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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1322 Calling Setsuna

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Chapter 1322 Calling Setsuna

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Calling Setsuna-nee in the middle of the night somehow accorded me the accidental view of her in almost the same revealing nightwear. Well, she quickly covered herself up when she noticed that there was someone else besides her sister.

In any case, even with her long hair partly covering her face, I would probably still mistake her for Satsuki during the early days. Their facial similarities were almost like what identical twins would have.

Well, at least, it’s only up to their neck. Below that, the compact, seemingly bouncy pair of mountains hidden beneath that silky nightwear and frilly brassiere was too different from Satsuki’s. While the girl’s size, which I had the opportunity to cup earlier, fitted perfectly within my palms, hers would probably spill out, much like how it was with Kana or Yukari.

Wait. I better stop comparing their sizes or the girl with me would soon notice where my eyes were drawn.

Shaking my head inwardly to ward off that unnecessary thought, I put on a straight face, ready to answer whatever question Setsuna-nee-san would throw at us.

As for Satsuki, she’s more than ready to inform her sister about the lie she told her parents. As an added support, our hands were clasped together below what the screen could capture.

“Are my eyes not fooling me? Is that really Onoda-kun beside you?” Rubbing her eyes and blinking it a few times in an attempt to erase me from her vision, Satsuki’s older sister raised that question.

At the moment, we had just finished our rather long bath and moved back to our bedroom. Akane had just left to brew that miraculous tea, giving us this window of opportunity to call her sister and continue to be as intimate as earlier.

While in the bathroom, the usual scenario happened between us. I failed to contain my desire for the two girls and they’re the same. However, Akane slipped into a support role to give Satsuki the best experience. Although I still went and satisfied my silly girl whenever Satsuki needed a breather, 80% of the time we spent in the bathroom involved Satsuki and I satisfying our endless longing for each other.

Be it the floor, the wall, or the interior of the tub, none of those I listed was left untouched. Furthermore, while under the drizzle of the refreshing shower before we moved back to the tub, I held the girl close to me, not letting our connection be severed. It was only a few minutes but for Satsuki, she mentioned how she wanted to experience the same moment from time to time. Through it, she felt the level of comfort that could be on par when we’re both actively pleasuring each other.

Anyway, back to the present, Satsuki faced her sister a little playfully. The girl mischievously pulled me closer, enough that our cheeks touched before answering, “Yes. Ruki, sneaked inside the camp to meet me. What do you think, nee-san?”

Taking Satsuki’s words without realizing that it was a lie, Setsuna-nee-san’s shock turned into clear amusement. Her narrowed eyes focused on me as she commended me, “Pretty bold I must say. Don’t get caught, Onoda-kun.”

“I paid the guard with cookies, Setsuna-nee-san. They’ll turn a blind eye even if they find me naked on top of her.”

I thought of playing along as well but sensing that Setsuna-nee already had a gist of why I was with the girl, I simply answered in the silliest way possible.

Setsuna-nee-san sprang into laughter while Satsuki annoyedly pouted.

“That’s another level of boldness. I like it. Anyhow, where are you two actually?”

“Tsk. Look at what you did, Ruki. She caught on right away.” Satsuki clicked her tongue and pushed my face away from her.

I didn’t budge though and to top it off, I went behind her and rested my chin on her shoulder, “Yeah. She didn’t fall for your trick anyway. Am I right, Setsuna-nee-san?”

“Eh?” Not minding what I did, Satsuki appeared more focused on confirming it.

Sure enough, the girl on her phone screen positively responded. And while doing so, she moved from the chair she was sitting on to the nearby bed. Somehow, she stopped caring about me seeing her in that rather revealing sleepwear. Her movements relaxed and the playfulness I observed from her during the first time I met her returned.

“He’s right, my little Satsuki. You’re staying in a bunk bed at that training camp but from what I can see, you’re in a rather spacious room. What’s that? Did he sneak you out and bring you to a hotel? Oh, lovebirds. What else can you two do for love?”

“Ugh. That’s overly dramatic, nee-san. I… okay, I admit… I called you for this reason.” Satsuki glanced at me first before finally deciding to come clean.

Well, the last time that Setsuna-nee-san saw us together was after that basketball match. I helped them meet and talk to each other, thinking that Satsuki might be gloomy because they lost the match. At that time, Setsuna-nee-san showed a part of her true self. Or just the part of her that’s extremely doting on her little sister. She even wanted to compete with me on who would get Satsuki’s attention the most. And when she found out that I was now more important to the girl, she tried assaulting me with her fists. Yeah. Those were flimsy punches that I blocked with ease.

“As I thought. Tsk, hey, Onoda-kun. I can see you snuggling with my cute little Satsuki there. Why don’t you put some distance first? Be considerate to me!”

