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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1320 Permission

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Chapter 1320 Permission

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A few minutes after the bus left our stop, Satsuki who vented her frustration on me eventually calmed down, switching back to her normally affectionate behavior.

Furthermore, watching the scenery outside that’s entirely different from her usual route, the girl got hit by the realization that… she was really about to go home with me.

She removed the large bag that I carried for her from my lap, opening up her usual place. Partly ignoring the other passengers of the bus, the girl pulled me closer to her as she squeezed her right next to the window.

Her head then naturally leaned onto my chest, feeling the hardness and comfort she’d been seeking from it. Naturally, I reacted accordingly, pulling her tightly in my embrace as we started enjoying this bus ride.

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long before I heard the girl’s concern. Or let’s just say, her own reflection regarding the choice that she made today.

“Ruki… Are you not going to scold me for lying to my parents?”

“Should I?”

While it’s true that she lied to her parents, I could understand her reason.

Even until now, her parents remained wary of having another guy aside from Sakuma be close to their daughter. The group study back then was only allowed because we went in as a group. Although my appearance as well as the way Setsuna-nee-san and Satsuki treated me back then probably hinted something to them, I doubt that was enough to overcome the incident years ago.

The chance of them accepting me if she introduces me as her boyfriend was still slim, what more asking them for permission to have a sleepover at our house?

At the present, the balance was still tilted close to our undesired outcome; not accepting me for the girl and obviously, shot down with the request of staying for a night with me.

And that’s why I wasn’t really against her decision today. In fact, she had my full support.

As long as we keep mum about this from tomorrow onwards, we can bury the lie and forget it completely.

“Knowing how you operate… Yes, you should.” Satsuki replied.

Well, she’s not wrong on that. But like I said, today is different.

“No. I won’t scold you. And instead of worrying about that, I hope you can fool yourself and believe that you got their permission. This way, our night won’t revolve around that topic. It will become an endless worry, after all.”

“So, in short, you’re fine becoming a bad influence on me?”

“Well, if it comes down to it, I’ll take the blame off of your shoulder. But hear me out. We can keep this a secret from them. A secret that we’ll carry until the end.”

Obviously, I was aware that taking the blame from the girl wouldn’t be accepted by her. That’s why I quickly supplemented it with what I managed to come up with in my mind.

Satsuki closed her mouth and contemplated it. And with the girl being this close to me, sensing the conflict in her head being gradually resolved was possible.

A few seconds later, she looked at me and nodded positively. However, I also sensed an impending ‘but’.

“Un. That’s pretty convincing, idiot Ruki. I’ll stop worrying about how I lied to my parents tonight but… can I at least inform someone?”

And there she goes. She accepted my reasoning but she still couldn’t let go of it completely.


“If possible, yes. You told me to talk to her again and I did. Our relationship is now getting better and better, in fact, it’s already close to how we were before the incident. In regards to your recent interaction with her, she’s totally in favor of you for me.”

“Well, not only in favor but she also loved teasing me. Too bad for her, I would only be flustered in front of you.”

Satsuki sneered before taking a bite of my neck, “Yeah, right. You’re still a tough guy to tease.”

Following that, the girl switched into her serious face again as she muttered what else was going on in her mind, “Anyway… I’m still not at your level when it comes to ignoring things and going on with your merry life. I will be restless all night if I don’t inform someone from the family.”

“I understand. If you’re certain that Setsuna-nee won’t tell on you then let’s call her once we’re home. I’ll be there with you.”

Well, from the start, I was never planning to let her do it alone. We’re in this together.

“As always, you won’t let me carry this by myself.”

Right. Satsuki thought differently. And perhaps, the same would happen even if it’s not Satsuki. My girls were pretty stubborn in trying to take a load off my shoulder or to prevent me from acting like I had to carry everything.

But this time, I had proper reasoning.

“You’ll be staying at our house and will be sleeping in the same bed as me, doing that is only natural. It’s not just because of my stubbornness or my worrywart trait but also accountability or responsibility. Whichever fits.” I ended that with my lips stretching into my best smile.

Obviously, it struck her like a baseball to her face. The girl got flustered instantly as heat started to concentrate on her head.

A little annoyed by that, Satsuki pinched my lips. “Yeah, yeah… I won’t argue anymore. Thank you, idiot.”

“I’m still an idiot, huh?”

“You will always be one. I love you though.” Satsuki giggled before adding that in a very affectionate tone.

This time, I recycled the same smile as earlier and dropped my head to seek her lips, “I know. And I love you too.”

With this, we decided what we were going to do later.

After exchanging a few kisses, Satsuki reverted to just enjoying the comfort of my embrace. And while at it, I recounted the events of this day to her.

In the end, I got scolded by the girl and teased by listing all of the girls I made progress with…

Or just those girls that grew a little bit closer to me. From Komoe to Marika.

A minute after that, the girl’s fatigue from the camp finally caught her. For the past three days, she probably pushed herself to her limits to continuously improve.

Due to that, it only took a minute before Satsuki dozed off to sleep.

As her man, I was more than ready for it. Catching her and securing her comfortable position, I let the girl take her deserved rest until we reached our stop.



“Welcome back, husband. And welcome, Satsuki, do feel at home.”

As always, with a bright and comely smile on her lips, Akane greeted us at the front door. Wearing the same apron while holding a ladle in her hand, the girl obviously rushed out to the door, leaving whatever she was cooking for our dinner.

I thought Satsuki would be speechless to face Akane in this situation but… as if they already talked about it, my silly wife produced another apron and handed it to the usually grumpy girl.

Satsuki hurriedly put it on and asked me to tie it behind her. Once that was done, the two girls went to the kitchen hand-in-hand, leaving me alone there.

Yeah. There’s no way they didn’t plan that.

Anyway, since I was carrying Satsuki’s large bag containing her used clothes and other things she brought to the camp, I dropped my bag in the living room and checked on the two busying themselves in the kitchen before going straight to our laundry room.

As a service for the girl’s stay tonight, I decided to wash her dirty clothes for her.

Mhm. Becoming a househusband was also another path for me.

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