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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1725 Operation

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Chapter 1725 Operation

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There was no need for Theo to bring up that matter to himself since he had heard everything.

However, even after two days, there was simply no response from Theo as if he wasn't interested in this matter.

"Why is there any response from Mr. Theo? Have you told him about it? Is it because of the grudge from back then that you refused to tell him?!" The Vice President gritted his teeth. The longer he waited, the more dangerous his position would be.

So, he wanted Theo to kill them immediately.

Unfortunately for him, Theo didn't give him a single reply. Well, Theo was the person in front of him this whole time. But the Vice President didn't know it.

Theo took a deep breath and said, "I have told everything, Mr. Vice President. The grudge between me and the military won't outweigh the matter of another race infiltrating the human base. You can feel assured about that. Even then, I don't have the power to convince him."

"…" The Vice President gritted his teeth because he didn't expect Theo to wait like this. If he could, he would have told the Time God about this. But when the Time God got involved, he would investigate the entire case and eventually reach him.

However, Theo was different. He had been repelling the other races like the sea race or the mutated monsters continuously. In his perspective, Theo was more earnest in repelling the enemies.

As soon as Theo finished destroying the enemies, he would eliminate all the people involved in the experiment and store the data somewhere else. He could do this because Theo would repel the enemy first before doing an investigation, not the other way around like how the Time God usually acted.

He simply didn't know Theo had been manipulating the situation this entire time.

After that meeting, there was another period of silence as if no one was planning to make their move.

The Vice President became a bit impatient. The other race was preparing for their attacks to eliminate the Vice President. The King of Fighters had been distracted by all the facts that he got from an anonymous email.

They didn't know that all of them were going according to Theo's plan. The King of Fighters had become his dog, trying to find the facility that the Vice President used to complete his experiment.

The other race didn't realize Theo actually wanted to attack the Vice President first so that he could film it.

And making the Vice President impatient would speed up the entire process.

As expected, the Vice President completely lost it after five days. Seeing Theo didn't plan to act, the Vice President gathered his people to raid the enemy's base.

"Everything is ready?" He asked, glaring at the special squad he had prepared to deal with the enemies.

"We're ready, Mr. Vice President."

"Remember. Your targets are the other races. I have managed to locate all of them in this place, so double-check the list and kill all these people. If there are humans among them, I'll take responsibility. Understood? Everything is for the safety of the base. I'd rather kill one innocent person than let one monster roam in the base since the latter can cause more harm."

"Yes, Sir." They nodded with serious expressions.

They were shocked that there were a lot of people to be hunted.

However, they had received their missions, so they had to go. Even if they had to be condemned for the rest of their lives, this was their job.

There were seven Mythical Rank Experts in the group. The Vice President thought they should be enough to assassinate the enemies one by one.

After double-checking the information, they immediately started their missions.

The captain, who led the team, waved his hand a few times, giving a signal to his team.

They nodded their heads while removing their presence. After that, they went straight to their target, a Hero Rank Expert who disguised himself as a student.

As soon as they opened the door, the entire group entered, clearing the rooms.

There was a red-haired young man sitting on his chair as if he was planning to practice what he had learned during the day.

"Wha—" Unfortunately for him, he couldn't even finish his words before the special squad severed his neck.

They even used their ability to burn the body completely as instructed by the Vice President.

"It seems the Vice President has been investigating this…" One of them stated while looking at the corpse that gradually turned into translucent red liquid. It wasn't blood, but something else.

The others also recognized this weird substance as if this was the real body of the one who infiltrated them.

They knew that this boy wasn't a human. When confirming it, they felt relieved because they didn't have to kill their own kin. Instead, they were going to be a hero who dealt with dangerous monsters hiding among the humans.

With the newfound resolve, the team immediately went to one room after another, eliminating all their targets.

They couldn't afford to slip up or alarm the enemies, so they aimed for the Supreme Rank Expert or below first since seven Mythical Rank Experts could kill them in an instant.

The operation was filled with blood. They missed some of their targets as they turned out to be humans, but the team couldn't stop because these people would soon go back to their own influences. At that time, the enemies would have successfully infiltrated the base.

Unbeknownst to them, the mysterious guy, the leader of their group, felt something was wrong. He was sitting in his room while furrowing his eyebrows as if he was thinking about something.

"They should have informed me by now. Why have I not received their message yet?" The guy narrowed his eyes before standing up, planning to check on them personally.

But the moment he came out of his room, the special squad was also coming out of the emergency stairs.

Their eyes met and it was the signal to fight.


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