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«Half-elves Fall in Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 345: Out of place

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Chapter 345: Out of place

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At the end of the nude show at the bathing area, I gather the girls together and make sure they’re all in the right place.

“Certainly Lantz, Goto and 100-man commander Becker, you know. They’ll be applauding me when a slave takes off her clothes and if I start having sex in front of them, they’ll give me the thumbs up”

“That’s right”

“Ho, I can see that”

Dianne and Laila nodded as they wiped each other’s backs.

“But the basics are to keep the tag in the future. Especially Laila and Maia, don’t wander around naked, saying that you’ll be together anyway, whether you wear it or not”



Ah, they gave me the most curious looks they could muster. The girls were followed by Sharon and Almeida, who also looked at me suspiciously.

“I thought that from now on, it would be a basic routine to stand by your side naked……”

“But there won’t be any more repairs. Why don’t we line up and commit as much as we like?”

Ah, I originally had some kind of serious chastity, so my preconceived notions are more broken than they need to be.

“It’s cold to watch you like that! It’s not the right climate to be in a nude paradise all over the place, let alone while Laila boils a bath for us like this!”

“I know, right? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until it gets warmer☆”

“Not even when it gets warmer! Boyd and Neia will be in trouble!”


Or rather, the nerves of those three people who can enjoy watching other people’s erotic paradise are just abnormal, and if you think about it normally, it’s awkward. ……I didn’t dare to mention Keiron. I don’t blame him for peeping, he just keeps a distance and I have no idea what he’s thinking. The line that I have decided not to be involved in because it is troublesome seems to be the strongest.

“Basically the same as before, wearing normal clothes and living a normal life. However, I will not blame you for being present in the bath. Also, let’s do it to the extent that I can not show off sex”

Aurora and Apple let out a slightly disappointed sigh at my tentative policy.

“You don’t want to show them? I’m sure they want to see it, too and it doesn’t seem to be a problem”

“I, I’ve shown them so much, I don’t care if I have to reopen the door……”

“We are not here for fun. We’re in a dangerous place for the benefit of Neia and other countries. Erotic must be fun at night”

And since we have work to do, I think it’s better to enjoy it in moderation. ……Tetes stares at me as I think about it and shrugs her shoulders.

“I don’t think it’s a sexual man who gave his womb to this face. Even if he had sex with rotation, the sun would go down”

……W, Well, that’s true.

“Hoho. The owner these days could live a life of seeding from morning till night”

Laila’s words are probably true, too.

“……Maybe that won’t bother anyone”

The words that Luna said in a whispered tone of voice will have an effect on me slowly. I’m not sure. I think so. The female slaves, as well as Keiron and Lantz, probably won’t have any problems. Goto and the others will do the carpentry work, and Laila and Dianne can do the exploration work. I’m a child who isn’t needed.

“C, Cheer up, Andy. You’re doing the right thing. Luna, you’re talking too much”

Anzeros rushes to follow up, but honestly, it’s hard.


We all get dressed and go back to the board-walled room we used as a bedroom. We take a break with Naris and Neia, who did not join us for the paradise bathing. Dianne slowly stood up and looked around at everyone.

“I’m going to have to go to the big city to get some supplies for the shortage. Catalina……no, Rennesto is good. Andy, go with Maia and pass the request form on to them. I’m going to go to Polka with Laila to negotiate”


“I’m going to ask the blue dragons to come to Polka for regular contact with the elves. It’s a consultation about supplies. It’s part of the operation”

“I understand”

I wanted to go see the girls I had left behind, but it hadn’t been long since I had left Polka. It was too early to be selfish. If there is something wrong, Dianne will let us know.

“It will take some time to come up with a concrete number of supplies. We’ll be free until after noon. Tetes and Sharon can help me with that kind of paperwork if they can”


“Of course”

Tetes and Sharon follow Dianne’s lead and begin to boil down the ideas on a tablet and chalk.

“I, I was in a position to do that in Afilm too”

Almeida, who was not called, mutters a little discontentedly, but Naris pats her on the back.

“I don’t think you should willingly take on such a troublesome job. It’s best to leave it to the smart people”

“Naris. You don’t think I’m an idiot either, do you? So, like 『I’m going to do it here, so Almeida-san should go to a ceremony or a real battle』”

“Eh, but……don’t you have someone else to do the paperwork for you?

