it by directing everything to yourself? You can scold us, you know?”

I understood what they were trying to say, of course. And upon giving it some thought, they’re right.

Sometimes, I would just act according to whatever conclusion popped up in my head. And obviously, I always picked what I thought would be good for all of us. Maybe this was also in line with Izumi’s grievance to me back then. Instead of partaking in the act of picking up the sushi plates, I was handing them directly to them.

Or in short, the way I try to mediate mostly ends with me absorbing whatever negativity is presented. Although there were some instances where I would scold my girls, it’s more often that I would put myself in the middle and direct the blame on myself.

Yep. Even I could see that it was not that healthy.

Anyway, for these girls to bring this up while I’m between them, it’s like they’re trying to stew me in my own juice.

I tried to put on an embarrassed expression but I guess, it was not effective or my acting was just ineffective at this particular moment. The two never let me escape their eyes.

“You two. We’re just talking about the tea… How did I put myself in a hot seat?”

I know. Asking that was just my last line of defense. And sure enough, it’s a futile attempt to weasel out of this conversation.

“It’s thanks to Satsuki here for being this straightforward, husband. Honestly, Haruko, Yae, and I just couldn’t find the right moment to bring this up to you. Should I call them as reinforcements?” Akane smirked and picked up her phone on the bedside table, acting like she was about to dial Haruko and Yae.

As expected, it’s all futile. And so, the only thing left was for me to raise the white flag.

“Alright, I admit. I understand what you’re saying. I promise to correct that behavior from me.”

“Promise, huh? That’s good enough but… we have to make sure that it will be imprinted in your psyche.” Satsuki meaningfully smiled before shaking her head.

Akane then followed up, “That’s right! Going back to what we talked about earlier… It’s actually my fault for trying to empathize when I’m the one getting the best treatment.”

“And like I said, I’m not trying to criticize you for it. So, idiot Ruki, what will be your take on this?”

“Uh. I guess I’ll start by asking you and the other girls to start living here.”

Although that’s one of our plans in the future, that’s the better or perhaps the best solution to it rather than taking the blame for favoring Akane too much.

Satsuki nodded in satisfaction, “An expected answer and that’s for the best. Don’t worry, we will! And by that time, Akane won’t need to be considerate to us anymore if that happens.”

Seeing that our conversation circled back to her as well, Akane’s embarrassed smile returned, “You’re right. It’s only right for me to stop being too considerate. Don’t blame me for hogging husband, Satsuki.”

“Un. In terms of his favor, I doubt I’ll be losing to you.”

With a confident smirk, Satsuki grabbed my raised arm and put it back on her shoulder. A second later, Akane did the same.

Just like this, the two somehow had a spark of competitive spirit as they bickered back and forth while occasionally trying to one-up each other by stealing kisses from my lips.

And with what they just let me realize, I naturally didn’t let myself be a statue or a prize for the two. I joined them. However, instead of picking one over the other, I put my mind into romancing the two alternately to the point that they eventually lay down on the bed, receiving me with open arms.

Not long after that, the mood gradually heated up. The giggles turned into moans and the bed creaked louder than before.

Well, since we already did it in the bathroom earlier, we stopped after giving them one round each.

Still, despite the accumulated exhaustion, our day wouldn’t end without talking about the happenings around us during the day.

Apart from everything that happened to me, Akane and Satsuki provided me with some interesting bits. Also, we also heard some from the other girls who I contacted to say good night with.

On Akane’s end, the rumors about us were still circulating. In fact, it always has a column in the weekly newspaper printed by that club. Obviously, every week, new information would be provided.

They’re really doing their homework.

In its first issue, it’s only about Akane getting a boyfriend. But as the school year progressed, it now evolved to the theory that we’re cohabitating.

Although that’s true, Akane mentioned that they really had no idea what was happening. Apparently, what’s written was just their speculation like we’re still living with our parents. Most of all, I was getting disparaged by whoever wrote it. Saying how unattractive I am or how I am a toad lusting over the swan’s meat. Really, they probably read that kind of novel with exaggerated idioms.

Furthermore, Akane also heard that there’s a certain column in this week’s publication that talked about the ‘clown’ who infiltrated their school grounds.

Yep. Someone from those students who saw me coming to pick up Yukari last week provided the info.

And lastly, there’s also a rumor about Fuyu having a boyfriend. Apparently, someone saw her on a train with a guy late in the night.

Once again, that pointed to the times I sent her home… I thought we were being careful. However, in the end, it brought about a rumor about that girl.

Maybe that’s the reason she didn’t visit tonight. Should I apologize? I guess I should if I see her again.

Akane thought that it should be fine as that kind of rumor wouldn’t really affect Fuyu but if it’s troubling the girl, it’s only right to help her with it, correct?

Uh. Anyway, enough about that newspaper. I also heard something on Miyako’s end.

The girls who accompanied her Sunday brought me good news. Miyako opened up to them and… they all went to see the girl during lunch break and after school, resulting in those three bitches turning tails and not messing with her again.

Although they didn’t confront them since Miyako said she wanted to be the one to do it, the girl’s reputation started being cleansed because of their influences that spread the word about how pure and lovely Miyako is.

Somehow, that got me in a splurge of showering praises to everyone involved in it. And as icing on the cake, I also called Miyako whose gloom was already negligible. I saw her with her brightest smile to date as she somewhat embarrassedly and excitedly told me what I heard from the other girls from her own perspective.

Mhm. Monday turned out to be a great day for all of us.

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