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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1721 Proof

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Chapter 1721 Proof

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The Vice President was confused because of the guy's attitude. On the other hand, the latter frowned and muttered, "It seems that the Vice President has done something."

"But isn't he helping us by using the Salvatore Family as the scapegoat?"

"That's precisely the reason. We have used the Salvatore Family as our scapegoat, so the Vice President is using that fact to the fullest to do something underhanded. He can always use the Salvatore Family as a scapegoat. And eventually, he will get whatever he wants from us while we can't get anything from him unlike the promise we've shared back then."

"This… Doesn't this mean we've been betrayed?"

"I don't have much proof, but I'll try to investigate him so that I have some weapons against him as well." The guy nodded, assuring her.

The tension rose in the room as the guy couldn't forgive the Vice President.

They didn't know that the battle had reached a stalemate. The Vice President was using the Salvatore Family as a scapegoat and worked together with the other race to get some benefits for the sample.

They also received some benefits in the form of a body to use when they were mingling with humans. In exchange, they gave some of their people so that the humans could learn more about their unique bodies.

Meanwhile, the Salvatore Family hated the Vice President to the bone after the betrayal and had some suspicion about their race.

In other words, the moment one of them made a move, the stalemate would be broken and a huge battle between the three parties would begin.

Unbeknownst to them, the one who caused all this was actually sitting on his bed, enjoying his free time.

"This is quite good." Theo smiled while yawning. "The situation is getting more and more interesting. I have never thought they would come this way, but this is certainly something I should do… The enemies this time are hiding among us, so let them fight."

Theo was too lazy to get involved too much when they could just destroy each other. Hence, Theo decided to work on his part in this event.

He glanced at his Skylink, reading the message he got from the Central Committee.

'After a long discussion, we've agreed to open the event again. In exchange, the military will observe all places more strictly so that no incident like this could happen again.'

The message was simple, but the continuation of this event actually came from him. Theo had suggested something they couldn't refuse.

A moment ago, Theo said in the meeting, stunning everyone. "I believe we should continue this event."

"Hmm?" The people frowned, thinking this was a reckless move. They were simply putting the students and themselves in danger if they continued.

However, Theo added, "Of course, I'm not telling you to immediately resume it, especially after all this. Instead, we should give the students some fun time, probably one or two days.

"During that time, we can discuss the continuation of the event again," Theo explained. Despite suggesting to continue, Theo was planning to buy time so that everyone could consider his opinion, allowing them to get a clearer head to decide.

Since the situation was dangerous, the Central Committee actually agreed. They could investigate, discuss or even solve this matter during the off time.

Hence, the students might go sightseeing or anything while the teachers had to pair up with one or two people to ensure they weren't attacked anymore. At the very least, they would have enough time to run away.

After receiving their agreement, Theo smiled, looking back at the other race.

"Well, well. There are a lot of things I want to say to this other race, such as we're not enemies. But I don't think the situation allows us to do something like that." Theo smirked.

Meanwhile, Maya was doing her work as well before receiving a package from Theo.

She didn't understand why he would give her this package, but when she opened it, she understood what Theo wanted.

The King of Fighters, who had been working on the investigation to take his revenge suddenly received an anonymous email, showing him something that even made him feel disturbed.

It was multiple tubes filled with human bodies. All these human bodies were actually the participants of the event.

"This is…" The King of Fighters furrowed his eyebrows, trying to locate the sender but to no avail. This anonymous email surely gave him a lot of power to fight back, but he felt he would be someone's pawn if he went according to their plan.

"This is enough for me to take down the Vice President and blow up the entire situation. And if I can kill all these people for the sake of 'people,' I can use it to bargain with the Star Group and Theodore Griffith.

"In other words, this proof will allow me to regain everything while punishing those traitors."

The King of Fighters looked down. He had two options. If he became the pawn, he would be able to get everything. If he didn't become one, he would lose everything because of the Vice President.

The King of Fighters couldn't help but remember what happened in the event this whole time.

"Now that I think about it, my brother was once close to the woman that just got killed… Don't tell me, my brother was getting involved in this without knowing anything about it? So, he was used as a pawn so that my family would have to fight the Star Group and Theodore Griffith? No, should I say that they've decided to make me their scapegoat this whole time."

The King of Fighters shuddered, never expecting he had been played by them this whole time.

"I would rather betray the whole world instead of letting the world betray me." The King of Fighters gritted his teeth. "Since they've betrayed me first, I'm going to make all of them pay for angering me!"

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