“……W, Why do you know Robs? It’s true that he did my job strangely……”

“N, No, Almeida-san feels like that”

……Yeah. If Almeida was in a decent position, she would need someone else to do it. If she was in a normal managerial position in the military, she wouldn’t lack such discretion. I guess the Afilm army knew how to use Almeida very well…… Maybe the reason why Almeida couldn’t easily become a Lord was because it would be systemically difficult to follow up on that.

I can’t help but think that Dianne´s party going to Polka would be accompanied by other members of the team, but Rennesto is worth going to for more than just supply procurement. To put it bluntly, anyone who wants to buy personal items or eat good food can be taken. There is no urgent work to be done at the fort, just furniture making and wall painting.

“Neia, you want to go to Rennesto?”

“E, Emm……w, why me?”

“Why are you being so cautious?”

“No, it’s……”

Neia glances around while holding her hat. ……Ah, is she wary that the female slaves are getting excited and are trying to get involved with me?

“I wish I didn’t go separately. I just thought you might want to eat some street food once in a while”

“……I, I’ll go”

Neia breaks unexpectedly easily. Rather, it’s a quick decision to get involved with food.

“Ah, please take me too. I want to do a lot of shopping”

While turning her back towards me and making a clean copy of the request on the parchment, Tetes also announced her joining.

“If Tetes-chan is going to be there, I might as well go too……I mean, aren’t you guys from Celesta going there?”

“I’ll make the beds”

“I don’t have anything in particular I want in Rennesto at the moment……though I would go to Trot´s royal city or Oficlade”

“Because 100-man special duty commander Becker said he’d train me outside……and I don’t have much money”

“I’ve been asked by Dianne-chan to be the house-sitter☆”

“If I fly too often, I’m going to die mentally……”

The old slave group are all very diligent.

“Andy. I’m sure you’ll be fine with Maia, but don’t get involved in anything strange”

“I, I know. I don’t go out of my way to cause trouble either”

I’ll argue with her, but I’m aware that it’s certainly a high frequency pinch to the extent that I can easily understand how Anzeros stabs a nail.


The guys decided to work seriously.

“We’ll be out of here soon. We’ll be back the day after tomorrow at the earliest, but we’ll leave you and Keiron to take care of things while we’re gone”

“I understand”

I returned the salute and got into Maia’s carriage.

“……It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. It seems like it’s been quite a while since this fort was built”

“I guess so. When the number of places where you can relax is increased, it seems that things have progressed with a bang and it feels like time has passed relatively”

Naris and Tetes are chatting side by side, enjoying the buoyant feeling of the carriage taking off. Neia also looked out the window while holding down her hat and sighed again at the panoramic view of the fort.

“Haa……if a dragon is serious, this will happen in ten days……”

“Laila is awesome, isn’t she?”

“……I hadn’t thought of that. That a dragon could build a human fort……”


“……You can do this, can’t you……”

Neia’s eyes. It reflects it with a complex expression that is somewhat different from praise, admiration and retrospective. ……By the way, Neia knows the Dragon Palace near Kalwin.

“Do you think that if you could get the dragons to help you, Kalwin would have learned about the outside more quickly……?”

“……Dragons are not conscientious about human affairs. I know that. But……”

Without saying anything beyond that, Neia sits back in her seat and shuts up.


It wouldn’t take hours to get to Rennesto, so while I was thinking about Neia, we were above the 「Celesta Mansion」.

“Andy-sama. I’m coming down”

“Ah, yes

I nodded as I heard Chibi Maia’s voice.

“First of all, the request forms. You can either turn them in to Celesta’s office or take them directly to my older brother”

“……Tetes-chan, you’ve become so casual about calling him older brother”

“Eh? Because I’m his younger sister”

“You used to be so distant, calling him Buster”

“……Well, that’s all right”

Naris turned her head to look at Tetes with a strange, embarrassed look on her face.


“What’s wrong, Naris?”

