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I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator (Web Novel)


If you found out that you would be transmigrated to a fantasy world 10 days later, what would you do in these 10 days?

[Activating the Cultivation Emulator.]

[Your current cultivation talent options are: extraordinary writing skills, disabilities…]

[Day 1. You transmigrated to a small village at the foot of Tianwu Mountain. You were determined to become a great cultivator who was immortal. On the same day, you left the village and headed into the mountains.]

[Day 2. You were in the mountains and hadn’t found any food so far. Hungry and thirsty, you sought temporary shelter in a dilapidated temple at night. To your surprise, there were monsters in the temple. You had no means to defend yourself and you died.]

[Ding! You completed the simulation. Every day, you can permanently retain a talent. You can also extract the talents into the real world.]

10 days later, Zhao Hao ventured into the cultivation world, along with 10 top cultivation talents.

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