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«Half-elves Fall in Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 343: Secret base under construction 7 [Aurora, Apple, Anzeros]

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Chapter 343: Secret base under construction 7 [Aurora, Apple, Anzeros]

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The late winter moon is shining brightly. Under it, an open-air bathhouse where you never know who is watching. Even if they were peeping at us, as Laila said, we could not tell them not to look. It is an act of exposure to be nude in such an open space without a screen. Needless to say, we are taking a bath knowing this. Aside from Laila, who usually does not mind being seen, it would have taken a lot of courage for Apple, who is by nature small-minded and has declared herself a female slave on the official stage and for Anzeros and Aurora, who have position and face, to show off their nudity. But,

“Huhu……show off your attitude as a female slave……it will burn♪”

“That’s challenging……”

“Oh. I’m always up for a challenge, aren’t I?”

Aurora is sitting facing me, sucking my cock into her lower mouth and shaking her white naked body.

“I’m a female slave and a constant recipient of your sperm……and I have nothing to hide from the men of other venues, let alone from those who might peek in here, do you?”

“Well, who doesn’t know that……?”

“Then there is no need to be shy. If they want to see it, they can see it……♪ It’s not as big a place as public order and decency……♪

“Well……that’s true……”

I think for a moment as I push up and shake Aurora’s body. Well, when it comes to bathing military personnel, you only have to 「See it if you don’t want to see it」. Not to mention the Trot army, which is basically made up of men, but even in the Celesta army, it is an everyday scene that during a march, girls who don’t want to be seen naked wipe their bodies in tents, while men proudly go to ponds and rivers to bathe with their full bottoms in the water. If they don’t want to be seen, they don’t have to. Men expose their naked bodies to the public on this premise. Here, the male-female ratio is reversed and the women are more brazen. That’s the only logic. ……No, yeah. I know it’s probably fatally wrong. That’s not the point. I know from the beginning that it’s not something that should be talked about in the same breath.

“Those who are peeping are peeping because they want to see and we are not ashamed of being Andy-san’s female slaves……that’s all. If Andy-san wants to hide it, we are not afraid to hide it……♪”

“I love open sex”

“If so, no one will lose♪”

Nchuu, Aurora’s lips sucked on mine. I get behind her and rock her with my hips as I move back and forth inside her vagina. I enjoy the elasticity and freshness of the vaginal folds with small strokes. The hot water, warmed to the right temperature by Laila’s power, spreads a thin veil of steam in the cool air and I look over Aurora’s shoulder to see Anzeros holding herself with a slightly annoyed look on her face and Apple looking wistfully at the spot where I and Aurora are joined. I don’t know who is peeping. Maybe Laila is bluffing and no one is watching. But if someone is watching, it is a little frustrating that these two naked bodies are also just showing. I am unknowingly inspired by Aurora’s logic. I have to show them that they are mine too. ……With these thoughts in mind, I hold Aurora’s slender body with one hand and press my cock deep inside her.

“N, haa……Ah, Andy-san……you’re reaching deep inside……♪”

“Ah, I’m feeling it too……Aurora’s little womb……!!”

“Haa, aa……please, use it……♪ Aurora’s womb is……a child’s pouch……your……for you, because it’s a place for your penis……♪”

Hearing Aurora’s whispering……that has often sounded too much to say, I honestly take the provocation and embrace Aurora’s supple waist and deep inside her, I start to ejaculate with a shudder of breath. Dokutsu, dokutsu, buyuu……

“A, haa……a, aa♪”

Aurora, who is trembling small, gives a happy little shriek to the beat of her heart.

“……It’s overflowing♪”

“The nasty princess’s sloppy use of her hips is to blame”

“Oh, if you’re still praised for something like this, you’re out of tune”

Aurora smiles faintly.

“Oh, Aurora-san, I’m next!”

“I, I too……get Andy’s cock in me, too……”

“Huhu, isn’t it up to Andy-san´s intention?”



As Aurora says, it seems unwritten that my intention is the highest priority when it comes to sex. Well, I certainly don’t want to be divided by the number of times in terms of work.

“Aurora, I will do both of them properly”

“Oh. I thought you would see how serious I was”

Aurora said, but she didn’t seem disappointed and slowly sat up. I would have expected to say that from the beginning. The women sigh with their own expressions when they see the thick semen dripping from the hole where the cock has been pulled out.

“Ho. How could you let it out without knowing who was watching you?”


“……Oh, Aurora, that……dripping, can I lick it?”

“You know, Anzeros-san, if you want it, you’ll have to get it out yourself”

“B, But it’s such a waste of Andy’s cum……”

Anzeros unfortunately stares at Aurora once she gets out and sheds her body with a tub. In turn, Apple straddles me.

“I’m sure the Masturbation Brothers are watching us”

“I, It’s fine……I’m really supposed to serve Andy-san day and night, naked and collared only……or at least be seen”

“You don’t have to go overboard. There are plenty of chances”

“……I, If Aurora-san could do it and I couldn’t do it……I, I wouldn’t know what it was……♪”

Even as she said this, Apple welcomed the cock into her.

“Haaa……a, kuu……♪”

Her face and ears are bright red, with a hot flash, perhaps unrealistic about what she’s doing. Apple exhales sweetly to the feel of my penis.

