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Chapter 1325 Link

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On our way to the Miura’s house, I couldn’t help but think about that prankster. She’s clearly hiding her identity but why ring the doorbell when she’s going to run away?

Did she get scared at the last second?

No. She ran away as soon as she pushed it. It’s like she only made her presence known.

Perhaps tomorrow or any other day from now, she’s going to return and ring the doorbell again. But do I need to catch her? Somehow, I don’t feel like dealing with her. If she turns out to be someone connected to me in the past, I might try to reconnect with her. But if she’s unrelated to it, I’m afraid I can’t think of anyone who will go to a boy’s house and stand in front of his door for more than a minute.

Anyway, when we entered the street leading to our destination, I put the thought to the back of my head again. Maybe some of the mystery would be solved later when I reviewed the recordings.

If that’s her first time doing that then, I could rule out the possibility that she’s someone I met recently. But that girl was standing at our doorstep on multiple occasions already then either I got myself a stalker or it was really someone from my past.

Well, it could be Akane’s acquaintance as well. Someone who admired her and got spurred to confirm the rumors written in their school newspaper.

In any case, thinking about it over and over again wouldn’t solve anything so…

Stopping right there was the correct course of action. I should put my head in the present.

“Idiot, you’re spacing out again. I think we’re here. Is that the girl you’re talking about?” Perhaps noticing me staring at a distance when I immersed myself in a daze, Satsuki nudged me by her elbow, causing both of us to stop. She then pointed in a direction.

And sure enough, the same as yesterday, I saw the figure of the rather enthusiastic senior waiting outside their gate. While already in her uniform, Miura still appeared to me as though she was waiting for someone.

There’s no doubt. Instead of Nishimura-senpai, she’s waiting for me. That’s also why she’s standing there yesterday. Not to wait for someone but to see me arriving from a distance.

At the moment, Miura-senpai had already caught sight of us. Since I wasn’t alone today, I thought she’d react differently. But that’s another wrong assumption, she still greeted me with a welcoming smile. In fact, even with this distance, I could sense the delight in her eyes.

As someone from the same school, I’m certain she already heard all sorts of rumors surrounding me. But why does she look so eager to see me? She likes me, is that it?

I know she’s throwing hints here and there but… there’s no actual reason for her to like me. There were only two possibilities if that’s the case. She’s either only after my outer appearance or she started admiring me because of the way I handled the issue with her sister

Even so, what’s with this weird acceptance as if she didn’t mind seeing me with other girls? Because of the rumors, maybe?

Ah. Why spend time thinking? I just have to find that out from the girl herself.

Taking the last few steps, Satsuki and I approached Miura-senpai.

“Good morning, senpai. Is Komoe still sleeping again?” I opened with a greeting which was responded to by a bright smile.

Satsuki, on the other hand, remained silent and only bowed her head to her in respect for the senior grade. She didn’t know her personally, after all, and the only reason why she was with me was she wanted us to go to school together.

“Un. Good morning, handsome-kun.” She greeted me back before turning her gaze to Satsuki. Without any change in her expression, she faintly nodded as though she had just approved of the girl’s presence next to me.

I was waiting for her to raise a question regarding the girl but she simply responded to my question. “I’m afraid that’s the case. Can you come in and wake her up?”

Alright. That sounded like a lie. Besides, it’s too obvious with her gestures. She blinked and averted her gaze from me. Yesterday, she woke up the girl, why couldn’t she do it today?

Trying to act as a wingman for her sister or is it a request from the girl?

Glancing at my side, Satsuki also picked that up. I heard her clicking her tongue but it was not loud enough for Miura-senpai to hear.

“Uh. Is it fine for me to come to her room? And senpai, I have someone with me today.”

“Yes, if it’s you, that girl will only be delighted. I can accompany Maemura here.”

“Huh? You know me, senpai?” Surprised to be named by Miura-senpai, Satsuki was a bit taken aback. A little taken aback, Satsuki could only reply rather stiffly. Her grumpy expression surfaced too as though she reverted to her default face.

“Of course. Who won’t know about Maemura from the Basketball Club?” Miura-senpai answered as a matter of fact. She then continued with a rather confident tone, “You’re one of the girls close to Handsome-kun here and… I heard about you from Kawakami.”

Ah. She’s probably a classmate or a friend of Kawakami-senpai, the Girls’ Basketball Club Captain and Club President. And she really knows how close I am to other girls… No wonder she’s not even that intrigued why I showed up with Satsuki clinging to me.

Seeing Satsuki getting speechless, Miura-senpai softly laughed. “That’s a nice expression. A little bit on the scary side though. But I can’t deny that you two look great. It won’t be strange for someone else to mistake you for a couple.”

You’re not wrong, senpai. We’re a couple.

“Yes, we’re a couple.” While I only thought that in my head, Satsuki blurted it out.

As a result, it became Miura-senpai’s turn to be taken aback. Her eyes darted between us before ultimately settling on me. Obviously, it’s to check if I would confirm it.

With my creed to not deny my relationship with my girls, I soon nod my head.

Miura-senpai gasped in shock and she almost took a step back from that discovery. But then, Satsuki added, saving the situation of telling Miura-senpai the truth, “Oh. And he’s also dating everyone linked to him. He’s that much of a playboy, senpai.”

Ending her words with a smirk, Satsuki faced me and pinched my cheeks before laughing contentedly.

And perhaps picking it up as some kind of joke, Miura-senpai heaved a sigh of relief before laughing as well. “I… see. Handsome-kun, you’re a player.

As for me, I put on a wry smile to act the part of being teased. “I’m sorry, senpai. I probably disappointed you.”

“No worries. If it’s everyone linked to you… can I also be in it?”

Alright. This girl wasn’t being subtle anymore. She’s also after me.

“Sure, we just have to create another rumor with you and this idiot here,” Satsuki answered her. While maintaining a playful expression, she stood next to Miura-senpai and pointed at me. “But you should prepare yourself, senpai. He’s an unstoppable beast once you get linked with him.”

“Wait… What does that mean?”

As expected, that confused the hell out of her. But instead of answering, Satsuki simply put on a meaningful smile before winking at me.

Yep. Although a little unusual considering Satsuki’s personality, I could only interpret this as the girl deciding to deal with Miura-senpai by herself… And while she was at it, it became the cue for me to pick Komoe up in her room.

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