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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1722 Scheme

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Chapter 1722 Scheme

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The King of Fighters personally visited the Vice President to pay him back for everything he had done to him. Even though he would be playing in the hand of the person who sent the proof to him, it was enough because he could get his revenge.

Without hesitation, the King of Fighters glared at the Vice President while smashing the pictures on the table. "As expected, no wonder you're betraying me. It seems that you've found another place to sharpen your fangs."

The King of Fighters gritted his teeth.

The Vice President didn't understand why he was like this and grabbed one of the pictures to understand what was going on.

The moment he saw the picture, the Vice President was shocked. He had made two facilities during their cooperation. The first facility was the place to get all the data they needed. The second facility was a place he gave to the other race so that they could build their own place to resurrect.

And this picture came from second place.

Despite recognizing this place, the Vice President couldn't admit it.

"What is this?" The Vice President asked, playing dumb.

"You don't have to play dumb. I know you're the one who builds this place." The King of Fighters snorted. "If you're not going to admit it, then I don't mind sending it to someone who has higher authority than you."

The King of Fighters threatened the Vice President by using the President's name. If the latter knew about it, he would, without a doubt, send the Time God to investigate this place. After all, it might have violated the Order itself. They were lucky that this place hadn't been found yet or else the World Class Monsters or Authority and Order Level Figures from the human race would have gathered in this place to destroy it.

Still, the Vice President couldn't stop the King of Fighters at all, considering he was one of the strongest humans alive. Even his strongest subordinate couldn't kill him at all.

But there was one big question in his mind.

'How did he find out about that place? No one could find that place before, so where did the information come from? I know for certain that the King of Fighters wasn't capable of finding this place.'

The Vice President tried to find the third party. And there was only one person that might have the chance. Even the King of Fighters had mentioned him.

'Don't tell me, it's the President? He knows about this place and waits for this thing to happen to suppress me? Don't tell me, he's trying to eliminate me with all this?'

The Vice President's heart skipped a beat, though he couldn't show it. The moment he showed any weaknesses, the King of Fighters would take advantage of it.

His conduct was a bit different from yesterday which showed a bit of weakness in his conversation.

The Vice President thought for a moment and said, "It seems that you have found a hidden laboratory. Whose laboratory is this? I'll help you with the investigation."

It was an offer for the King of Fighters to mend the relationship. 'Helping' the investigation was meant for him to destroy that laboratory before the real investigator arrived.

But the King of Fighters didn't plan to mend their relationship. Even though he wasn't that smart in politics, he still knew that the Vice President simply wanted to wash his hands and find another time to betray him again.

So, the King of Fighters shouted, "I don't need you as one of my connections. There is an even bigger place for me.

The King of Fighters didn't hesitate to stand up, planning to leave.

"Wait! Let's talk about this!" The Vice President couldn't stop him with force, so the only way was to use his negotiation skill to persuade him.

The King of Fighters narrowed his eyes, glaring at the Vice President. "Negotiation? Do you think I'll negotiate with someone like you again? You have betrayed me and you want to negotiate with me? You're completely shameless and insane. I won't fall for any of your tricks anymore."

"Stop!" The Vice President tried to stop him, but to no avail. The King of Fighters was simply too strong for anyone to stop. Unless he could bring another King or Saint, he wouldn't be able to suppress the King of Fighters.

But at this moment, there was a call for the Vice President. It came with a peculiar ringtone, stopping the King of Fighters.

"Hmm?" The King of Fighters frowned and glared at the Vice President, who had an awkward expression. This call came from the mysterious guy, so it was obvious he would prove the other race's existence if he accepted this call.

"What's wrong? Accept it!" The King of Fighters used this chance to put even more pressure on him. The Vice President had made him go through a lot from the betrayal, so he was going to do the same.

The Vice President looked around, trying to find a way to stop him.

However, the King of Fighters didn't care about it and grabbed the Vice President's shoulder while slipping his hand into his pocket to take out the Skylink.

The moment he received that call, the mysterious guy's face appeared on the screen.

"Good, good, good…" The King of Fighters bit his lips, never expecting he was betrayed because of this guy.

The mysterious guy was also shocked by the sudden appearance of the King of Fighters, making him realize they had been exposed.

"!!!" The mysterious guy tried to be calm and pretended to not know anything. "Hello, Sir Vice President. I've—"

"There's no need to pretend. I have known everything. This is good. It seems that I can sacrifice you and the Vice President to redeem myself." The King of Fighters smirked.

And to make matters worse, there was something happening behind the scene.

In the laboratory, Ruby was still recovering her body before she felt a presence coming to her place. She was the only one in this place since no one from her race had died. So, it was surprising to have a visitor, especially when she felt this presence familiar.

When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see this familiar face.


"It seems that you're still alive, Miss Ruby. I'm sorry, but you have to die today."

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