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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1726 Ambush

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Chapter 1726 Ambush

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An explosion occurred as eight people came out of the hole in the building.

The mysterious guy gritted his teeth, never expecting to be ambushed today. There were seven Mythical Rank Experts from the opposite side and he wasn't a King Class Monster or stronger, so it wouldn't be possible for him to stop all these experts.

However, he still had pride as the current leader of the infiltration team.

He let out a roar that no one other than the monsters could comprehend. "Raaaaaaaaarrrrrrsssrw!"

"!!!" The people from the special squad were confused. It didn't take too long for them to realize what he was doing.

As a leader, the mysterious guy had the ability to call his subordinates.

"There are more coming. Prepare for a huge battle!" The captain of the squad spoke. Luckily, they had covered their entire bodies, making them not recognizable easily.

However, the moment they were distracted by the coming reinforcement, the mysterious guy hurriedly struck one of them with claw-shaped energy.

"Gah!" One of the special squad members spat a mouthful of blood as the claws pierced quite deep into his back. If he wasn't a Mythical Rank Expert, the enemy would have damaged his spine. "Kh."

"Attack him! He must be the leader!" The captain pointed at him while glancing at his back. "You two, take care of the reinforcement. Buy us time. At the very least, we have to kill the leader."

"Understood." The group split into two. There were more than fifty people coming out of their room to help them. At the same time, some of the humans were confused by the roar from earlier, thinking it was coming from a monster.

But because none of them saw what happened, they couldn't determine who let out that roar.

"You are a monster!" The captain shouted while waving his blade.

The guy repelled the attack with his claw-shaped energy before forming a blue-colored barrier that isolated him from the world.

A series of attacks hit the barrier and broke it apart, but the barrier managed to absorb most of its energy, so the mysterious guy managed to escape from the attacks with small injuries.

Seeing more and more people coming out, the mysterious guy shouted, "Are you the one attacking Mr. Ary previously? Where do you come from? You're just a terrorist at this point."

He wanted to sow discord among the humans. It was clear that the special squad was doing a necessary job. Yet, they looked like the bad guy, considering there was Theo's incident and the other party was a recognized teacher in this place.

That was why they had to kill this guy before the crowd helped the enemy.

The captain gathered a lot of Magic Power into his sword as he slashed the mysterious guy.

"Teacher Azka!" One of the teachers shouted while flying toward him, trying to stop that attack. At the very least, they had to buy time until more and more teachers arrived to kill these attackers.

Azka, the leader of the other race, smirked and formed a barrier with all his strength, trying to stay alive no matter what.


The captain of the special squad struck the barrier. The sword soon became frozen and the contact area was covered in thin ice, making the surface more brittle.

As expected from a captain of a special squad, his strength was extraordinary.


The barrier cracked, and he released all his strength to push forward, trying to cut Azka down.

"Kh!" Azka gritted his teeth and threw himself to the side, albeit the slash took his arm. "Aaaaahhhh!"

"Tsk." The captain clicked his tongue and shattered the rest of the barrier before waving his sword toward him, trying to cut Azka down.

Unfortunately, the wind blew him away, causing the captain to get separated from his group.

"This…" The captain gritted his teeth. They wanted to tell them Azka wasn't a human, but the Vice President had forbidden them from saying it. No matter how ridiculous the order was, it didn't change the fact that they had to obey it.

But because of this sudden development, they realized they wouldn't be able to continue.

The captain shouted, "We're retreating!"

His squad knew their mission had failed due to the amount of reinforcement and the teachers coming to help. They were unwilling to let them go like this, but they had no choice but to retreat.

If they stayed here, they would only be killed by them. And even if they broke the order by telling them they weren't humans, the teachers wouldn't believe them.

Hence, their only option was to run away, trying to survive.

"Let's go!" The squad members immediately clapped their hands, releasing their Magic Power. Water and Flame appeared in the air as the heat instantly evaporated the water, causing white steam to cover the entire battlefield.

Then the squad members ran away with all their strength. At the very least, they couldn't be caught by the teachers.

"Don't let them run away!" Azka shouted while holding his severed arm. There was anger reflected in his eyes as he wouldn't stop until they were dead.

The other teachers could understand it, considering this was another assassination attempt.

Azka wasn't someone who had a lot of enemies, so they didn't know the reasons why those people attacked him. There were also Ruby and Theo's cases.

A few questions appeared in their mind as they became more and more scared.

'What if the next target is us?'

'Who is their leader? To have seven Mythical Rank Experts…'

The people were trying to figure out their identities while hunting those people down.

They didn't realize Azka was smiling while going behind them.

'Those people are from the Vice President. As expected, I know he's going to kill me sooner or later. Unfortunately, it won't be today. Since you have betrayed me, don't blame me for what I'm going to do.'

Azka was determined to get his revenge and began formulating his next plan to destroy the Vice President.

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