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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1129 Fire Devil (2)

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Chapter 1129 Fire Devil (2)

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The phoenix's divine power deterred all forces on the Southern Continent. Those with ulterior motives had to rethink it again if they wanted to undermine the Divine Phoenix Palace.

Of course, this was the Divine Phoenix's intention. She wanted to warn these people as the calamity might descend at any moment. She didn't want the Divine Phoenix Palace to be entangled with such an unnecessary problem.

Yang Chen's face changed drastically when he saw this scene. Clearly, this Phoenix Flame's power was on the divine realm's level. It had exceeded this world's ceiling by a large margin.

In the end, he was a naïve one. With his current strength, it was impossible to fight it.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with madness. Since he was destined to lose here, why didn't he go all out?


Immediately, his profound vein snapped one after another, and his aura went berserk. The originally subsiding black flame sea once again ignited, releasing its last brilliance by forcing the Phoenix Flame back.

The Divine Phoenix's eyes narrowed slightly, and contempt could be seen in them. This Fire Devil simply disregarded its host life and wanted to use such a suicidal move to fight her. Was he dreaming?


All of a sudden, a golden luminescence broke out in the sky, and the black flame sea immediately scattered away before completely disappearing. Only the gigantic Divine Phoenix remained behind, looking down at the whole world arrogantly.

Seeing this scene, many people throughout the Southern Continent fell on their knees directly and began to shout the Divine Phoenix Palace name.

To them, the Divine Phoenix was out of reach, and they probably had a zero chance to witness her divine appearance in their lifetime. Her appearance this time would definitely be engraved in their minds forever.

The Divine Phoenix glanced at Yang Chen, who lay powerlessly on the ground with blood flowing out of his seven orifices.

His wooden mask fell down, revealing a half-burnt, handsome face that belonged to a young man.

However, Yang Chen was still conscious despite burning every ounce of his power.

A sneer appeared on his pale face as he said. "You will definitely regret it. Cough!"

As he spoke, he coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood, but the sneer on his face didn't fade in the slightest, making the Divine Phoenix frown.

Immediately, a streak of golden flame shot out, drilling into Yang Chen's head, causing him to scream painfully.

Soon, the fire of a human silhouette flew out of Yang Chen's body with a shrill scream. If Yun Lintian was here, he would recognize this flame directly. It was no other than the Fire Devil of the Devil Flame Bridge that he had forced out of Yang Chen's body back then.

Its figure was surrounded by the Phoenix Flame, making it unable to flee.

"A lowly fire devil like you want to make me regret? Hah. It seems I have gone for too long. Even an ant dares to say this to me." The Divine Phoenix said coldly.

"LET ME GO!" The Fire Devil screamed while struggling to get rid of the Phoenix Flame.

"Hmph!" The Divine Phoenix snorted, and the Phoenix Flame around the Fire Devil grew intense, causing the latter to scream further.

"Say, how did you come to this world?" She asked coldly.

"My lord will definitely avenge me!" Seeing that it had no way to escape, the Fire Devil immediately ignited itself, attempting to commit suicide.

The Divine Phoenix frowned slightly and quickly used her power to stop it. Unfortunately, the technique the Fire Devil used was too ruthless. Once it was activated, the user's soul would be burned directly. Even if she wanted to stop it, it was impossible now.

Watching the Fire Devil dissipating, the Divine Phoenix fell into deep thought. The Fire Devil was known as a subordinate of the Scorching Flame Devil Lord, one of the Seven Great Devils of the Devil Realm. Its appearance here surely wasn't a coincidence.

She put this matter aside and turned to look at Yang Chen, whose vitality was leaving his body.

The Divine Phoenix's eyes suddenly brightened with a golden luminescence, and soon, a trace of surprise appeared on them. She had discovered crucial information in Yang Chen's memory. It turned out he was Yun Lintian's good brother and the sole successor of Yan Qi, the ancestor of the Blazing Sun Palace.

"No wonder…" The Divine Phoenix immediately understood why the Fire Devil said she would regret it.

The Fire Devil didn't devour Yang Chen's soul entirely because he wanted to use it to deal with Yun Lintian later. And now she almost killed Yang Chen. If Yun Lintian knew this, it might cause a conflict, which had already existed, between her and Yun Lintian further.

After thinking for a moment, she released her profound energy and carried Yang Chen away. The sky immediately returned to its original state afterward.


"Your plan is good, but I don't think it can hurt their foundations." On Heaven Cloud Mountain, Yun Xia said softly after listening to Yun Lintian's plan.

Yun Lintian's group had arrived here not long ago, and Yun Lintian didn't want to waste time further. He directly discussed with Yun Xia the upcoming conference.

Yun Lintian nodded and said. "I know. I don't expect to hurt their foundations on the first try. However, as long as the plan succeeds, their Star Pavilion will definitely hurt greatly. That's my ultimate goal."

As someone from Earth, Yun Lintian understood how important the intelligence network was more than anybody here. Whoever could access the information around the world would be a king.

Therefore, Yun Lintian's plan this time was to cut the Star Pavilion off. Even if he couldn't destroy it completely, it should be enough to reduce their power and influence.

Yun Xia took a sip of tea and said. "Alright. I'll go with you. However, don't expect me to fight for you."

Yun Lintian smiled and said. "I know. I just want to borrow grandma's presence to confuse them."

Yun Xia revealed a rare smile. "Just borrow my presence? Do you think I don't know that you want me to protect your people?"

Yun Lintian grinned and said nothing. That was his true goal of inviting Yun Xia out of the mountain. As long as the safety of his people was guaranteed, there was nothing to be afraid of in the upcoming conference.

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