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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1723 Fighting Each Other

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Chapter 1723 Fighting Each Other

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"We have an emergency!" One of the other races informed their leader while gritting his teeth. "Our facility has been destroyed and Rgsawr is found dead."

"What?!" The guy widened his eyes in shock. He had just seen the King of Fighters during the call and had a hard time de-escalate the situation.

But when he returned, he actually got this kind of news? The mysterious guy instantly became angry as he asked in a loud voice. "What do you mean by that?"

"The facility and all the equipment have been destroyed completely. We have found a few abilities that seem to come from the culprit. After some investigation, it seemed the attacker was only one man who utilized Ice Element."

"Ice Element?" The mysterious guy frowned. He wanted to flare up, but that was the last thing he should do as a leader.

Despite his anger, he tried his best to calm his heart while thinking about all kinds of possibilities.

"I don't think I know anyone who uses Ice Element. At the same time, why did this person attack us? Who would get the biggest benefits from destroying our facilities?"

He muttered the questions, falling into deep thought. He had just met the Vice President through the call and got intercepted by the King of Fighters. It seemed that the Vice President and the King of Fighters weren't on the same side with how the King of Fighters kept treating the other party coldly.

"Wait a minute." The guy looked down, confirming the doubt in his mind. In that instant, the realization struck him. "The Vice President was the one who ordered the destruction of the facility? Was it because he was fighting the King of Fighters?

"To make sure there was no proof he could use against him, he destroyed our place? But there's no benefit… No, there's no need for benefits. As long as he didn't get caught in a conspiracy with another race, it was enough for him.

"In other words, the Vice President gave a secret signal to his subordinate to destroy the facility so that he could wash his hands from this matter. By turning them into an enemy, the Vice President could justify himself.

"That's right. The Vice President joined hands with us for the sake of improving his faction. However, the moment this cooperation was known to the people, he would get all the pressure that would eventually destroy him.

"Hence, the Vice President would crush us completely, making sure he could justify himself in this situation."

The guy realized that their facility was just the start. The King of Fighters would surely destroy their entire group, especially due to his hatred toward the Vice President, who made him a scapegoat.

"This is not good. The King of Fighters is going to hunt us down from this point on. And the Vice President will join hands with him and betray us."

The guy panicked as he could see what was going to happen.

On the one hand, he couldn't afford to be discovered by humans. Even the Vice President experimented on them to get data to create their perfect bodies. On the other hand, they couldn't simply swallow this defeat, fully knowing the Vice President was the traitor.

"Since he is going to go all the way to us, then there's no need to be passive anymore. We have to use this chance to create as much chaos as possible to deal enough damage to slow them down.

"As much as I want to avenge Rgsawr, we can't do it now because of the King of Fighters. It seems that Theodore Griffith isn't the only one we should be wary of…

"Still, I don't like to swallow this betrayal that easily. In that case…"

The mysterious guy became silent, contemplating their plans in order to harm both the Vice President and King of Fighters.

"Alright. Let's do this."

It seemed he had determined his next plan. Unbeknownst to him, Theo, or specifically Ary, had been standing outside his room, smiling. He wasn't inside the hotel. Instead, he was flying in the air, looking at him through the window.

After watching him, he was smiling. Everything had gone according to his plan.

This was what Theo actually wanted in the first place. He wanted to pit them against each other.

Because of the grudge against the Vice President and the suspicion of another race, the King of Fighters would fight them all the way. Due to his betrayal of both the King of Fighters and the other ace, the Vice President had no choice but to fight with all his strength to avoid getting wrecked. And lastly, to avoid getting crushed by the King of Fighters and the Vice President, the other race had to eliminate them first.

The situation had reached the point where all of them had to fight the other two parties even if they had to sustain some casualty on their side.

Meanwhile, Theo was simply sitting on the sideline, watching the fight.

He had three purposes before coming to this academy. Giving the recommendation was never his reason.

Instead, Theo wanted to understand the reason behind the current invasion of the other race, the Vice President's purposes in joining hands with another race, and expelling all these people.

And he was about to achieve it.

'Now that the battle will happen soon, I have to find the location of the Vice President's base. I don't know what he has done, but joining hands with another race for research means he has a high chance of messing with the taboo. Hence, it's only right for me to stop him before he messes with the Order.'

Theo thought carefully before flying away, returning to his room. After all, Theo had done enough to make them fight. All that was left was to watch them in silence.

As soon as Theo went back to his room, he received a call from the Vice President asking him whether it was alright for them to talk.

In that instant, Theo smiled as if he had been expecting this.

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