“Hmm……I don’t know, maybe it’s not Tetes-chan……no, but in a way it’s Tetes-chan”

“Say it in a way I can understand”

“Young girls change so quickly……I thought you were more hard-headed than that”

“……That’s a old woman’s way of saying that”

“What!? I, If you live for 100 years, you can say that 15 or 16 are young! I’m a lot younger than Almeida-san and Knight Chief Sharon! ……Certainly”

“Don’t argue with that seriously, Naris-chan. It’s okay because she’s an elf.”

“That’s right, but……uh, I’m really pissed off to hear it from a man who is one step away from being an middle-aged man, 10-man captain Smithson”


That was a little bit harsh. Even though she´s 100 years old.

We headed for the castle where Sir Buster was staying to take care of some business first.

“Well, I know Naris has a weird impression. I couldn’t help but feel your feelings for Lord Buster, a little closer to faith”

“E, Ehehe……well, I think that wasn’t the case……but”

While walking, Tetes laughs strangely cutely.

“Much more than I expected, that person was……my older brother……I thought at that time”


‘Maybe not a proper family member, but he was definitely the only one for me. However I feel like I assumed that person was……a little more cold and distant. But maybe that’s just because he didn’t know how to treat me……ahaha, when you think about it, it’s closer to being a daughter. It’s natural for me to behave in a strange way. But I just didn’t know”


“Besides, because of 10-man captain Smithson……master, I feel like I have another self. ……Because I really think now that it might be a great thing to have someone who really, really wants to hold me and keep me to himself and to be able to indulge in that. So I feel like I can reevaluate my older brother with a calmer mind”

“……You, come on”


“Being young is scary……”

She’s trying to reason with me a lot, but in the end, I think she has a gullible personality. The sensibility that converts a life in which a foreigner, who is neither strong nor great, develops both holes as a female slave and rapes her ass side by side with other women, into 「A very good thing」 is not normal, at least for the human race. Or rather, it is very dangerous. In the end, the fact that she approves of it and become dependent on it is probably similar to the half elves who become infatuated with their sexual love because they have nowhere else to go. I say this after taking advantage of her. Combined with her youthfulness, which is not immune to values, she has stepped out of line beautifully, and what a……pity girl she is.

“You’re young……and the way you say it, you still smell like a middle-aged man, don’t you?”

“It pisses me off when Naris says it, but I wouldn’t mind saying it if it was Tetes”

“Wait!? That’s discrimination, isn’t it!?”


They were walking around laughing at each other, when I suddenly realized that Neia was not following them. I hurriedly turned around. As Anzeros had told me, trouble, I thought.


Neia had stopped a few steps behind me. Her face has an expression on it that I rarely see. I followed her gaze and saw a man standing there. A young man. His body was sharply sculpted in a way that was unique to those who trained him, but not uncommon in Rennesto. The man looked at Neia and smiled wryly.

“……You look very well. Flash Rider”

“……Y, You are……after all!?”


He looked at Neia and then leapt into the alleyway and …… disappeared, just as he was.

“Tetes! Can you go after him!?”

“I’ll go!”

“Eh, what!? What’s wrong!?”

Leaving Naris, who didn’t seem to understand and Neia, who seemed to have lost her mind and was not moving, I and Tetes jumped into an alleyway, but……there was no one there, just a dead end.


“I don’t know……either way, it looks like we won’t be able to follow him anymore”


I nodded to Tetes and returned to where we had been.

Neia remained absent-minded.

“Neia. Neia”


“What was that, that was……”

“……He knows you”

“I know that……”

No. Wait. Does he know Neia? He calls her 「Flash Rider」 instead of hero?



Neia pulled down the brim of her hat with a trembling hand.

“Eh, what!? What do you mean!?”

“That, can you explain it to me?”


She shook her head slightly, still lost in the voices of Naris and Tetes. She still doesn’t know how to explain.

“No……I was just a little surprised at the atmosphere”

The words of deception speak.


“Emm, that’s……no, its fine”

Naeis seemed to want to butt in, but Tetes seemed to have guessed what was going on. He knew……Neia. Neia’s name, Flash Knight, has been used far less often than the name Hero. There is little point in calling that name apart from the name Hero. If so, to distinguish it from other 「Hero」. In other words, do you know other 「Hero」or……


Neia muttered quietly.

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