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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1321 A Blissful Night

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Chapter 1321 A Blissful Night

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Since doing laundry was something I always did for myself before the change in me, sorting out used clothes by type was something I already picked up. Although smelling her scent from those was a little tempting, I wasn’t that much of a creep. Besides, I could simply take in her smell by cuddling her. There’s no reason for me to act like a textbook pervert just because of some clothes.

But I wonder how she would react upon finding out that I did her laundry. Surely, she’d be astonished to see her clothes folded neatly tomorrow.

If Satsuki needed sleepwear, Akane could lend her one of her own; despite their height difference, they had almost identical body shapes and curves. It would be a sight to behold to witness the usually stoic Satsuki in one of Akane's more revealing negligees. She usually opts for pajamas or a shirt and comfy pants when she sleeps, so that would be a remarkable occurrence.

I could imagine the girl fidgeting in slight embarrassment while trying to reel in her flustered expression. But in the end, she’d fail in covering it and turn to me to vent her frustration.

In any case, if that happened, I’d gladly take it and just compliment how lovely she came to be with just a change in her sleepwear.

Alright. That’s the inner pervert in me talking.

Anyway, I quickly finished sorting her clothes and added the detergent to the washing machine, setting it in motion. After ensuring that everything was in its place, I made my way to our bedroom and changed out of my school uniform.

I returned downstairs and joined them in the kitchen, setting up the table for us. Aside from that, I waited for the chance to flirt with the two.

Well, as long as I wouldn’t disturb them when in front of a stove or anything that could hurt them, everything was permissible. Besides, Akane was already used to me hounding her in the kitchen. As for Satsuki, she’s already used to my teasing. That’s why the two could deal with me in their own way while also enjoying the situation I created.

Once they were done, the three of us dined together, almost in silence. Almost, because before digging into the fried pork cutlet and creamy corn soup, Akane playfully teased Satsuki, revealing that it was her plan all along to cook dinner for me.

Apparently, even before the girl informed me of her plan to come home with me, Satsuki already contacted Akane, asking for her assistance in making dinner for me. While it seemed as though they teamed up to cook, Akane only took on the supporting role and let Satsuki finish what she decided to make.

Right. No wonder she immediately took Satsuki to the kitchen as soon as we arrived.

“I told you not to tell him…”

“It’s fine. Look at him… Husband is delighted to hear about it.”

Despite being subjected to Satsuki's glare, Akane giggled as she pointed at me.

I mean, understanding that what was in front of us was the product of Satsuki’s hard work, a smile naturally formed on my lips as I appreciated the food, no matter how simple it was.

Obviously, it wasn’t a fancy dish, considering the girl hadn’t done much cooking yet and this was probably her first attempt. Nonetheless, it’s always the thought that counts.

“I’ll make sure to enjoy all this, Satsuki. Thank you.”

“Geez… I didn’t say I made it for you! But… if it suits your taste then… go ahead, idiot.”

And there goes my lovely tsundere. Who else would she make this for?

Anyway, seeing that seemingly out-of-an-anime trait from Satsuki, Akane failed to stop her laughter, teasing the girl for it.

As always, she wouldn’t admit to it. So instead of getting back at Akane’s teasing, the tsundere turned to me and huffed adorably.

Before I knew it, the chopsticks in her hand had started picking up the fried cutlets and rice, stuffing them one by one in my mouth.

And seeing how my cheeks started bloating due to not letting me get the chance to chew it, Satsuki also started laughing.

As for the silly girl who started this… after seeing that her teasing translated to Satsuki feeding me by herself, Akane also turned to me while wearing a very mischievous smile.

“So, it ends up like this again, husband.” She muttered as she stood up from her seat. Perhaps to balance my intake of solid food, the silly girl grabbed my soup bowl and helped me drink it.

Was it really helping? Ah. At least, the probability of choking from unchewed cutlets lowered and I also managed to savor its taste along with the corn soup.

Really, I could tell them not to play with food but stuffing it in my mouth was probably not counted to it in their vocabulary.

Just like this, our dinner table became livelier at the expense of my suffering.

Of course, the situation didn’t end with that. I got my revenge for that blissful torment. As soon as I downed almost half a gallon of water to clear my throat, I scolded the two before doing the same to them.



After that rather chaotic dinner, the three of us separated for a moment. Satsuki went to do the dishes, Akane set off to prepare our bed and the bathtub, and lastly, I returned to the laundry room to finish drying Satsuki’s clothes.

It only took us a few minutes before we got reunited in the living room.

And since my tasks took longer to accomplish, the two of them were already waiting for me in the living room. Surprisingly, they already changed into their nightwear.

Unfortunately, Satsuki was too embarrassed to wear one of Akane’s negligees. She settled on the silly girl’s old pajamas. It fitted her as I imagined. I couldn’t help but jump at her right away.

However, instead of welcoming me in her embrace, the girl bit me on the neck and another found its mark on my arm.

She found out that I washed her clothes.

Since it was already too late to stop me, Satsuki could scuttle to one side of the sofa, refusing to look at me while chanting a weird mantra over and over. “Pervert. Idiot. Pervert. Idiot.”

“Husband really has no shame. You should’ve at least asked her before doing her laundry, right? It might be fine with me but not every girl is comfortable with their undergarments washed by other people… Or maybe, it’s just embarrassing for her to know that you held her worn panties in your hands.” Akane explained while facepalming. For the first time in a while, she stared at me like she was staring at an ignorant idiot. That didn’t last long though as she simply laughed it off while poking my cheeks harder than normal.

But yeah, it wasn’t that hard to understand. It’s my insensitivity to blame.

To confirm it, I turned to Satsuki, “Is that the case?”

Her answer came instantly, “It is, idiot pervert! Ugh. Enough about it. Knowing you, you’ll just apologize again so… come here and hug me, idiot Ruki.”

Guilty as proven, I quickly did what she asked, carrying her to my lap and locking her in my embrace.

Seeing all that, Akane gasped in amazement. “Wow, that’s the fastest flipping of a switch I ever witnessed. You’re built differently, Satsuki!”

“Eh? Not different. You’ll do the same if you’re in my position, Akane.”

Taking a few seconds before replying, Akane put on a helpless smile as she poked my cheek once more. “Yeah, definitely. He is not perfect yet we are all drawn to him like this.”

“It’s definitely his fault. Roping us all in this situation… I don’t regret it though. Without him, I doubt I’ll change into how I am now.” Upon saying that, Satsuki stared me in the eye as she slowly fixed her position on my lap.

Akane also made a move. But instead of sharing my lap, the silly girl climbed on my back and nibbled on my ear, “All of us say the same. But husband, how long are you gonna stay silent?”

Finally, I thought she’d forget that I was hearing them. In any case, it’s a discussion I couldn’t barge into.

“Until you finished with your discussion? You know how awkward it is to butt in it when I am the topic of your conversation… Anyway, Satsuki, shall we take a bath first or call your sister?”

Uncertain of what to answer, Satsuki alternately looked at Akane and me. After a few seconds of contemplation, she buried her face in my chest before slowly raising a finger.


Bath it is then.

With this, our night continues inside the small, steamy bathroom.

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