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«I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much (Web Novel) - Chapter 38 - Together With Ally

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Chapter 38 - Together With Ally

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Holding me down while talking with a calm voice but without being able to conceal her resentment, Ally said to me 『Why did you go adventuring together with other people without calling me?』

At last she said it.

But, but, she is right.

「But if I don’t remember wrong you said the last time we met that you were going to be in your house training. Alone」

「That is, um… I said that. I said that but! But, is it not obvious that I am going to be envious after seeing you having fun adventuring in front of me? If you are going to have adventures with so many different people then you may as well invite me too」

I see, so Ally also wanted to go on adventures together.

She must be really tired from training all by herself.

「I see. If it was like that, it would have been better if you had told me earlier」

「But, after having declared that I would be training alone, is it not obvious that it would be hard for me to say something like that? If you were to tell me something like ‘it’s already time for us to go together to the labyrinth’ or ‘let’s do a request together’, I was already prepared to say ‘Yes’, but even though we passed each other, you did not invite me」

Ally lowered her hand while clenching it tightly.

Despite this, she’s always gentle and has a soft manner.

「It is unfair that you are only going with other people, I also want to go on adventures with you. I am at my limit of endurance! …Please, don’t make me say this」

Ally turns her face away with a “Fuu”.

The appearance of lightly biting her lips looks a lot like an obstinate child.

I see, Ally also had a side like this to her.

It’s unexpected but rather because it’s unexpected it’s that maybe she is glad that she is able to show an unexpected side of her.

「I have already acknowledged your strength, so I was thinking of going together again if the occasion arises. But because you told me you were going to train on your own I restrained myself. If Ally were to tell me something like, I have already trained enough, then I would have invited without missing a second」

「Is that right? …N, no, but, I also have a little of pride but… No, you are right, in the end I ended taking back my words on my accord. Moreover, I took a bad attitude and ended complaining in a loud voice…」

Ally’s face reddened rapidly, and somewhat embarrassedly she rearranged the position of the hand that she had lowered before to the front of her stomach.

With a voice that sounded like it could disappear at any time, she said.

「I apologize, I have revealed a shameful behaviour on my own. I will return home」

「No, no, wait, you don’t have to go」

When I became aware of what I’ve done again, as if she wasn’t able to endure another second being here, Ally started walking towards the guild’s exit but I was able to stop her somehow.

「I don’t care about that! Saying things like you were embarrassed, rather, I also wanted to see your spirit magic after not seeing it for a while. You really helped me saying that」

「You are kind, Eiji-sama. I have never met someone who was so kind as to behave as if they had never heard what I had said before」

「No, it’s not that I’m kind, I’m really thinking what I said, it’s the truth」

Actually, what I said before about wanting to go together in adventures with Ally was not a lie. She is the most powerful adventurer that I know, so it’s not like I don’t have an interest in her.

Ally nods with her face still red.

「I was discourteous, being so obstinate despite you going so far as to pay attention to me. Please, let me depend of your kindness, Eiji-sama. I will do my best to apologize for what I’ve done!」

「No, you don’t have to go that far」

Therefore, it ended with the two of us doing request together.

Since we went to the labyrinth last time, we decided to try doing a request.

But when we went to check what type of request we could accept, unexpectedly, we found that the two of us were worrying about the same request.

And that was, a request from the Sunori village.

Because their people and cattle were attacked, in order to find the cause they made a request, but even so, among the victims, people were found dead with their blood sucked out.

Why is this here again if I’ve already solved it?

We hadn’t finished the job with what we had done?

I was worried, so once again, it made me want to see their situation.

And for Ally, it seems that the word bodies with their blood sucked out caught her attention.

After having only left for a few weeks, once again, I headed towards Sunori village.

To investigate the Sunori village blood sucking incident, I and Ally headed out immediately.

I was traveling in the same wagon as the last time.

Since I have plenty of time, I will review the new changes of my status before the request.


