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«Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO (Web Novel) - Chapter 1495: Wedding dress fitting (1)

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Chapter 1495: Wedding dress fitting (1)

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Shen Lanzhi shook her head. “I won’t be going. I’ll stay at home and take care of Mo Mo and Lian Lian. You guys go ahead.”

“Alright, I’ll be leaving first.”

As she spoke, Zuo Weiyi had already picked up her bag and stood up.

“Mommy, where are you going! ?”

Just as she was about to walk towards the main door, Shi Lian’s figure suddenly appeared from the back door.

Zuo Weiyi turned around when she heard the sound and saw her daughter running towards her.

“Lian Lian.”She squatted down and looked at her daughter, who was only one meter tall.

“Mommy, are you going out?”Shi Lian looked at her. Her beautiful eyes were ethereal and full of vitality. She was extremely cute.

Zuo Weiyi smiled and nodded. “Yes, Mommy is going to try on the wedding dress with Auntie Today!”

Shi Lian loved being a girl, so she couldn’t help but feel a little curious about the beautiful wedding dress.

“I want to go too!”

Zuo Weiyi couldn’t help but be startled. She stared at her daughter and asked, “You’re going too?”

Shi Lian nodded heavily. “Yes!”

She glanced at the spot behind her. Shi yuting should have been the one playing with the siblings earlier.

“Where’s Daddy and brother?”

“Daddy is training brother to escape from the secret room. I’m too bored.”

Zuo Weiyi could not help but be startled again when she heard her daughter’s words.

She remembered the first time when Mo Mo escaped from the secret room, he almost got injured and even had his eyes turned red from fright. Shi Yuting was actually here again? Did he not feel sorry for his son at all?

Thinking of this, she felt a little sorry for her son. After all, Mo Mo was only four years old. Why did he have to go through all this at such a young age?


It was as if she was walking towards the back door because the secret room was at the back of the villa.

At this moment, Shi Le, who just happened to be downstairs, called out to her.

Wen Sheng turned her head and looked at Shi Le, who was walking downstairs.

“Mo Mo may be still young, but you have to remember that whatever yuting does, it’s for his own good.”

Shi Le’s tone was very soft, but every word he said was sonorous and forceful.

Zuo Weiyi was stunned.

She also knew that everything Shi Yuting did was for the good of her son, but her heart ached for him.

Did every man who grew up in the Shi family have to go through this since they were young?

And Shi Le seemed to see through all of her thoughts with a single glance.

“It’s true that your heart aches, but if something happens to Mo Mo one day in the future, you won’t just feel sorry for him.”

These words made Zuo Weiyi feel as if she had just woken up from a dream.

Yes, right now, she would at most feel heartache. However, at this stage of Mo Mo’s growth, he could be kidnapped, murdered, and other vile things at any time. At that time, if he didn’t have the ability to protect himself…, then, what she would have to face would not only be the word ‘heartache’.

Thinking of this, Zuo Weiyi stepped back and glanced at Shi Le and Shen Lanzhi. “Then, I’ll bring Lian Lian out.”

“Okay, go ahead,”Shen Lanzhi said gently.

“Goodbye to great-grandfather and grandmother,”Zuo Weiyi said to her daughter as she lowered her head.

“Goodbye to great-grandfather and grandmother!”Shi Lian waved at the two of them obediently!

“Goodbye.”Shen Lanzhi also raised her hand gently and waved at her kindly.

At nine in the morning, the mother and daughter had just arrived at the wedding dress shop and got out of the car when they saw Shi Nuannuan’s car driving over.

Just as she got out of the car, Xiang Jinghan’s figure dashed out from the other side.

“Hi, Jinghan!”Shi Lian greeted him.

Seeing Shi Lian, Xiang Jinghan ran over excitedly!

“Sister Lian!”The little guy ran over and couldn’t help but hug her.

It was winter, so it was warm.

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