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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1319 Afterschool

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Chapter 1319 Afterschool

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As the answer to my question, in the end, Marika loosened her hold on my head and switched to just throwing her arms around me. Her body slid down and she returned to her previous position; curled up in my embrace. Refusing to use words and only conveying her acceptance through this rather flirty gesture of snuggling to me, I couldn’t help but treat her like one of my girls, pampering her enough until she gets tired of sniffing my scent.

Well, I also got my kick here. I got to immerse myself in her almost magical golden ringlets. Despite the curls right at the ends, my fingers smoothly slid in and out of her luscious golden hair. And somehow, as if there existed a sensitive nerve on them, every time my fingers would reach the end of her ringlets, Marika would be tickled. And it’s enough for the girl’s hushed, cute giggling to grace my ears.

A few minutes later, Marika voluntarily stood up from my lap and with her face nursing a red blush, the girl made her way to the door.

I followed after her just to make sure that Ichihara Jun wouldn’t be outside waiting for her.

“Junior-kun, can I visit you again?”

“Of course, I’ll welcome senpai anytime. However, I’m not here every day though.”

“I’ll send you a message before coming.”

“Alright. Let’s talk through it about how I can help you and what’s going to be your plan.”

Rather than talk about it today. It’s better to let her think about her choice carefully. She’s a smart girl so… she’d probably play along with them for now while finding her chance to escape like this.

“Un… Then Junior-kun…”

Just when I thought she was already about to leave, I found the girl remained stuck before the door. With her head lowered, she’s gazing at me with upturned eyes.


I doubtfully mused as I took a step forward to check on her. But then, right before she answered, I remembered. She’s waiting for that… This girl, isn’t she quick to be this bold?

“Is senpai waiting for my kiss?”

As I uttered that question, Marika instantly became flustered. She fumbled with her words as though a panicked chicken.

That’s why taking advantage of that, I closed our distance, lifted her head, and… kissed the same spot as I did last Friday.

Marika’s panic was instantly quelled as she almost obediently savored it. Once I pulled my head away, I watched the girl’s lovely expression. Then like another speedster, she instantly fled the room.

I followed her with my gaze and witnessed how she almost tumbled forward due to her excited steps.

Really, I could’ve gone for her lips right there but I decided in a split second not to. There’s an order for it. And perhaps, we could use that against Ichihara Jun in our next encounter.



For the next half an hour before picking up Satsuki and going home, I did everything I had to do.

First, I went to check on Shizu who, as I expected, had already gotten the gist of what happened earlier. Watanabe witnessed it from the gaps in the door of the Student Council Room.

The reason why they didn’t come out was because I was handling it flawlessly. They took the backseat and watched the proceedings while sipping on the tea that I brewed.

Such a relaxed lifestyle.

After that, I went down to check on the Literature Club. Although Hana planned on joining the same club as I was, I found her tired and spent while still crowded by Kana and the others. At the head of the table, Otsuka-senpai lorded over them.

Yeah. Hana had started to have second thoughts about it. I mean, Otsuka-senpai, while not that extroverted, she’s someone who wouldn’t stop until you satisfied her.

And before I went to my next destination, Kana, Rae and even Ishida-senpai told me that they were going to accompany Hana on the way home.

After that, I went to the Game Club where Komoe was staying for a while. Although Itou was there, the girl acted her normally grumpy self but even without checking on her, I could sense the slight jealous stabbing at my back whenever Komoe would try to latch onto me.

As for Miura-senpai, she’s behaving rather differently than when we were alone. Perhaps, she’s maintaining her image or because she didn’t want to explain herself to Nishimura-senpai.

After telling Miura-senpai and Komoe that I might pass by their house again tomorrow, I left that club.

Ah. I also checked on that second year girl who argued with Itou concerning her game. Seems like they already settled that dispute.

From what I heard from Itou who sneakily followed from behind me, the girl apologized first and they’re friends again. Furthermore, since Haruko, Himeko and the others helped her polish that absurd game of hers, they once again played it as a club and enjoyed a session of it.

“You said you’re going to play with me, when will it happen?”

On our way to the Book Club, Itou whispered that on my side while pouting.

Well, I promised it so… I told her we could play it tomorrow. Before I went to the club. And with that, her mood recovered and she happily strutted forward, joining her sister at the Book Club.

After checking on Mina’s condition; whether it still hurts for her, and Kanzaki’s slow integration into that club, I also went to the next door.

I found Minori-senpai and Yuika-senpai, reading a book together.

Naturally, the two girls instantly tried to distance themselves from me. But considering our recent interaction, I got to talk with the green-haired girl for a bit while the orange-haired girl was hissing at her side.

Our topic? Just mundane things. I still had no plan on stealing them but helping the two with their complex or whatever problem they were facing was still on my list.

My last destination was obviously the Student Support Club and I stayed there, watching them tend to a client until the end of club hours.

And now, we’re back to the present. With most of my girls already on their way home, I waited close to the school gate as I stared off in the far distance to get a glimpse of the bus carrying the Girl’s Basketball Club.

Because their camp was rather far, the sky had already turned dark before they arrived.

Even though the bus still needed to park inside the school grounds, Satsuki already spotted me from where I was standing.

I mean, I messaged her where I would be, after all.

And even before Eguchi-sensei could emerge from inside it, my sweet girl had already run out to meet me, drawing meaningful smirks from their clubmates.

After greeting Eguchi-sensei, I brought the girl away with me as we started making our way to the nearest bus stop.

Since she was going home with me, I opted to take that mode of transportation rather than the crowded train.

“Is it just me or you’ve grown taller?” I jokingly asked the girl as we stood side by side, waiting for the next bus to arrive.

“Yeah. I do. Too bad for you, huh? It went to my height again instead of here.” With that snarky remark, Satsuki cupped her own breast.

Really, as if I cared too much about their sizes. But I guess, instead of a jab at me, she’s just stating how bitter she was for not getting an upgrade there.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still love that part even if it stays that way.”

“You idiot!”

And sure enough, with that kind of comment, I got smacked by the girl. Even when we finally got our seats on the bus, the grumpy girl had her way with me.

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