“Good grief. You’re a prideful female slave”

“……B, Because, I’m……hauaa♪”

“Yes, yes. ……You´re even more of a slut than Aurora”

“Ya, a, no……its different, but thats……ahuaaa♪”

I am sure that being a female slave is the most important thing for her……and so on. If I were outnumbered by someone who was also a knight, I would have no position as the first female slave…… I know she was going to say something subtle and logical like that, but I dare to change the subject to one of desire. It’s tasteless to be so serious and petulant about eroticism. It’s okay if I’m the dirty one or the pervert. I prefer it that way.

“It’s okay. Female slaves are more like lewd. I love you, lewd girl”

“……Y, Yes……♪”

Hugging a really feminine Apple with a voluminous chest and butt, I stand up and start shaking my hips.

“A, yaa……th, this……♪”

I decided to go aggressive, since it was hard to move my hips with Aurora and I had to rub my ass a little on the stone, which was inconvenient. Lift one of Apple’s legs and then thrust it up at an angle while standing on one leg.

“Hoho. Apple, you may hold on”

“Ah, yes……a, ha, aa……♪”

Laila comes out quickly and supports Apple’s upper body in the bathtub. I just poked Apple. The wet inside of Apple’s vagina was as comfortable as I had made it and even though I had just started it, the limit was approaching.

“Ku……i, it’s about time……!”

“Andy……ah, Andy-san……♪”

The two of us were shaking our hips, perhaps because we were moving all at once to climax and ran out of air. Still, I cling to Apple, pushing my hips into the womb and pouring it in.


“Hua, aaaa……♪”

Bupyu, buhyu, buchuu…… The feeling of semen passing violently through my urethra again. And when I wandered off, a slightly dazed Apple hurriedly pressed her crotch with her hand.

“Ha, de, dechuuu……”

“I, I’ll let it out. The water in here is going to flow out anyway”

“B, But……what a waste……”

“Although owner is so inexhaustible, Anzeros is stingy”

Me and the two glamorous naked Laila and Apple, embrace each other and whisper to each other about how they handle their semen. While sitting on the shallow edge of the hot water, I think that she is so erotic that she can be made into an erotic picture scroll.

The last one is Anzeros.

“Ho, this is good, isn’t it?”

“It seems as if we are bullying Anzeros-san in this way”

With Aurora and Laila supporting her by the arms, Anzeros is positioned in the bathtub with her buttocks sticking out.

“Okay, Anzeros?”

“Q, Quickly……I don’t like being exposed……”

It’s certainly bullying that Laila and Aurora grab both arms with a bullish look and the little Anzeros leans forward and sticks out her hips, but Anzeros doesn’t seem to care much.

“Uuh……I, I can’t believe that 100-man special duty commander Becker and Lantz and the others are watching me dressed like this……or my face will be on fire……”

“You want to stop?”


It seemed to be tough, so when I was concerned, I was asked back with a crazy voice.

“……Do it?”

“Ah, of course, I´m……y, your pet, you know……”

“Its a female slave”

“I don’t care either way”

The first time I saw Laila, I looked at her and she cowered her shoulders.

“Well, there will be no big difference”

It makes no difference. Well, Anzeros is certainly a bit dog-like.

“So, let’s mate with my cute little pet”

“……S, Something like that, that’s……”


“It’s even more perverted when you put it into words……”

Anzeros looks happy for that. We each laughed bitterly and I pushed my dick into Anzeros’ vagina.


“Ho, you´re making a happy sound”

“Andy-san, are you going to seed her?”

“That, tsumo, rii……”

“Hua, huu, a, auuu……♪”

It also imposes the role of mating on loyal and cute pets. If you think calmly, it’s a perverted feeling of 「Having sex with your dog」.

“A, Ahia, aaa……ah, Andy, there……poke me, don’t rush me……huaaa♪”

Anzeros, who seems to share such a twisted feeling, shakes her hips violently while supporting her arms with her companions. In line with that, I also raped the lower half of the body, which is thinner and smaller than Aurora, like a girl. Somehow, forgetting that someone should be watching, letting Anzeros panting under the moonlit night.

“Ku, a, Anzeros……I’m going to seed……”

“Do it, do it……Andy’s, master’s……seed juice, pour it……♪”

Gently stroke the back of a pet that is cute and compelling. Ejaculation while looking through the uterus behind her spine.

“A, huaaaaaaa♪”

I continue to sprinkle a large amount of semen in Anzeros´s vagina.


“By the way, Laila, who and whom did I get seen by……?”

Anzeros cleanses herself again and Apple and Aurora wipe their bodies. Laila submerges herself in hot water again and says, tilting her wine jar.

“The fox boy and the younger demon seem to be asleep. The four voyeurs were all watching”

“Four people……?”

Anzeros breaks her fingers. Lantz, Goto and 100-man commander Becker. One more.

“I think that little girl, the hero, is quite the voyeur, too, right?”


Anzeros and I were surprised at the same time. And then.


I heard Neia’s protest from the window of a room on the second floor of the inn behind us, where the plaster had not yet dried and I turned around to see someone’s hand (probably Goto) grab Neia and pull her back into the darkness.

“What are you doing, Neia!”

“You’re hiding and you’re yelling, are you still a hero!”

“E, Eeeh!?”

“Clear out, you bastards!”

The sign disappears while saying something unreasonable.

“……Ho. They’re honest people, aren’t they?”

“I, I’m getting embarrassed now……ah, what kind of face should I meet with them tomorrow……”

Anzeros crouched down in the hot water.

“Don’t worry”

“I’ve made up my mind”

And you guys should hesitate a little longer, Aurora and Apple.

- ToC -

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