“Sorry, Setsuna-nee-san, it’s cold tonight so… we’re warming each other up.”

Acting like I was trembling from the cold, I pushed my face closer to Satsuki’s neck. And seeing this, Setsuna-nee-san seethed from the other side.

“Liar! Both of your hairs are still wet. You had just finished taking a bath, right?!”

“Oh. Good catch. What do you think, Satsuki? aren’t we cold?”

“Idiot. Shut up for a moment and let me talk to her.”

“Alright, ma’am, I’ll behave myself by nibbling your ear.”

Somehow, I couldn’t help but become amused at the two sisters’ reactions. My teasing sense was being tickled.

“Ugh. Onoda-kun, I’ll hang you the next time we meet.”

“Sure. Setsuna-nee can hang me anytime, my Satsuki will be there to revive me.” I swiftly replied while doing what I just declared, nibbling Satsuki’s ear right in front of the camera.

Satsuki tried to wiggle her head and escape from the tickling sensation but with my lips akin to a very aggressive predator, she had nowhere to run.

On the other side, Setsuna-nee-san was already seething. She balled her hands into a fist and declared, “No. I’ll hang you when she’s not looking.”

“Hnng~ Idiot. Stop!” Perhaps thinking that this wouldn’t end if she allowed me to do what I wanted to, Satsuki pushed my face away from her ear and clipped my lips with her fingers.

When I offered no resistance to that, she then returned her focus to her sister, “And Nee-san, are we doing this? So much for me trying to gather the courage to tell you.”

“Uh. Alright, Satsu-chan, tell me. I won’t be mad!”

Setsuna-nee cautiously stared at me first. Sensing that I already behaved, she nodded enthusiastically, encouraging her little sister.

After deliberating for a good while and channeling more courage from me, Satsuki faced her sister’s gaze and started her confession.

“You already have an idea, right? Nee-san, I lied to our parents… The training camp ended today but I told you and them that it will be tomorrow.”

“Oh… Does that mean you’re in his house?”

“Yes… We ate dinner, took a bath together and… We will be sleeping in this bed together.” Satsuki confirmed that, even lowering down her camera to show the bed and how intimate we were at the moment.

Setsuna-nee-san took a bit of time to digest that but when she finished, she put on a gentle smile before asking a question that she probably already knew the answer to.

“Satsu-chan. From how I understand this, you could’ve chosen to not tell anyone about this and you’ll be fine if you go home together. Why tell me?”

“… I feel guilty. But I cannot just tell mom and dad that I went to my boyfriend. You know why.”

“I see. So, by the process of elimination, you decided to confess this to me instead.”

“Un. You can scold me next time you’re home but… can I have this night with Ruki?” With imploring eyes, Satsuki waited in bated breath for her sister’s permission.

But instead of that, her older sister shook her head in utter amusement and also resentment.

“Girl, you’re already there. What else can I say? Onoda-kun showing himself like that must be because he wanted to share responsibility. I hate to admit it but I admire that from him. Tsk, it’s now hard to take you back from that mad lad.”

“Setsuna-nee-san, I can hear you,” I interjected at this point, turning that into perfect comedic timing.

And understanding what I did, Setsuna-nee-san playfully glared at me while having a murderous smile, “I know. I’m not just going to hang you. I’ll chop you up as well.”

“Now that’s a threat. Anyway, I’ll also implore you to allow Satsuki here… She’ll be restless otherwise.”

“… Like I said, can I still stop her when she’s already there? Take care of my little sister, Onoda-kun.” Setsuna-nee-san resignedly answered before beseeching me for her sister’s well-being.

Following that, she turned her focus back to Satsuki and sighed, “And you, I can’t believe you’ve reached adulthood quicker than me.”

Picking up on what she meant, Satsuki almost gasped in realization, “Huh? Nee-san, are you still a virg—”

“Heeep! Stop. Don’t let Onoda-kun hear.” And realizing her blunder, Setsuna-nee screamed from where she was.

“Too late, Setsuna-nee-san,” I interjected once more, smirking at her as though I just heard her most guarded secret.

“Erase it from your memory. Bang your head on that wall. Hurry up.” Setsuna-nee ordered as she pointed at the wall behind us.

Unfortunately for her, our response was simple.

A peal of lovely laughter. Obviously, it’s not aimed to mock Setsuna but just a simple reaction to the direction our conversation went.

Annoyed at both of us, Setsuna-nee-san soon escaped by ending the call. However, a few seconds later, she sent both of us a single message.

For Satsuki, it reads, “Smack that boyfriend of yours for me. Enough to erase his memory.

On the other hand, the message I received was this: “I’ll remember this day, Onoda-kun. Prepare yourself for retribution!”

What a lively girl. Will Sakuma be able to tame her? I’m losing hope.

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