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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1130 The Difference

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Chapter 1130 The Difference

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"How was your previous battle?" Yun Xia didn't linger on the previous topic further and asked.

Yun Lintian smiled wryly. "Grandma must know about him all along, right?"

Yun Xia smiled and said. "What do you think?"

Yun Lintian sighed and replied. "His realm was far higher than mine. I couldn't do anything much. I would probably be dead by now if it wasn't for everyone's help. However, I have learned a lot from this battle. A divine realm practitioner seems to possess a much stronger Spiritual Sense, even though he was suppressed by this world's boundary."

"Furthermore, his profound technique and the ability to utilize his own profound energy were obviously several levels ahead of everyone here. I thought I was proficient enough, but compared to him, it was not worth mentioning."

Yun Xia nodded gently. "There is a certain difference between a person who grows up in the lower realm and another born in the Divine Realm."

"First of all, the environment is different. The one born in the Divine Realm has been bathing in the Divine Energy since birth, which is several times purer than ordinary profound energy. Hence, the understanding of the Divine Energy of this person is naturally far stronger than someone from the lower realm."

"Secondly, profound arts in the Divine Realm are based on utilizing the Divine Energy. It is almost impossible for a person from the lower realm to be better in this regard. He must first adapt to the Divine Energy and learn how to use it all over again."

She looked at Yun Lintian and said. "The enemy you faced previously was a true disciple from the Earth Temple. He might look old, but in fact, he has reached that realm before one hundred years old."

"Unfortunately, he accidentally came to this world where he couldn't progress further because of the poor environment. Hence, when he found The Earth, he didn't hesitate to do everything to absorb it. After all, it was the only thing that could allow him to return to the Divine Realm."

Yun Lintian sighed inwardly when he heard this. Obviously, Yun Xia knew about the Boundless Desert Emperor's existence a long time ago, but she chose to ignore him and let him occupy The Earth for all these years.

However, it was understandable. Even though Yun Xia was strong, she couldn't possibly take The Earth away. Not to mention it was an arrangement of that mysterious woman.

Yun Lintian naturally wasn't angry at her. It was just that she should tell him a bit.

"Angry?" Yun Xia seemed to see through his thoughts. She smiled faintly. "If I told you about him, would you still go?"

Yun Lintian went silent for a moment and shook his head. "I wouldn't."

"When you enter the Divine Realm later, everything around you can be a life-threatening danger. How could you think of relying on an investigation first, then acting all the time?" Yun Xia said.

Yun Lintian nodded slowly. "I understand, grandma."

It was as she said. It was impossible for him to investigate everything beforehand all the time. There would be a time when he had to act without knowing what was lying ahead.

At this moment, Master Bai flew over and landed on Yun Lintian's shoulder. He looked at Yun Xia with an unkind gaze and said. "This is all your plan, right? You treat me as his bodyguard. That's why you tell me to follow him."

Yun Xia smiled and offered no explanation. Obviously, she had this plan in her mind. She indeed wanted Yun Lintian to face danger, but she also tried to ensure his safety. With Master Bai and Princess Hongyue with him. How could they let him die?

Master Bai snorted. "Hmph! You must give me compensation."

Yun Xia chuckled softly. "I have never seen any Divine Emperor as stingy as you."

"So what? Do I look like a Divine Emperor right now? I need to eat, alright?" Master Bai rolled his eyes.

Yun Xia waved her hand, and a bunch of profound beast's remains appeared on the ground. Each one of them was at least the first level of the Monarch Profound Realm.

Master Bai's eyes lit up. He opened his mouth wide and sucked all the profound beast remains into his belly.

"I'll go digesting first." Afterward, he flapped his wings and flew away in a good mood.

Yun Xia looked at Yun Lintian and asked. "When are we going to leave?"

"Tomorrow." Yun Lintian replied. "We will visit the Long Clan first."

"Right. Something happened a few days ago." Yun Xia suddenly remembered something. "If I'm not mistaken, the remnant of the Azure Dragon God has now dissipated from this world."

Yun Lintian was surprised and asked. "What happened, Grandma?"

Yun Xia proceeded to tell him about the azure brilliance incident, and Yun Lintian seemed to understand something about why Qingxuan came to him back then. Could it be something related to this?

Thinking of this, Yun Lintian took the transmission jade out and contacted Long Ying, asking her about the Azure Palace's movement.

The answer he got from her surprised him greatly. It turned out the Dragon's Offerings Mythical Realm had disappeared, and Weilan Jian had gone into seclusion afterward. Obviously, he had obtained something extremely precious.

"It should be the Azure Dragon God's blood origin." Hongyue suddenly said. "No wonder Qingxuan went mad."

Yun Lintian frowned deeply. "Since she knew this, why would she let him get it?"

"Think about it. Didn't she say something about a trial? Perhaps this is your trial she set for you." Hongyue expressed her thoughts.

The frown between Yun Lintian's brows grew deeper. He didn't understand why they had to make things difficult just to test him. It was true that he lacked experience, but there were other ways to gain it. Not to mention the Poison Valley was waiting around the corner.

He let out a long breath and rubbed his forehead helplessly. "This is really troublesome."

Yun Xia seemed to understand everything. She said gently. "Sooner or later, you will eventually face those enemies. You don't have to feel bad about it… Don't tell me that you have no confidence?"

Yun Lintian smiled wryly. "It's not about confidence, grandma… Forget it. As you said. I will face them in the end, anyway."

Whatever the trial was, he didn't care about it anymore. All he needed to focus on right now was the upcoming conference.

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