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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1131 The Plan

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Chapter 1131 The Plan

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"You still remember me?" Shen Liqiu looked at Yun Lintian resentfully. This bastard had disappeared for months without even contacting her. If it wasn't because Long Ying telling her, she wouldn't even know that he was still alive.

Yun Lintian smiled and said. "Aren't you happy here? I don't want to interrupt your happiness."

As he spoke, he glanced at Long Dingxiang meaningfully. Obviously, this man was interested in her from the moment they met.

Long Dingxiang noticed this and lowered his head in embarrassment. Although Shen Liqiu stayed here during this period, he couldn't get close to her. Let alone develop a relationship. To say that she had a great time here didn't seem right.

Shen Liqiu pouted and ignored Yun Lintian. This bastard had completely forgotten about her and tried to tease her with another man.

Yun Lintian knew that she was angry for real, but he didn't want to care much. In this world, the most difficult debt to pay was a love debt. Shen Liqiu might be interested in him, but he had no feelings for her. It would not be good for her if he accepted her just like that.

He ignored her and turned to Lin Zixuan. He bowed his head slightly and said respectfully. "Master."

"It's good that you're safe." Lin Zixuan smiled faintly.

Although she was his master in name, she didn't do anything much to deserve to be called like this. However, since Yun Lintian honored her, it would be too hypocritical to refuse it.

Yun Lintian smiled and turned to Jiang Yingyue and Long Feiyan. "Congratulations, Big Sister Yingyue, Third Sister."

The two of them had already entered the first level of the Monarch Profound Realm after being stuck at the peak of the Saint Profound Realm for a long time.

Perhaps it was because there was no worry in their hearts anymore. It allowed their state of mind to enter the realm.

"We should congratulate you as well. Your strength has already surpassed us." Jiang Yingyue responded with a warm smile.

She knew that this junior brother of hers was extremely talented. Hence, she wasn't surprised to see his strength improve drastically quickly.

"Let's not stand here. I have already prepared a banquet for you." Long Jinwei waved his hand and brought everyone to the dining hall.

When the meal was served, Yun Lintian began to ask. "What do you think about this conference, Grandpa Long?"

Long Jinwei took a sip of wine and replied. "Although there's definitely a conspiracy from Xing Tengfei, the alliance should be real."

"Oh?" Yun Lintian was surprised to hear this.

Long Jinwei explained further. "Yin Weizhe is certainly coming out at some point, and when it does happen, Xing Tengfei and Weilan Jian will be his first target. After all, these two played a crucial role in his downfall back then."

He looked at Yun Lintian and asked. "Do you think a coward like Xing Tengfei will face the enemy alone?"

Yun Lintian nodded slowly. He now understood why Long Jinwei was so confident that the alliance would be formed.

"And he surely won't let his Star Gazing Palace suffer." Long Jinwei said further. "If there is anyone in this world who cares about his legacy, it must be him. Even if the world falls, he will make sure that his Star Gazing Palace survives."

He looked at Yun Lintian deeply and said. "Honestly, I was quite surprised when I heard you will participate in this. Can you tell me about your plan?"

Yun Lintian thought for a moment and replied. "My initial plan is simple. Based on Xing Tengfei's personality, he will likely make my people a vanguard by using an excuse that we are experienced in dealing with the Poison Valley."

Long Jinwei nodded slightly. Although it was uncertain, the chance of this happened was extremely high.

Yun Lintian explained further. "The Azure Palace, Divine Thunder Palace, and Myriad Pill Palace will surely support it. It's impossible for us to refuse it. So, I want to use this chance to make them pay a certain price. For example, gaining control over the Star Pavilion."

Long Jinwei frowned slightly upon hearing this. "I don't think he will agree with your request."

"If he wants to plot against me, he will definitely agree." Yun Lintian smiled confidently. "And if all of this didn't happen in the end, we wouldn't lose anything. Meanwhile, I can use this chance to establish my sect in the world."

Long Jinwei and the others fell into deep thoughts. Some felt Yun Lintian's plan was unreliable, but he also made a great point. After all, the chance that Xing Tengfei used a hard method to deal with them at this conference was low since he was aware of the strength of Yun Lintian's group.

If there was a battle broke out in the conference, the one who suffered the most would be the Star Gazing Palace, as the avenue was within the Star Gazing Divine City.

"Hahaha! Why don't you tell me you have set up a feast, Brat Long?" Suddenly, a burst of loud laughter rang out, and an old man slowly walked into the hall. This person was dressed in a shabby grey robe with a wine gourd hung on his waist. His long white hair was messy as if he hadn't washed it for ages.

No matter how Yun Lintian looked at him, he was no different from a beggar. This old man was the one who came with Qing Xiaoting last time. His name was Tao Kang.

Long Jinwei and the others looked at the old man with wry smiles on their faces. Looked like they had a hard time dealing with this old man during this period.

The old man, Tao Kang, swept his gaze over everyone and paused on Yun Xia for a long time. The playfulness in his eyes seemed to vanish instantly and was replaced with solemnity.

"You… How could an existence like you appear here?" Tao Kang uttered in difficulty.

His words caused Long Jinwei and the others who didn't know Yun Xia to look at her in doubt. Yun Lintian didn't introduce her to them, and they didn't ask about it… What was wrong about her to make Tao Kang, who was afraid of nothing under heaven, react like this?

Yun Xia glanced at Tao Kang briefly and asked. "Blissful Mountain's disciple?"

Tao Kang's eyes widened in disbelief when he heard this. Suddenly, he exclaimed. "Wait a minute! You are…"

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