【Class】Parasite 32 Mercenary 16 Mage 14 Swordsman 16 Shinto priest 21 Hunter 14 Shaman 22 Fighter 15 Miner 18 Thief 19 Spirit user 18 Enchanter 20 Farmer 20

【Stamina】 221

【Strength】 212

【Defense】 204

【Magic】 230

【Magic power】 229

【Magic resistance】 245

【Agility】 210

【Skill】 The way of stealth Nimble fingers 2 Magic strengthening Weakening spell The law of all Indomitability Fire_field Farm tools mastery Judge (Earth) Nourishment transformation Anti barrier spell Speed boost Status drain Force crops growth Judge (Plant) First attack Awake wild nature Special efficancy darkness Special efficacy sub-dragon Special efficacy plants Servant summon Chewing stones Breath of life Element attack Spirit Magic 2 Spirit Perception Terrain adaptation: Fields Terrain adaptation: Rooms Parasite・Info Parasite・Gold Short ranged weapons mastery Strong Attack Magic tools mastery……

My basic stats have risen considerably when you compare them to before.

Individually, my stats doesn’t increase so much, but leveling all the classes I have make my stats increase considerably.

However, my stats are balanced.

It’s likely that all my stats are all balanced because of all the classes I have, well, that’s only my case though. Because if I had a unique class like everyone else, then maybe I would only have one high stat, for example the magic power.

It’s also well known that your stats will rise if you train normally, that’s why it seems that’s the normal way to do it.

Besides, even if my average stats are low, it could be possible that there is someone that only has a talent with magic power attack or maybe someone with abnormally high status because of their fruits of having trained. And even if I surpass such a guy with the compound power, it’s possible for me to be defeated.

Though I think I have become quite strong, overconfidence is the worst enemy.

That’s why, I need to use my skills properly.

Even though I have learned a considerable number, I think some are especially interestings.

A way of walking that makes it difficult for other to notice you, 【The way of stealth】.

The effect of all the magics are raised but you will suffer a part of a curse 【The law of all】

Because the summoned beast that evolved had the farmer class I learned the【Judge (Earth)】.

A skill that make possible to deprive other people of their stats temporarily 【Status drain】. This skill was born from the compound skill between the shaman and enchanter class.

The less man made objects around the more your attributes improve 【Awake wild nature】. This is a compound skill of three classes, farmer+miner+spirit user. Surely it’s strong because it’s made with three.

And next, the new skill that I have obtained after a long time with my parasite class, 【Terrain adaptation: Room】.


No matter how you look at it, I think it’s really cruel.

Saying things like that my room is my home ground, um, well, it fits the parasite class, but what’s going on with this doubtful pathetic skill that makes it seem like someone who is haughty and boastful at home but meek and reserved outside?

But this skill not only improves my overall strength by about 20%, it improves my natural healing power and even sharpens my senses, this is such a good skill.

it’s just that this this skill can be activated only when you are inside of a small closed space of a determined scale, so such weakness wouldn’t help you at all when fighting against monsters…

Outdoor is out of the question, and caves and labyrinths are also out, because even though they could be considered indoor they are spacious.

There doesn’t seem to be many places where I could activate this skill. And it’s likely for this skill to shine only when a enemy comes to attack me in my room, but even so, something like that is almost impossible, normally.

After all is this a joke skill?

Well, doing this and that my skills increased but this made me think about something. Realistically speaking, would be possible for me to use all my skills? Such a feeling came to me.

It’s good that they are easy to use.

I even remember having cleared Dragon Quest and even the boss of Final Fantasy without using magic even once, things like that happens often.

But well, after having learned all those skill through great pains, I was wondering if I should use them at least one time. As I continued thinking about that I started looking at the scenery outside of the wagon.

Today’s weather is so nice that it’s also perfect to walk down the road.

It’s likely we will arrive in Surino soon.

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