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«Half-elves Fall in Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 344: Skin-colored pandemic

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Chapter 344: Skin-colored pandemic

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Next day. Apple and Aurora serve meals under a clear sky in a state like an open-air food stall. The room is still not well lit, so even if it is a bit cold, it is best to gather outside during the daytime.

“Please teach me how to cook”

“I, I’m in the process of having Selenium teach me too……”

Perhaps it is because she always starts from the beginning, but Aurora has a bad habit of becoming confident once she has a certain look. Aurora’s dexterity can only be fully displayed once she overcomes this, so a single defeat may be rather essential for her. ……The ace knight is proudly striving for maid skills at a time when she is about to enter the real stage of exploring unexplored areas.

“Good morning……hhu”

“Naris, you’re yawning big time”

The two are washing their faces in the wooden water pipe and coming by the dining area with their bangs moist and wet.

“Humyu……biimyo, isn’t it enough to sleep……the table top was hard, but I guess that’s not surprising”

“What do you do when the table is soft……?”

“Right. I’ll make a mat or weave a hammock”

“It looks better. We could go to Catalina or Rennesto to buy bedding”

“It would be expensive to buy a set of beds or a proper place. Since the means to bring it is a means, I might do it suddenly at the stage of bringing it in and I do not want to settle down in the first place, so I want to go in time”

“Ho. You don’t like it when I or Maia carry it?”

“Ah, no, it’s different? It’s not like I don’t trust Laila and Maia, but it’s not like you’re carrying just one bed by hand, so you can’t help moving up and down with various things. I think there is a high risk of it breaking due to swaying”

“Ho. If you were to carefully carry a bed for nearly 20 people in each hand, you would have to go back and forth between the city and here. If it’s the owner’s bed, it’s just for that”

“Disparity! Discrimination! I mean, you already made the mat for 10-man captain Smithson yesterday! If you don’t want it, give it to me!

I’ve been fine since this morning.

“How was your sleep, Andy?”

Dianne listens to our conversation, smiles a little and turns a spoon at me.

“It was very warm”

The mat that Hilda and Dianne had made out of thick cloth and dead grass was soft and warm, more than enough for an impromptu sleep. I was really worried about the rough feeling of the compacted dead grass, but I’m not going to say luxury in such a situation where everyone is lying on the floor with just a blanket.

“The most important thing to remember is that the floor is going to be a little stressful night after night, so I would like to make a mat or hammock.

“I’ll do the same……”

Tetes and Anzeros nod while rubbing their shoulders and neck. Do they care after all?

“In fact, if the mat is still valuable, I’m a little reluctant to sneak into master’s bed”

“If it gets dirty, it’s all right”

……Indeed. The actual fact is that this morning, Maia and Luna were just sleeping normally while invading the bedroom at some point, I was a little concerned, but now I realize that it couldn’t develop into sex because it couldn’t be so dirty.

A little later in the day, the Masturbation Brothers, Neia and 100-man commander Becker came in to get their food, looking at us.

“Neia, where did you sleep last night after all?”

“Uee!? G, Good morning, that……on the roof for now”

“Isn’t there anything else!?”

Even though spring is almost here, the roof on a night when the snow is still melting. It’s not that tough.

“I, Isn’t it unavoidable……Becker-san and the others have taken the sleeping place that I had secured. It would be strange to sleep with Keiron-san and the others……”

“No, you should sleep in the girls’ room from the beginning”

“……I felt like Smithson-san and the others might start it again”

Neia takes down the brim of her hat while insisting that I´m 「Lewd」.

“N, No, I don’t!? I didn’t!?”

“……I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right? You don’t care if I’m there when you do it……”

“It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that Neia is really good at masking her presence!”

“I don’t even think I’ve been hiding that much when I recall the situation up until now……”

I’m sure there are an overwhelming number of situations where I knew she was there, but simply forgot about Neia. Yup. But,

“Ho. Why not just walk away with an open mind? Don’t you always watch them until the end?”

Laila chides. Neia hurriedly raised the brim of her hat in response.

“Th, That’s because I don’t want to get involved……!”

“I don’t know what to say, but my lord is weak? He can’t force you to do anything”

“Th, That’s true, but”

“I don’t think it’s a step to worry about getting in the way. I’m showing you this”

Laila grinned as she said so and the Masturbation Brothers gulped and spit at the same time.

“Eh, maybe”

“D, Did you show it off yesterday……other than Laila-san?”

“I felt like I was going to be overwhelmed by 10-man captain Anzeros”

……Ah, that’s what made me look strangely complexion.

“Hoho. Well, you know. If you can peep into the place where you’re hiding, it makes sense to yell at you, but those guys who exposed their skin in such a well-ventilated place are really crazy. Is there an in-law to discipline?”


“What do you think, 10-man captain Smithson!”

The masturbating brothers press me to make a decision as I sit on the keg and sip my soup. I have no way to answer.


