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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1724 Information

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Chapter 1724 Information

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Theo took a seat in front of the Vice President who had an awkward smile on his face as if he was in a pinch. Of course, the weakest party in this fight was none other than the Vice President, since the others had gotten a hold of his secret.

Hence, he had no other way but to ask for help.

"Mr. Ary. Do you think it's possible if I can talk to Mr. Theo?" The Vice President asked.

As Theo expected, the Vice President wanted to talk to him. He already knew what kind of conversation they would have.

Hence, Theo asked, "I don't think I understand what you're talking about. How could you ask me whether you could meet Sir Theo or not."

Theo simply showed his low status so that the Vice President gave up.

But the Vice President had become so desperate that he said, "Mr. Ary. I won't treat you badly. As long as you're able to connect me to Mr. Theo, I can give you one billion. What do you think?"

"Do you think my life can be bought with just one billion? It seems you're underestimating me. Besides, there's no way I'm going to betray Theo for no apparent reason. Do you understand what this means?"

The Vice President's body trembled. Of course, he knew Theo wanted to get some information about the other race since Theo would come to wipe them out. That was the reason why the Vice President came to Theo in the first place. Only Theo would be able to beat them without alarming so many people.

But he had to choose whether he should risk it or not. By telling Ary, who was unrelated to this, he would have given another weakness to him. The teacher before him could easily betray him and send the information to the president himself through Theo.

And that was when his life was over.

At the same time, the Vice President didn't have any choice. If he refused to say anything, he wouldn't be able to get Theo's help.

After gathering the sentences in his mind to make sure Theo didn't find a single clue about their cooperation, the Vice President explained, "I won't hide it from you. The reason why I need Mr. Theodore Griffith's help is because I have found another race hiding among humans."

"Hmm? Another race is mingling with our people?" Theo frowned, becoming skeptical.

"Let me explain everything first. And I'll tell you the chronology." The Vice President took a deep breath, making sure he didn't say a wrong word.

"It all started one year ago. I was suddenly approached by another race who gave me the offer for cooperation."

"Cooperation? What kind of cooperation do you have?" Theo frowned, judging him.

"It's not a big cooperation. We simply exchange intel with each other. Because they're monsters, they can live around other monsters and get information from us.

"However, recently, I've found out that they're planning something big." The Vice President explained while observing Theo's expression.

"So, you're saying you have a deal with them?" Theo narrowed his eyes because he couldn't stand the fact that humans couldn't do anything on their own.

However, the Vice President glorified his deeds as if he had done something like a hero.

"I have a deal with them for one thing. Because they're scattered among humans, I'm afraid that they will use that to make the people their hostages. Hence, I create a mutual deal with them to gain their trust.

"This way, I can get more information about them, and after getting enough information, I'm mobilizing my people to completely crush them.

"I am a human. I might not be as great as Mr. Theo, but I'll always strive to become a good person. This is my way of contributing to humanity.

His words were perfect. It would make normal people think he had done a lot for their sake. However, they didn't know the real character of this Vice President.

Theo had gotten all the proof stating otherwise. But he didn't plan to act now.

Before responding to the Vice President, Theo contemplated for a moment as if he had found another thing in their conversation.

"So, you're doing it for humanity?"

"Of course. I'm a human as well. If I didn't fight for my own kin, I would be too ashamed.

This Vice President was truly shameless, Theo thought. He had betrayed humanity, yet, he dared to say all those words. There was more and more killing intent gathering in her heart.

Theo shook his head helplessly. "Alright. I can help you since you're fighting for humans. It's true that another race shouldn't have come here. The fact that they're standing around us already makes everything suspicious. There's no telling what they will do.'

Theo expressed his willingness to cooperate with the plan, including telling 'Theo' about it.

"Still, I have one question for you. Since they're hiding among us, how are you so sure that you can kill all of them? I mean, they have a lot of people hiding among us. It's clear that they will be conscious of their surroundings. The only way to defeat them was to bait all of them out and kill them in one single swoop.

"But the problem is… how and who?"

The Vice President had prepared an answer like this. He said, "I have gotten close to their leader. I'm going to call him and see if he can call the people near him. After that, Sir Theo will come in and attack them.

"What do you think?"

Theo looked down. It was certainly a good proposal, but Theo took a long time before making a decision.

"It seems to be good enough. In that case, I'll try to ask Mr. Theo to do this. Still, I can't guarantee if he's going to come or not."

"Yes. That's enough." The Vice President nodded with a smile. The first hurdle had been completed, all he had to do was to watch how Theo wiped the other race out. He didn't know that Theo had been thinking another thing this whole time and that was the plan that would bring down the Vice President.

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