Far from yelling when I saw Anzeros, I was distracted because I couldn’t argue that it was open to the public after all while being aware that it was being seen. If I was assured that I was doing it on purpose, there is no more standing. However, for the time being, he is an ogre and a discipline member. I dare to hunt down.

“Of course, I was showing it on purpose”

In the delicate atmosphere, it was Aurora who said, as if she was sticking her ladle in the air. Even the Masturbation Brothers were stunned.

“H, Hey, Aurora”

“I’ve never dared to show Lantz-san and Goto-san the proof of my slavery, because I’ve never had such an occasion before……I wear the proof of my slavery proudly around my neck. I am proud of the fact that I am a slave to Andy-san’s raging sexual desires. I have no reason to be ashamed of being a female slave, now that I have witnessed Andy-san’s love for me”


“As expected of 10-man captain Aurora……I don’t know about you, but you have a tremendous determination”

She turned bright red while she was saying it, but even saying that she was embarrassed seemed to lead to a kind of pleasure for her, even though her sigh was not trapped. The disposition that even a euphoric smile floats.

“I´m even willing to be seeded while swearing an oath of slavery in front of my family if Andy-san wants it♪”

I don’t know if I should say this, but Aurora’s perversity may be getting to be too much.

“S, She is not the only one who’s willing to do that!”

And Anzeros raised her voice as if to counter hers.

“I’m also……that, emm……Andy’s naughty pet, so……I’m going to accept most of Andy’s perversions……and being seen having sex with him……is no big deal……”

“……O, Ooo”

“Always such an 10-man captain Anzeros……so destructive”

The Masturbation Brothers backed away as if by magic.

“Then I am even more of a female slave than you are, Anzeros-san”

She was about to make a more embarrassing declaration when Maia and Luna intervened, clinging to me.

“I don’t care when I have sex with Andy-sama. I don’t care if people are watching”

“……Andy, do you want to brag about that?”

“E, Emm……”

Apple lost momentum in the form of a broken hip. ……I´m sorry for the courage.

“Captain, isn’t it okay? Isn’t the corps’ morals disturbed?”

100-man commander Becker holds a fork and shakes it to Dianne with a troubled face.

“Well, if you say that, it’s a long time ago when you started to expose the collar dignifiedly as Aurora says”

Dianne-san only smiles bitterly.

“Well, that’s it”

“You mean you don’t blame us for what we saw, or rather, you welcome it?”

When the Masturbation Brothers concluded, Laila laughed colossally.

“Hohoho. Well, it’s just that those who complain after watching are a pain in the ass. By nature, the owner is a man who excels at mating outside”

And from the four gauntlet knights who were watching the proceedings.

“W, Well……it’s not a bad feeling to be embraced while being aware of what you’re seeing”

“I’m okay with that, too♪”

“No, I’m calm and Tetesu-chan is a little too jumpy in the perverted world!?”

“Eh, Naris-chan, did you really think that’s all there was to being a slave?”

“……Me, a female slave……certainly, because of its sound, this collar can be chained and you can be shown licking his gem on all fours without being allowed to wear anything else. By no means outlandish……”

“Almeida-san, come back!?”

I can hear the confused voices over there.

“T, That, emm……can we get back to that……?”

Neia suggested in a mosquito-like voice, but was left behind by the female slaves who had started to get somewhat excited.


Bathing place.

“This kind of thing is kind of like Talc☆”

“Right……it’s not like we could have made it this far in a talc oasis”

“Andy-sama, I worked hard yesterday to collect all the leaves. Reward”

“Me too”

“R, Reward for such an early morning……”

“I’m fine. Let’s show off, shall we?”

“Tetes. You should be a little more careful. If the female slave doesn’t know her place, Andy’s gonna run out of steam”

“Almeida is right. ……A, An, Smithson-san would be like that”

“I envy those with breasts to be rubbed……”

“I’ve been getting my butt touched since a while ago……”

“Andy-san, you can feel free to touch me too……♪”

“Y, You boys can take a hot bath, too. You must be cold”

“You sure!?”

“Oh, man, that’s just the thing!”

The bathtub is not a pond of wine, but it has turned into a forest of female bodies, and the female slaves are proudly flocking to me. The masturbation brothers are looking at it. I’m not sure what they’re doing in the middle of the day or even early in the morning, but in a way, the show-and-tell discussion seems to have taken the slaves off their 「Keep out of sight」 tag. ……Well, the Masturbation Brothers and 100-man commander Becker would not complain about being able to watch, and especially not at the risk of causing any extra discomfort amongst the female slaves. Of course, they know Laila, Maia, and Dianne very well. But that doesn’t make me wonder if it’s okay to go so far.


“I’m not sure if it’s okay, Neia. You don’t have to mix”

“Do you want me to mix with you!”

“Sword I don’t know, but that seems happy

“What do you do when you are happy? My role is……”

“You didn’t deny the happy part, Neia. Do you feel like you can be happy if you mix with that group? I still don’t understand”

“That’s not the point!”

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